Posted on: March 20, 2011 9:03 pm

The "Parkers" show up again


This weekends race once again saw the "Parkers" show up to the event compleating 120 miles betewwn 4 drivers!  That is 30 miles per driver average.  WOW.  Michael McDowell, Landon Cassill, Front Row Joe and JJ Yaley did their usual.  Take the green flag go around the track about 30 miles and hea to the garage to collect their check and head to the next race.  This can not be healthy for the sport with the empty seats that were visable during the overhead track camera coverage.  If it was not for a faulty gall bladder we would have seen another name on the "Shhhh, here they come" list.  Brian will be at Fontanna rest assured.

Kudos to the "Magician" who pulled another rabbit out of his Bristol hat!  Way to go!  Title contender for sure this year is "Turf King" Carl who han a fantastc run all day.  Dale Jr. is on the right path and confidence is building.  Here comes California!  Watch out for Jimmy.
Posted on: February 28, 2011 12:35 am

Same names, same positions.

As the NASCAR season kicks off the slate is pretty clean for those who want to win the Sprint Cup Championship.  There looks to be a tremendous upswell with the new point system providing all drivers to race the whole race; except for the "Start and Parkers".  The family that is not talked about at BBQ's much is the "Parkers".  These are the ones that show up always on time for the festivities with a hearty appetite, eat all they can, fill a take away plate and leave to the next party.  Anybody that fails to complete 100 miles, your being watched.
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