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Posted on: November 14, 2011 10:36 pm

Mark Howe steals HOF show with tribute to dad

By Brian Stubits

The Hockey Hall of Fame inducted its four newest members (from the players department) -- Mark Howe, Ed Belfour, Doug Gilmour and Joe Nieuwendyk -- on Monday in Toronto. It was an emotional night for all of them, with each coming near -- or in the case of Gilmour succumbing to -- tears.

Of the four speeches, the one by Howe will be remembered the most. His speech began with him honoring the victims of the KHL crash that took the lives of everybody but one person aboard the flight in September. Of course, he played with the coach of the Lokomotiv team, Brad McCrimmon, who was on the plane when it crashed. That was an emotional start.

Here is the entirety of Howe's speech, from philly.com.

But it is how he finished his speech that was so memorable. After thanking all the members of his family, he saved his dad, none other than Gordie Howe, for last. To honor his father, he pulled out a Red Wings No. 9 jersey with Howe on the back and sported it to a large ovation. He then had some fond words for his dad and the two had a great moment.

I felt a little for Belfour, who had to follow up that show with his induction speech.

Also in regards to Howe, Flyers chairman Ed Snider was asked if Howe's number should be retired by Philly, the city where he played most.

“We think very carefully about the numbers we retire,” Snider said. “I don’t want to say one thing one way or another, but I feel that anybody who was in the Hall of Fame that was a Philadelphia Flyer, their number should be retired.”

Personally, I love how Howe embraces the fact that he's the son of Mr. Hockey. It can be a tough spot to be the child of a legend, they are burdened by expectations just because of their name. Sometimes they try to forge their own path and don't want to be compared to their lineage. But Howe never really shied away from that, never more evident than his own enshrinement ceremony.

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Posted on: November 12, 2011 11:25 pm

Ed Belfour's wardrobe steals the show


By: Adam Gretz

The Hall of Fame class of 2011 was gathered in Toronto on Saturday as Ed Belfour, Joe Nieuwendyk, Doug Gilmour and Mark Howe were all honored in anticipation of Monday's induction ceremony. They were all on the ice at the Air Canada Centre before the Maple Leafs-Senators game, and the biggest talking point to come out of the evening seems to be Belfour's wardrobe, which certainly made him stand out from the rest of the group.

Belfour, of course, is the second one from the right in the above picture, rocking the leather bomber jacket and blue jeans looking like he's ready to head on out to Bob's Country Bunker after the game.

Jokes have been made regarding his selection, mainly on Twitter, but hey, you are who you are. We're curious to see if he upgrades for the actual ceremony on Monday.

You can click here for the footage of Saturday's pregame festivities.

Photo: Getty Images

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Posted on: June 28, 2011 4:41 pm
Edited on: June 28, 2011 5:00 pm

HOF names deserving, but where are Bure, Burns?

I am not here to besmirch any of the players honored with nominations into the Hockey Hall of Fame. They all earned their places and are deserving. Ed Belfour, Mark Howe, Joe Nieuwendyk and Doug Gilmour constitute a fine class.

So perhaps I'm objecting to the rules of the Hockey Hall of Fame here. Why cap each class at just four players, two builders and two females? It should be based on if the player belongs in the Hall, not if he's one of the four most deserving of being in the Hall.

I'm having a hard time accepting Pavel Bure not having his name called. I understand fully that he didn't have a long career, but the career that he did have was jaw-dropping. He was as dynamic and electric a scorer as the NHL had. Five times Bure scored more than 50 goals in a season; two of those occasions he hit the 60-goal threshold.

In 11 seasons spent with the Canucks, Panthers and Rangers, Bure ended with 437 goals and 342 assists. A six-time All-Star, Bure won the Calder Trophy once and the Maurice Richard twice (would have been three if the award were given in 1993-94).

Valeri Bure, brother of Pavel, clearly doesn't agree with the lack of inclusion, either, tweeting this afternoon the following: "Congrats to the guys that got into Hockey Hall of Fame today. But I think it's a big joke that my brother did not make it again"

From a personality standpoint, Bure might not have been the easiest guy in the NHL to get along with. He had his shortcomings and rough edges. But we're talking hockey skill here, and there haven't been many as good as Bure. He is third all time in goals-per-game average, proof of his ability as a scoring machine.

And if Bure couldn't get in with this year's class, I wouldn't hold my breath for next year, either. Joe Sakic, Mats Sundin, Brendan Shanahan, Jeremy Roenick, Curtis Joseph among others.

I haven't even touched on the builders category, where nobody was elected this year -- the first class with no builder since 1981. Pat Burns is especially mystifying. Most everybody felt he was snubbed last year. The coach whose career was cut short due to illness died last November.

Not that that should have factored in the decision this year, and not that it needed to. Burns’ merits were enough, winning the Jack Adams Trophy as the league's best coach three times (each coming in his first year with the Habs, Leafs and B's) with three different teams and then winning a Stanley Cup with a fourth team (the Devils in 2002-03).

Nieuwendyk thinks Burns isn't exactly getting his due. "For me, he's a Hall of Famer in my mind," he said.

Again, this is in no way meant to diminish this year's inductees. I'm just struck by the guys still waiting at the altar.

-- Brian Stubits

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