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Posted on: January 16, 2012 6:23 pm

Theodore's latest mask features TikiGargoyles

By Brian Stubits

Florida Panthers goaltender had a very nice first half, especially compared to the expectations. But it didn't come to a great close as the Panthers slowed their pace and he was injured (video here), putting him on the sideline for a couple of weeks.

So maybe it's about time Theodore got a new mask, perhaps trying to find that vibe from early in the season he had going with his Sexy Cat mask. Or maybe that one was a bit too racy.

Whatever the reason, Theodore will be donning a new mask when he returns to the ice for the Panthers. He is currently day to day.

The mask seen above is the latest from goalie mask artist David Gunnarson (Teaser: look for a story soon on Gunnarson's work), called the Burning TikiGargoyles. Here is the description of it from Gunnarson.

We have the honor to present the Florida Panthers goalie Jose Theodore´s new mask. I love so much to work with Jose, he just like me loves a lot of details on the masks. :)

On this mask it is time for Gargoyles again, I love to paint gargoyles. Jose wanted it in a new unique way with a cool connection to Florida. Karl in my team came up with the idea of Tiki, I made some sketches were I mixed Tikis and Gargoyles, and the design idea was born. Jose loved the sketches and I started the adventure to paint it.

The Burning TikiGargoyles are sitting on each side of the Florida beach in their sand castles, guarding the net. Around this I created a totally action packed Florida design with so many Florida details to discover all over the mask. I love to spend a lot of time just painting details and go crazy on details, and play with metallic effects. Lots of the stuff you can only see when you see the mask live. I remember when I was a kid and watched the TV series Miami Vice, in the intro there were flamingos, so I really wanted that in the design... :)

On the chin the mask is transformed into a Tiki Gargoyle mask, turning Jose into one when he put it on his head.

It also includes the base of red (the Panthers' big focus from a marketing standpoint this season) and the palm trees that have long been found in the Panthers' variety of logos.

It's not the most eye-catching mask we've seen this season, but the combination of tikis and gargoyles is a pretty cool idea and was executed well. But this gives the perfect chance for comparison: Which of Theodore's masks this season do you like best?

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H/t to josetheodorenhlgoalie.blogspot.com

Photo: Daveart.com

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Posted on: December 20, 2011 11:19 am

Bryzgalov's Winter Classic Philly mask is awesome

By Brian Stubits

All Ilya Bryzgalov has to do is stop the puck more often than not to endear himself to the Philadelphia faithful. Or he could just make the most awesomest Philly-centric mask ever for the Winter Classic.

The Flyers goaltender who has already won legions of fans from the Legion of Doom faithful with his appearances on the debut of HBO's 24/7 is having a mask made just for the Classic. That's not unusual. In fact, it's commonplace. Henrik Lundqvist has his special mask ready to go.

The mask isn't completely finished in the video shown on the Flyers website, but it doesn't have to be to see how amazing it will be.

Bryzgalov's request for the design? He wanted it to showcase Philadelphia sports. So the top of the mask has the Winter Classic logo displayed prominently. On one side are images of Reggie White and Michael Jack Schmidt airbrushed on. The other side is still being worked on. It already has Julius Erving at the top and then it will have toothless Bobby Clarke below him. On the front of the mask is a banner that looks to be waving in the wind that just says "BRYZ" with the Philly Phanatic peeking his head around. Lastly, the back of the mask will feature a photo of Philly's boxing icon. No, not Rocky, but the late, great Joe Frazier.

The mask will only be worn once and after that it will be sold to charity. I can only imagine how many Philly fans will be trying to get their hands on this mask. It's pure awesomeness.

More Winter Classic News Here

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Posted on: December 2, 2011 3:52 pm

Hiller says bye to Movember, gets Wild Wing mask

By Brian Stubits

Is there anybody in hockey happier to be done with the terrific month that is Movember than Anaheim Ducks goalie Jonas Hiller?

Despite having an awesome mask that was rivaled only by the one worn by Tim Thomas, Hiller was dreadful in November. Really, he was no different than his teammates in Anaheim. But Hiller's struggles were particularly strong, so a new month brings about a new chance with a new coach.

And a new mask.

His mustache mask is gone through a charity auction, so a new mask has to come. In its place is not his old mat black cage but instead the new Wild Wing design. Next to having a Darkwing Duck motif, this is pretty much one of the better designs he could have produced.

Here is a description of the mask from The Goalie Guild. I highly suggest reading the entire story, it's a fun description that does the mask complete justice.

With the power to create a new superstition on [designer Alec] Voggel’s fingertips, he knew the moment was just right. It was time to reverse and transform Hiller’s famine into fortune by unleashing the latest mask in a line of legendary Anaheim Ducks designs: Wild Wing.

Instead of paying homage to his teammates, Hiller is now honoring the official Ducks mascot. As you can see, he’s striking quite the intimidating pose on either side of the mask, breaking out from underneath the shards and remnants of Hiller’s old “Batman” black-matted mask.

With the moonlight now splashing over the mask, it reveals another job performed to perfection. It is complete. It has been revealed. Off to sleep, just one last task to complete before the moonlight wanes and the fresh sunlight of a new day spills out from behind the distant mountains.

It's even 3-D from afar.

What's your opinion?

Photo: Airxess.ch, courtesy of The Goalie Guild

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Posted on: October 26, 2011 2:21 pm
Edited on: October 26, 2011 2:31 pm

Jonas Hiller to wear mustache mask for 'Movember'

By Brian Stubits

October is breast cancer awareness month. Players in all sports, including Montreal's Carey Price, show their support by wearing pink. Price went so far as to have a special mask made that would later be auctioned off with proceeds going to charity.

When the calendar flips to November another honorable cause will be honored across the NHL.

It's known as Movember and has really caught on in the hockey world. The entire point is for men to grow the best and most wicked mustaches they can in the month of November while they get their efforts sponsored. The point is not only to raise funds for, but bring awareness to men's health, specifically prostate cancer. It's a very cool and fun way for guys to take part in a good cause. We end up with 'staches like Sidney Crosby's from last year.

But nobody, not even Minnesota Wild forward Cal Clutterbuck's glorious mustache, will sport a tribute as awesome as Anaheim Ducks goaltender Jonas Hiller. He'll trade in his customary mat-black helmet (still just looks weird to me) for this awesome piece you see above with faces of his Ducks teammates all over the cage.

Remember when you were a kid and you drew mustaches on pictures everywhere you could find them? Or if you didn't actually do that, remember seeing other kids do it? That's what happened here, and the result is awesome. Drawn on mustaches rock.

But the coup-de-grace? That's the back of the mask, seen to the right. Hiller saved himself for that coveted spot where he is in full goalie pose with handlebar galore.

The mask was introduced by the website (and great Twitter follow, btw) the Goalie Guild and was so popular, it actually crashed the website for a short while.

But here is what the Goalie Guild had to say about the creation. (Also, visit the Goalie Guild site to see more photos of the mask, including from above and the front.)

When speaking with Alec [Voggel from Airxess] on one of our many Skype conversations over the past few days, here is some great background information on this special-edition Movember mask:

“Airxess came up with the idea, as we needed a game-used Hiller mask that would later be for sale because of the big demand. Hiller came up with the Movember idea himself, so as always, he gave us the input, and I had to create the design. Besides the concept, the whole testing to place all the portraits on the mask [it’s not only done by airbrush] and the painting itself I have done, while Dan 'The Man' gave the mask a nice flat finish and left some parts shiny.”

I love it. Not only do I applaud Hiller and the rest for taking part in the awareness and fundraising campaign, but I'm just a fan of mustaches. What guy isn't it (sorry ladies)? A friend of mine had his bachelor party over the summer and we were all required to sport our best 'staches. Fun times.

As far as specialty masks go, this one is a keeper.

Photos: The Goalie Guild/Airxess

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Posted on: October 20, 2011 5:06 pm
Edited on: October 20, 2011 5:08 pm

Struggling Luongo's new mask; Johnny Canuck back

By Brian Stubits

I would like to call Roberto Luongo's relationship with the Vancouver faithful a love-hate one, but right now, it's mostly just hate.

In the past, you couldn't quite tell if the crowd was erupting into a chrous of "LUUUUU" or "BOOOOO." These days it's pretty easy, they're just boos.

“The good thing is it has happened so many times, I've gotten used to it,” Luongo told the Vancouver Sun. “It really doesn't affect me anymore. A fan pays for their ticket and comes to the game and they have a right to boo if they want to.”

Despite being a Vezina finalist last season, Luongo drew the ire of Canucks fans by struggling early in the playoffs. Since then he hasn't really returned to their good graces. Part of the problem is that 3.70 goals against average and .856 save percentage so far this season.

Who is in the fans' favor, however, is the backup Cory Schneider. Just like they say in football, the backup quarterback is sometimes the most popular man in town. That applies to Schneider, who is one of the best backups in the league. And he still has Luongo's back.

“For a guy who has done more for this franchise than any other goalie probably in the history of the team, you’d think he’d get a bit of slack or some more leeway before they really get on him,” Schneider said. "“He’s a top-three, top-five goalie in this league. I know he’s not playing like that right now. He knows that.“

Well maybe the arrival of his new mask will help. As seen above, the motif is very Canuck friendly, as is the norm with Luongo's designs. This one even includes an image of Johnny Canuck.

Speaking of Mr. Canuck, he has made another video. Remember at the end of last season how he was fixin' to ruin a Bruin? Instead it was him who was ruined. Now his resolve has been strengthed by the heartbreak of last season.

Photo: Vancouver Sun

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 11:28 am

Price to support breast cancer research with mask

By Brian Stubits

The thing I love most about goalie masks is that they allow the players to express themselves in so many ways thanks to the help of talented designers like Dave Arrigo.

Earlier this week we showed you one of Arrigo's designs for Coyotes goaltender Jason LaBarbera. His mask will feature a year-long tribute to armed forces, in particular former Arizona Cardinals safety Pat Tillman. Now here's another worthwhile creation by Arrigo, this time for the Canadiens' Carey Price.

The mask features an homage to Price's Native ancestry background growing up in British Columbia. On either side of the mask is a the face of an elder tribe member. In the center of the mask is the Canadiens' classic logo laid over a dream catcher.

Most notably, though, is the base color of pink. That will match Price's equipment for the month of October, which is breast cancer awareness month. Starting on Oct. 6 the mask will go up for auction and bidding will be closed at the end of the month. The proceeds will go to cancer research.

It's a terrific gesture by Price and considering how crazy (we mean that in a completely positive way) the Habs fan base is, I'm sure it will fetch a good amount of dough for a good cause. I'm just hoping the mask gets a serious cleaning before being sold. As somebody who plays in net, I can attest to the foul smell that inhabits a used goalie mask. It's rather nauseating.

But it's a lot easier to stomach knowing the helmet was put to good use (stopping pucks) and a good cause.

Photo: davearrigo.com

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Posted on: October 4, 2011 10:58 am
Edited on: October 4, 2011 11:11 am

Coyotes' LaBarbera honors Pat Tillman on mask

By Brian Stubits

We've seen this summer how goalie masks run the gammut from scary (Steve Mason's horror look), creative (Semyon Varlamov's snow battle) and appropriately fun (Mike Smith's Wile E. Coyote theme).

But in a way, they all pale in comparison to the design Coyotes goalie Jason LaBarbera will wear this season.

His mask will serve as a tribute to both the American and Canadian militaries through a memorial to former Arizona Cardinals star safety Pat Tillman. Tillman, who was killed in Afghanistan by friendly fire after leaving the NFL to join the army, is seen on one side of the mask both in his army uniform and football uniform, with his brother posing right beside him. The opposite side features a faceless soldier with helicopters flying above.

All through out there is a camoflauge design that uses the Coyotes colors of red and white. Interspersed among the camo are Stars to represent the United States armed forces and some Maple Leafs to represent the Canadian military.

At the bottom of the mask is a yellow ribbon, symbolizing support for the men and women fighting overseas surrounded by two Phoenix Coyotes logos.

The design was done by sports designer Dave Arrigo, who is a regular goalie mask maker. He posted LaBarbera's new cage on his website and had this to say: "Pat Tillman will live in on in our memories, I hope that this helmet assists with that in whatever facet possible."

This mask is sure to be a hit in the desert, paying homage to not only one of Phoenix's great heroes, but the USA's as well.

Photo: Dave Arrigo

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Posted on: September 27, 2011 12:26 pm
Edited on: September 27, 2011 12:28 pm

Varlamov mask features snowman, Yeti and bazookas

By Brian Stubits

So I thought we had seen all of the cool goalie masks for this season considering it is just over a week from beginning for real. Well I thought wrong.

Check out (In Goal Magazine) new Colorado Avalanche goaltender Semyon Varlamov's mask. I take back calling anybody else's mask the coolest, this one is my favorite for this year, hands down.

In Varly's new cage, there is a battle going on. In one corner, hailing from Russia, is an angry Yeti wielding a snowball bazooka! And in the other corner, representing the United States of America, an angry snowman holding a carrot bazooka! In the words of John McCarthy (and the late Marvin Gaye, but we're using it in the McCarthy sense here), "Let's get it on!"

While I'm picking a Yeti over a snowman any day of the week even with magical powers to come to life, if they have weapons I gotta pick the snowman. He's at least hurling pointy projectiles. Unless the Yeti is loading the snowballs with rocks, I've got Frosty.

On a little more serious note, it's a really awesome and interesting design that sticks with the Avs' winter theme. The object of the two sides is one that we're seeing in a lot of goaltenders now that many are coming from overseas, and that's to represent both his home country (in this case Russia) and adopted country.

Mask designer extraordinaire Dave Gunnarson describes the mask thusly: It is a “mix of Rocky Mountains and Russia, a lot and a lot of cool details. For example one of the mountain tops are transformed into one of the tops of the Vasilij Cathedral, and you also find a cool russian jet flying there, and much much more…!”

Photo: In Goal Magazine

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