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Posted on: September 29, 2011 10:59 am

Shanahan not happy with criticism of Campbell

By Brian Stubits

Since taking on the responsibility of handling the discipline of players, Brendan Shanahan has been receving nearly universal praise. People had grown tired of Colin Campbell's reign and have embraced the new open and transparent era with open arms.

But the inverse of that equation is that it also has a lot of people continuing to bash Campbell. Let's be frank, the guy was never really liked by fan, feeling that he was unfair, especially when there was anything involving his son Gregory or his son's team.

Overall, fans viewed Campbell as a joke. So they are making jokes like this (rather hilarious) video from Down Goes Brown of the "lost" Colin Campbell suspension video vault. Here he looks at the hit from Matt Cooke that probably ended Marc Savard's career (for which Cooke received no suspension from the league).

Shanahan, however, isn't enjoying his predecessor being the butt of all the jokes. Here's what Shanahan had to say to Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy regarding the criticism of Campbell.

It's actually been really upset me over the last few days, because I still rely on him almost daily.
I just think he's one of the most moral people I've ever met in hockey. He was a great teammate when he played. He's a great dad who raised a son to play in the NHL. He's built the War Room. He's built this whole department. He's one of the reasons I got hired in the first place.
He and I are not one vs. the other. He's helped me transition to do this. It was Colie who recognized that it was time for a new voice. If people want to see this first week as successful, they have to understand that Colin is as responsible for it as anybody else.

However, this is the lay of the land. When you deal in the world of doling out suspensions, you are likely to cross almost every fan at some point. Shanahan will get his fair share of criticism, too. I don't think Shanahan expects anything different on either of those fronts.

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