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Posted on: March 8, 2012 2:11 pm

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson on Kings' kiss, dance cams

By Brian Stubits

The camera has always liked Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson. They're obviously both accomplished actors and in the case of Hanks, I'd say one of the best of the last 25 years. I'm a Big fan.

Turns out they like the camera too. Or at least Wilson does. Hanks seems to go along with it. No really, check out Wilson's reaction when she and Hanks were featured on the Kiss Cam at a recent Kings game in Los Angeles (they show up at the :52 mark).

She was sitting there waiting oh so patiently and then was so excited that she was multi-tasking, giving the camera a very enthusiastic thumbs up while planting a big smooch on Hanks. It's like a lifelong dream come true for Wilson.

Oh, but they weren't done on the big screen -- OK, medium-sized screen -- for the night. The camera went back to the well when it was time for the Dance Cam later in the game.

I dig Tom's understated style here. He's just in his own zone.

Now I don't think it's as good as the dancing Canucks kid (seriously, watch this, it's worth 60 seconds of your day), but hey, second place isn't bad for the week's dance cam contest.

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