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Posted on: December 21, 2011 12:09 pm

Leafs' Zigomanis denies nude photos are of him

By Brian Stubits

Mike Zigomanis, the former Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup winner, now plays for the Toronto Marlines, the Maple Leafs' AHL affiliate. Unfortunately for him, he's making more news off the ice than he is on it.

Well, he's actually not the one making the news. Instead it is of somebody else's doing.

You see, there is this website where jilted and jaded exes are able to post nude pictures of their former lovers for everybody to see. It's the ultimate definition of spite for spite's sake, a move that would make high-schoolers cringe (while simultaneously giggling).

Recently, photos of Zigomanis made their way onto this site with him fully clothed. It was followed by a couple more of him in his birthday suit. Or was it? The nude photos are from the shoulders down, so there's no telling if it is actually Zigomanis or not. He says they're not. He's so strong in his conviction that he has hired a lawyer to help clear up matters.

"Ziggy assures us that the clothed photos are of him, and were purloined off his Facebook account," Leafs general manager Brian Burke told QMI Agency/SLAM Sports. "He also assures us that the nude photos are not of him. He has retained a lawyer to help him put an end to this."

"Sadly this is one of the few downfalls of being a pro athlete False statements," Marlies coach Dallas Easkins tweeted on Wednesday. "Pictures are common. Attempted identity thefts are picking up."

I don't want to get much into the legal aspects of the international nature of this. If you feel so inclined, check out the link above.

Instead, apparently it's time for the monthly reminder to athletes to be careful of what pictures you are taking. That's not to say this is Zigomanis in these pictures, I haven't the slightest idea (although I'm sure he has 20 some-odd witnesses who could tell you if that's him or not).

But I just can't get the idea out of my head of this going down like the "tallywhacker" scene in Porky's.

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Posted on: November 16, 2011 11:20 am
Edited on: November 16, 2011 1:26 pm

U.S. investment group interested in buying Leafs

By Brian Stubits

The Toronto Maple Leafs already have an American GM and their best player hails from the States, so why not make it the ownership, too?

A report from the Canadian Press has it that the Rhode Island-based investment firm Providence Equity Partners is interested in buying the 80 percent stake owned in Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment by the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan. The OTPP has said it is looking to sell its share in MLSE.

There isn't a whole lot of information out about the money, or if a bid has even been made, but the asking price for that 80 percent has been reported at $1.5 billion. Compare that to the $170 million True North spent to buy the Thrashers and you can see Toronto is sort of a good hockey market ... in case you didn't already know that. In other news you might now know, the Earth orbits the sun.

Of course, the $1.5 billion goes toward more than just the Maple Leafs. The MLSE also owns and operates the Leafs' AHL partner the Toronto Marlies, the NBA's Raptors and Major League Soccer's Toronto FC as well as the Air Canada Centre. But unlike any other market where both the NBA and NHL are in town, the hockey team is the big acquisition in MLSE.

It's worth nothing that Rogers Communications has also shown interest in buying the 80 percent stake.

But don't panic yet, Toronto. A conflicting report from the Globe and Mail says not to put too much stock into the Providence talk, saying it is unlikely to happen.

In the wake of a published report that Providence Equity Partners LLC, based in Providence, R.I., took a look at buying the 80-per-cent share of MLSE held by the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, one investment banker who regularly handles deals with NHL teams said “it makes no sense to me” that Providence would actually make an offer.

The irony just can't escape me of the hockey capital not only of Canada but probably the world is so tied with the USA, in particular if Providence buys MLSE. Canada's top team in Canada's sport in which they are so proud of their excellence and is a source of patriotism having an American feel is just funny. GM Brian Burke already has the image of trying to Americanize the Leafs. But as long as they are all like Phil Kessel, I suppose nobody would care much.

In the end, I'm inclined to go with the Globe and Mail report on the matter. It would just be too odd for the Leafs to be in American control, among many other reasons.

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