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2011 Draft Order

The following is the order of selection for the 2011 NHL Entry Draft to be held June 24 (round 1) and 25 (rounds 2-7).

Round 1

1. Edmonton Oilers
2. Colorado Avalanche
3. Florida Panthers
4. New Jersey Devils
5. N.Y. Islanders
6. Ottawa Senators
7. Winnipeg
8. Columbus Blue Jackets
9. Boston Bruins (from Toronto Maple Leafs)
10. Minnesota Wild
11. Colorado (from St. Louis Blues)
12. Carolina Hurricanes
13. Calgary Flames
14. Dallas Stars
15. N.Y. Rangers
16. Buffalo Sabres
17. Montreal Canadiens
18. Chicago Blackhawks
19. Edmonton (from Los Angeles Kings)
20. Phoenix Coyotes
21. Ottawa (from Nashville Predators)
22. Anaheim Ducks
23. Pittsburgh Penguins
24. Detroit Red Wings
25. Toronto (from Philadelphia Flyers)
26. Washington Capitals
27. Tampa Bay Lightning
28. San Jose Sharks
29. Vancouver Canucks
30. Toronto (from Boston)

Round 2

31. Edmonton
32. St. Louis (from Colorado)
33. Florida
34. N.Y. Islanders
35. Ottawa
36. Chicago (from Winnipeg)*
37. Columbus
38. Nashville (from New Jersey)
39. Toronto
40. Boston (from Minnesota)
41. St. Louis
42. Carolina
43. Chicago (from Calgary via Toronto) *
44. Dallas **
45. Calgary (from N.Y. Rangers)
46. St. Louis (from Buffalo)
47. Florida (from Montreal)
48. Chicago *
49. Los Angeles
50. N.Y. Islanders (from Montreal)
51. Phoenix
52. Nashville
53. Anaheim
54. Pittsburgh
55. Detroit
56. Phoenix (from Philadelphia)
57. Calgary (from Washington via Carolina via N.Y. Rangers)
58. Tampa Bay
59. San Jose
60. Vancouver
61. Ottawa (from Boston)

* Chicago will transfer pick No. 36, 43 or 48 to Ottawa
** Dallas will transfer pick No. 44 or 75 to New Jersey

Round 3

62. Edmonton
63. N.Y. Islanders (from Colorado)
64. Florida
65. Anaheim (from N.Y. Islanders)
66. Ottawa
67. Winnipeg
68. Columbus
69. No selection
70. Chicago (from Toronto)
71. Minnesota
72. St. Louis
73. Carolina
74. Edmonton (from Calgary)
75. Dallas **
76. Florida (from N.Y. Rangers)
77. Buffalo
78. Montreal
79. Chicago
80. Los Angeles
81. Boston (from Phoenix)
82. Nashville
83. Anaheim
84. Philadelphia (from Pittsburgh) ***
85. Detroit
86. Toronto (from Philadelphia)
87. Florida (from Washington)
88. St. Louis (from Tampa Bay)
89. San Jose
90. Vancouver
91. Florida (from Boston)

*** Pick No. 84 is conditionally traded to Phoenix

Round 4

92. Edmonton
93. Colorado
94. Nashville (from Florida)
95. N.Y. Islanders
96. Ottawa
97. Winnipeg
98. Columbus
99. New Jersey
100. Toronto
101. Minnesota
102. St. Louis
103. Carolina
104. Calgary
105. Dallas
106. N.Y. Rangers
107. Buffalo
108. Winnipeg (from Montreal)
109. Chicago
110. Los Angeles
111. Phoenix
112. Nashville
113. Montreal (from Anaheim)
114. Edmonton (from Pittsburgh)
115. Detroit
116. Philadelphia
117. Washington
118. Philadelphia (from Tampa Bay)
119. San Jose
120. Vancouver
121. Boston

Round 5

122. Edmonton
123. Colorado
124. Florida
125. N.Y. Islanders
126. Ottawa
127. N.Y. Islanders (from Winnipeg)
128. Columbus
129. New Jersey
130. Toronto
131. Minnesota
132. St. Louis
133. Winnipeg (from Carolina via Florida)
134. N.Y. Rangers (from Calgary)
135. Dallas
136. N.Y. Rangers
137. Buffalo
138. Montreal
139. Chicago
140. Los Angeles
141. Phoenix
142. Nashville
143. Anaheim
144. Pittsburgh
145. Detroit
146. Detroit (from Philadelphia)
147. Washington
148. Tampa Bay
149. Winnipeg (from San Jose)
150. Vancouver
151. Boston

Round 6

152. Toronto (from Edmonton)
153. Colorado
154. Florida
155. Phoenix (from N.Y. Islanders)
156. Ottawa
157. Winnipeg
158. Columbus
159. New Jersey
160. Toronto
161. Minnesota
162. St. Louis
163. Carolina
164. Calgary
165. Dallas
166. San Jose (from N.Y. Rangers)
167. Buffalo
168. Montreal
169. Chicago
170. Los Angeles
171. Ottawa (from Phoenix via Anaheim)
172. Nashville
173. Toronto (from Anaheim)
174. Pittsburgh
175. Detroit
176. Philadelphia
177. Washington
178. Tampa Bay
179. San Jose
180. Vancouver
181. Boston

Round 7

182. Edmonton
183. Colorado
184. Florida
185. N.Y. Islanders
186. Ottawa
187. Winnipeg
188. Columbus
189. New Jersey
190. Toronto
191. Minnesota
192. St. Louis
193. Carolina
194. Winnipeg (from Calgary)
195. Dallas
196. Phoenix (from N.Y. Rangers)
197. Buffalo
198. Montreal
199. Chicago
200. Los Angeles
201. Phoenix
202. Nashville
203. Toronto (from Anaheim) ****
204. Ottawa (from Pittsburgh)
205. Detroit
206. Philadelphia
207. Washington
208. Tampa Bay
209. Pittsburgh (from San Jose)
210. Vancouver
211. Chicago (from Boston)

**** Pick No. 203 is conditionally traded back to Anaheim

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Morning Skate: Deep run or Canada for Coyotes?

The Phoenix Coyotes are a day or two from clinching a berth in the postseason, one that could very well dictate where the team lands up next season. 

The Phoenix Business Journal reported Monday evening that the longer the team remains in the playoffs, the more likely a deal can get done to keep the club in Glendale, Ariz. That’s because more games means more seats, hot dogs and overpriced beer purchased, which would lower the asking price for the financially strapped team. It would also give Glendale officials more time to sell the bonds necessary to allow Chicago investor Matthew Hulsizer to seize control and keep them in the desert. 

Winnipeg and Quebec City -- two of the likeliest places for the Coyotes to land up if a deal can’t get done -- could become huge Los Angeles Kings fans. (That’s who Phoenix would face in the first round if the playoffs began this morning.) Facing the Kings would be fitting since all the drama is fit for a Hollywood script, one that includes bankruptcy, threats of lawsuits, league stewardship and rebuffed efforts by rich Canadians to take the team back to Canada 

Line Changes
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  • Eye on Hockey: Lecavalier has eye scare
  • San Jose clinches division title
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  • Maybe since this has gone on for nearly three years, it’d more fit for a miniseries. How’s “Way North and Sout” sound?

    Of course, there’s little agreement on which NHL-jilted area would be best for the team. (This all remains in the “conjecture” category since the league hasn’t discussed publicly what happens if the Glendale deal falls through.) Coyotes forward Eric Belanger, for one, said he’d prefer Quebec City if the team were to move, comments that still reverberate in Manitoba. 

    “There are reasons why hockey wasn’t working in Winnipeg at the end  . . .  I don’t see how that would have changed,” Belanger told Sun Sports last week.

    In the end, the Winnipeg Jets moved to Phoenix before settling in a new arena in Glendale. 

    Winnipeg Sun columnist Ted Wyman responded to Belanger on Monday: 

    Well, Mr. Belanger, a lot has changed since those days and Winnipeg is more ready for an NHL franchise than any other North American city, including Quebec, at this point.

    Winnipeg has all the ingredients in place for the return of an NHL team and has had for quite some time. It has addressed the biggest issues that forced the team to leave.

    There’s a relatively new downtown arena, built to generate revenue, and there are deep-pocketed owners who want to own a team in Winnipeg.

    All this again obscures the efforts of Phoenix coach Dave Tippett and his players, who about to secure a second consecutive season that ends in the playoffs. (The Coyotes can clinch as early as tonight by getting a point against the Los Angeles Kings.) The franchise hasn't gone to the playoffs in back-to-back seaosn in more than a decade. 

    Now to stay in Arizona, the Coyotes might have to do something they haven’t done since they arrived before the 1996-97 season: get out of the first round. 

    The Phoenix Business Journal, citing sources, reports how crucial that might be:
    Those sources say once the Coyotes are eliminated from title contention, the NHL will have to start looking at its watch in terms of when it might pull the plug on the deal here. That then opens up the team to a sale to a lurking Canadian investment group that’s ready to buy the Coyotes and move them back to Winnipeg.

    The NHL has worked hard to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix despite numerous roadblocks, and will not pull the plug on a deal here until after the Coyotes season ends.

    The league could hold off on a Phoenix decision until the Stanley Cup finals are over — whether or not the underdog Coyotes are in the finals or not.

    Speaking of a Hollywood ending, the Coyotes hoisting the franchise’s first Stanley Cup in their first trip to the final could be something that not even Roland Emmerich would put in one of his disaster flicks. That’s just too unbelievable. Right?

    New York Rangers 5, Boston 3
    San Jose 6, Los Angeles 1 

    -- A.J. Perez
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