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Posted on: November 2, 2011 4:11 pm

Sens uni designer offers third jersey for Jets

By Brian Stubits

The Winnipeg Jets came about so quickly this summer, they barely had time to design jerseys for the team to wear. Obviously they did, but there wasn't enough time to come up with an alternate. But you can always go back and create a third jersey.

That's what the Jets are reportedly looking into at the moment. While it was made clear that the Jets wanted to create a new identity rather than go back to the old Jets logo. Makes sense, even if fans wanted to see the retro design come back.

But who says the third jersey can't pay an homage? Not Jacob Barrette, the man who designed the Ottawa Senators' heritage jerseys they are wearing this season.

The designer has created a sweater design for the Jets to mull over. I'll just let him describe it (image and text from www.icethetics.info)

As opposed to what I was able to accomplish with the Ottawa Senators Heritage uniform — a full out nod to the old Senators franchise — this Jets alternate concept borrows elements from the old and new era. While a refreshed old logo is used as the main mark, the current crest appears on the shoulders to create a link between old and new.

While the logo was given a makeover, the lines on the jersey fully respect those of the uniforms worn between 1990 and 1996. However, the base color used is the newly introduced polar night blue. Laces were added, cause, well, I won't pretend there's a reason for those, they just looked nice, but that is an element worth debating.

What was done:

  Created a new, modern typeface to refresh the Jets word mark.
  Added shading to the word mark. This was also a way to incorporate both shades of blue which comprise the new Jets brand.
  Added an inner blue ring to the logo and silver ring to the outside. The silver ring creates a link between the logo and the jet present on the shoulder patches.
  The jet was removed from the logo to create a more balanced look, but is still present on the jersey via the shoulder patches.
  The NHL shield area is silver, again to subtly bring back that shade.
  The typeface for the numbers would be the same as the newly introduced uniforms but with a red outline as the slanted numbers compliment the JETS word mark.

Check the icethetics page for more details.

It's a solid, solid design and I love the touch of crossing the then and now. I have a feeling that these would be wildly popular in Winnipeg, as if Jets stuff isn't already.

What say you?

Photo: Icethetics

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