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2011 Draft Order

The following is the order of selection for the 2011 NHL Entry Draft to be held June 24 (round 1) and 25 (rounds 2-7).

Round 1

1. Edmonton Oilers
2. Colorado Avalanche
3. Florida Panthers
4. New Jersey Devils
5. N.Y. Islanders
6. Ottawa Senators
7. Winnipeg
8. Columbus Blue Jackets
9. Boston Bruins (from Toronto Maple Leafs)
10. Minnesota Wild
11. Colorado (from St. Louis Blues)
12. Carolina Hurricanes
13. Calgary Flames
14. Dallas Stars
15. N.Y. Rangers
16. Buffalo Sabres
17. Montreal Canadiens
18. Chicago Blackhawks
19. Edmonton (from Los Angeles Kings)
20. Phoenix Coyotes
21. Ottawa (from Nashville Predators)
22. Anaheim Ducks
23. Pittsburgh Penguins
24. Detroit Red Wings
25. Toronto (from Philadelphia Flyers)
26. Washington Capitals
27. Tampa Bay Lightning
28. San Jose Sharks
29. Vancouver Canucks
30. Toronto (from Boston)

Round 2

31. Edmonton
32. St. Louis (from Colorado)
33. Florida
34. N.Y. Islanders
35. Ottawa
36. Chicago (from Winnipeg)*
37. Columbus
38. Nashville (from New Jersey)
39. Toronto
40. Boston (from Minnesota)
41. St. Louis
42. Carolina
43. Chicago (from Calgary via Toronto) *
44. Dallas **
45. Calgary (from N.Y. Rangers)
46. St. Louis (from Buffalo)
47. Florida (from Montreal)
48. Chicago *
49. Los Angeles
50. N.Y. Islanders (from Montreal)
51. Phoenix
52. Nashville
53. Anaheim
54. Pittsburgh
55. Detroit
56. Phoenix (from Philadelphia)
57. Calgary (from Washington via Carolina via N.Y. Rangers)
58. Tampa Bay
59. San Jose
60. Vancouver
61. Ottawa (from Boston)

* Chicago will transfer pick No. 36, 43 or 48 to Ottawa
** Dallas will transfer pick No. 44 or 75 to New Jersey

Round 3

62. Edmonton
63. N.Y. Islanders (from Colorado)
64. Florida
65. Anaheim (from N.Y. Islanders)
66. Ottawa
67. Winnipeg
68. Columbus
69. No selection
70. Chicago (from Toronto)
71. Minnesota
72. St. Louis
73. Carolina
74. Edmonton (from Calgary)
75. Dallas **
76. Florida (from N.Y. Rangers)
77. Buffalo
78. Montreal
79. Chicago
80. Los Angeles
81. Boston (from Phoenix)
82. Nashville
83. Anaheim
84. Philadelphia (from Pittsburgh) ***
85. Detroit
86. Toronto (from Philadelphia)
87. Florida (from Washington)
88. St. Louis (from Tampa Bay)
89. San Jose
90. Vancouver
91. Florida (from Boston)

*** Pick No. 84 is conditionally traded to Phoenix

Round 4

92. Edmonton
93. Colorado
94. Nashville (from Florida)
95. N.Y. Islanders
96. Ottawa
97. Winnipeg
98. Columbus
99. New Jersey
100. Toronto
101. Minnesota
102. St. Louis
103. Carolina
104. Calgary
105. Dallas
106. N.Y. Rangers
107. Buffalo
108. Winnipeg (from Montreal)
109. Chicago
110. Los Angeles
111. Phoenix
112. Nashville
113. Montreal (from Anaheim)
114. Edmonton (from Pittsburgh)
115. Detroit
116. Philadelphia
117. Washington
118. Philadelphia (from Tampa Bay)
119. San Jose
120. Vancouver
121. Boston

Round 5

122. Edmonton
123. Colorado
124. Florida
125. N.Y. Islanders
126. Ottawa
127. N.Y. Islanders (from Winnipeg)
128. Columbus
129. New Jersey
130. Toronto
131. Minnesota
132. St. Louis
133. Winnipeg (from Carolina via Florida)
134. N.Y. Rangers (from Calgary)
135. Dallas
136. N.Y. Rangers
137. Buffalo
138. Montreal
139. Chicago
140. Los Angeles
141. Phoenix
142. Nashville
143. Anaheim
144. Pittsburgh
145. Detroit
146. Detroit (from Philadelphia)
147. Washington
148. Tampa Bay
149. Winnipeg (from San Jose)
150. Vancouver
151. Boston

Round 6

152. Toronto (from Edmonton)
153. Colorado
154. Florida
155. Phoenix (from N.Y. Islanders)
156. Ottawa
157. Winnipeg
158. Columbus
159. New Jersey
160. Toronto
161. Minnesota
162. St. Louis
163. Carolina
164. Calgary
165. Dallas
166. San Jose (from N.Y. Rangers)
167. Buffalo
168. Montreal
169. Chicago
170. Los Angeles
171. Ottawa (from Phoenix via Anaheim)
172. Nashville
173. Toronto (from Anaheim)
174. Pittsburgh
175. Detroit
176. Philadelphia
177. Washington
178. Tampa Bay
179. San Jose
180. Vancouver
181. Boston

Round 7

182. Edmonton
183. Colorado
184. Florida
185. N.Y. Islanders
186. Ottawa
187. Winnipeg
188. Columbus
189. New Jersey
190. Toronto
191. Minnesota
192. St. Louis
193. Carolina
194. Winnipeg (from Calgary)
195. Dallas
196. Phoenix (from N.Y. Rangers)
197. Buffalo
198. Montreal
199. Chicago
200. Los Angeles
201. Phoenix
202. Nashville
203. Toronto (from Anaheim) ****
204. Ottawa (from Pittsburgh)
205. Detroit
206. Philadelphia
207. Washington
208. Tampa Bay
209. Pittsburgh (from San Jose)
210. Vancouver
211. Chicago (from Boston)

**** Pick No. 203 is conditionally traded back to Anaheim

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Report: Jagr reaches out to Penguins about return

First it was the Detroit Red Wings. Now forward Jaromir Jagr has apparently reached out to his longtime team the Pittsburgh Penguins, too.

Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported on Monday that Jagr's camp got in touch with the Penguins about possibly returning for another season. Jagr has been playing in the KHL the last three seasons, but has shown serious interest in coming back to the NHL. Part of the reason is because of financial issues with his Avangard Omsk team. That doesn't mean he won't return to the KHL, but he is showing sincere interest in coming back to North America.

Now at the ripe old age of 39, Jagr still managed a point per game last season.

This summer the Penguins will have a bit of a reunion in the 20th anniversary of their 1991 Stanley Cup champion team, to which Jagr had already been invited.

Just last week it was reported Jagr had also approached the Red Wings about playing in Detroit for next season. The short list for Jagr has been rumored to contain the Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers in addition to the Pens and Wings, but as of now it appears to just be two with signs pointing toward Detroit being the leader ... until he contacts the next in line.

-- Brian Stubits

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Report: Rangers to buy out Drury's final season

The Rangers are planning to buy out the final season of team captain Chris Drury's contract, according to a report in the New York Daily News. The source of the report was rather succinct in his/her words: "He's gone."

Beginning next Wednesday is the NHL's timeframe for contract buyouts leading up to free agency on July 1. New York owes Drury one more season on his five-year, $35.25 million deal. What shedding his contract from the books would do is save the Blueshirts $3.3 million against next season's salary cap, which is expected to go up a couple million dollars as it is, and will hit the following season's cap by $1.6 million.

The Rangers captain's production went way down last season, playing in 24 games because of injury and being held to only one goal and four assists.

New York has a few decisions to make on the restricted free-agent scene with seven guys on the roster, including up-and-comers Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky. Then attention will turn to the open market, where they are certain to chase Brad Richards.

-- Brian Stubits

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Stars won't re-sign Richards, look to deal rights

Brad Richards, perhaps the best available player on what is a down unrestricted free-agent market, will not return to Dallas next season. That much we know at this point.

Stars general manager Joe Nieuwendyk said Thursday that the team is interested in trading the negotiating rights of Richards before the open season on free agents begins on July 1. Dallas is currently in the process of changing ownership groups, and Richards -- who went through the same thing in Tampa Bay -- isn't interested in sticking it out to wait for the new owners.

"We have had talks with Brad throughout the year, and he's not going to sign with us unless we have the ownership situation resolved, and it doesn’t look like that's going to happen by the start of free agency," Nieuwendyk said. "So while we could have discussions, it just doesn't make much sense right now. So we would like to see if we could get something for his rights and allow another team to have a chance to sign him, but a lot of that is up to Brad and his agent."

What's up to the agent is a full no-trade clause that Richards possesses. Naturally the Stars would like to get something in return for some team getting the exclusive rights for a few weeks. Courtesy of the Dallas Morning News:

"Accepting a move to another team creates an obligation, and you have to be pretty sure about that obligation. I think Brad has to do what's best for himself and keep his options open," Richards' agent Pat Morris said.

There were plenty of rumors around the trade deadline surrounding Richards, but obviously the Stars didn't find any to their liking. They also tried to give the centerman an extension a few months ago.

"We felt we made a very fair and honest effort to sign Brad before the trade deadline, but the ownership situation is a real sticking point, and so we have to deal with that," Nieuwendyk said.

Richards, a nine-year veteran, led Dallas this season in points with 77 that included 28 goals -- a career high -- and 49 assists.

Among the teams that will likely be interested in acquiring Richards will be the New York Rangers. If they aren't able to convince Richards to waive his control, then they will probably be waiting on July 1. The return value to Dallas wouldn't have to be much -- again, it is just looking for something -- but it's worth noting the Rangers do not have any second-round picks in this month's draft after this week's acquisition of Tim Erixon in a trade with the Flames.

His former team in Tampa could show some interest in bringing him back, too.

-- Brian Stubits

Photo: US Presswire

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Boogaard death from alcohol, oxycodone toxicity

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner's office has released its findings on the death of Derek Boogaard, listing the cause of death as mixed alcohol and oxycodone toxicity.

The office also ruled the manner of death as accidental.

To see the examiner's press release, click here.

Unfortunately, as many hypothesized, Boogaard's death was related to taking medication for pain -- the oxycodone. Warnings of the drug explicitly state not to mix oxycodone with alcohol, which could cause severe injury or death. It is also listed as a very addictive drug, a narcotic pain reliever similar to morphine.

Boogaard's family issued this following statement through the National Hockey League Players’ Association:

“We would like to express our appreciation for the outpouring of love and support for our family during this difficult period as we grieve the loss of Derek – our son and brother. We are deeply saddened by this unimaginable loss, but we are grateful for the expression of support that has given us strength as we go through this tragic time.

It is very comforting for our family to know that, while Derek’s life was far too short, he had a great impact on many people who he came into contact with. We are proud that Derek was able to live his boyhood dream to play in the National Hockey League. We are even more proud of the fact that Derek was dedicated to making a difference in his adopted communities of Minnesota and New York City, through his countless hours of charitable work.

Earlier today, we received the results of Derek's toxicology report at the time of his accidental death. After repeated courageous attempts at rehabilitation and with the full support of the New York Rangers, the NHLPA, and the NHL, Derek had been showing tremendous improvement but was ultimately unable to beat this opponent. While he played and lived with pain for many years, his passion for the game, his teammates, and his community work was unstoppable.

Our family would like to like to thank the New York Rangers, the Minnesota Wild, the National Hockey League Players’ Association, and the National Hockey League for supporting Derek's continued efforts in his battle.

Derek will be greatly missed and will never be forgotten by his fans, friends, and teammates, and especially by us – his family. We respectfully ask for continued privacy as we grieve the loss of Derek.”

The Predators' Jordan Tootoo tweeted out his condolences on Friday, saying "Thoughts and Prayers going out to the Boogaard family from the Tootoo family. We understand the pain."

Last week, the New York Post reported Boogaard was receiving counseling in the NHL/NHLPA Substance Abuse & Behavioral Health Program in the weeks prior to his death.

Since his sudden death on May 13, Boogaard's family decided to donate his brain to Boston University’s Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy to help study the effects of hits to the head in sports. The Rangers enforcer missed the majority of his first season in New York because of a concussion.

Earlier this year, Boston University revealed former enforcer Bob Probert suffered from the degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Probert died of a heart attack last July at age 45. Reggie Fleming, a 1960s enforcer who played before helmets became mandatory, also had CTE.

Originally drafted by the Wild, Minnesota fans held a memorial service for Boogaard last Sunday at Xcel Energy Center. Family, friends and former teammates turned out, and remembered Boogaard as a rough-and-tumble guy on the rink, but a gentle giant when he wasn't on the ice.

"He exuded this aura about him that made people want to be around him," Wild general manager Chuck Fletcher said Sunday. "He just brought smiles to everyone's faces all the time."

The funeral for Boogaard is scheduled for Saturday in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Needless to say, no matter how the story ended, it was going to be sad. There is no good way for it to end.

-- Brian Stubits

-- The Associated Press contributed to this report

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Rangers forward Derek Boogaard found dead

The New York Rangers confirmed the death of enforcer Derek Boogaard late Friday night, hours after his body was reportedly found in his Minneapolis apartment by family members. He was 28. 

“Derek was an extremely kind and caring individual,” said New York Rangers president and general manager Glen Sather said in a statement.  “He was a very thoughtful person, who will be dearly missed by all those who knew him. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family, friends and teammates during this difficult time.”  

Details of what caused his death were not immediately known. An official at the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office told CBSSports.com that the results of the autopsy, scheduled to be conducted on Saturday, will not be ready for a couple weeks pending toxicology results.

“Derek was a well-liked and respected member of the NHLPA, and his passing is a great loss to the entire hockey community," National Hockey League Players Association Executive Director Don Fehr said in a statement. "Our sincere condolences to Derek’s many friends and family during this difficult time.”

News of Boogaard's passing was first reported by Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Russo reported Boogaard is survived by his mother, Joanne, and father, Len, his younger brothers Aaron and Ryan and younger sister, Krysten.

A native of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Boogaard was originally drafted by the Minnesota Wild and played 225 games for the club from 2005-06 through 2009-10. The Rangers signed him as a free agent last offseason for a four-year, $6.5 million deal to help toughen up the Rangers and protect his former teammate in Minnesota, Marian Gaborik. His season was cut short due to a concussion suffered in December.

The 6-foot-7 Boogaard was seen as one of the fiercest fighters in the NHL, garnering a fearsome reputation largely from his knockout punch of Todd Fedoruk in 2006, a fight that left Fedoruk with a broken cheek bone.

"The Minnesota Wild organization sends our deepest sympathies to the family of Derek Boogaard," the Wild said in a statement. "Derek was a fan favorite during his five seasons with the Wild and will be greatly missed here in Minnesota and throughout the NHL. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Boogaard family during this tragic time of loss."

"At a loss for words. I'll miss my roomy Derek Boogaard. You will be missed by everyone. Great friend and teammate," Rangers forward Brandon Prust tweeted early Saturday morning.

-- A.J. Perez
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Potential landing spots for Jagr in NHL

Every offseason since he left for the KHL, rumors constantly swirl in the summer surrounding the possibility of Jaromir Jagr returning to North America.

After his hat trick for the Czech Republic in its shutout of the USA today, the talk is quickly starting again. Now keep in mind, Jagr hasn't played in the NHL for three seasons. So at this point the talk about him coming back could be like years past and just Wild talk from hopeful fans looking for a veteran who might still have some gas in the tank. But he doesn't have a contract right now.

As he told Yahoo! earlier this week:

"I have to see. There is time. I haven't thought about it. My contract just ended, and if I have a good offer [from Avangard] I will certainly consider it. Maybe some other teams will make me offers. As for the NHL, we'll see. I think that if I want to play in the NHL, I will come and I will be able to play in the NHL. I am not saying I will play on the first line, but I will be able to play."

So if he were to return to the NHL, who would be a fit?

Pittsburgh Penguins: There's obviously plenty of nostalgia that could lure him back to Pittsburgh. Plus, once Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are back at full strength, the Pens are instant contenders for the Cup. The Penguins wouldn't need a ton of production, so it could be a nice ease-in situation for him to come back to and not be asked to do too much at this stage of his career. This would seem to be the most likely. Per Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: This likely play out with #Jagr staying in #KHL; #Pens working him back into franchise fold then retiring no. 68, I'm told.

Montreal Canadiens: The Habs make the list because a recent report out of Montreal said the Canadiens would be on Jagr's short list of teams. Part of the allure could be joining fellow Czech Tomas Plekanec, helping Montreal take the next step. The Habs have been getting closer the past few seasons to being a true contender in the East. While Jagr's goal totals are declining, he can still score and is a very capable player, even at 40. He could help them get over the hump.

New York Rangers: The last team he played for in the NHL, New York could certainly be in play. If he were to go to the Rangers, it would likely be for familiarity reasons as much as anything else. He would be brought in with the hopes of being a somewhat significant contributor as the Rangers are a little deficient these days in offensive production.

Washington Capitals: The other team Jagr spent time with in his career, he might be a nice fit back in the Capital. Much as is the case with the Penguins, Jagr wouldn't be called upon to be a big-time contributor. But if there's any team that could benefit from an experienced veteran to help come playoff time, it's Washington. Perhaps he could help the Caps get the postseason monkey off their backs. Of course, you wonder if there would be any ill will between Jagr and Alex Ovechkin after this big hit in the Olympics.

Edmonton Oilers: There was a lot of talk a year or two ago that Jagr could be headed to play in Alberta, but obviously that didn't happen. However, because the team showed serious interest in him then, he might keep that in mind and consider the Oilers. What makes me doubt it is the team isn't anywhere near close to winning and you expect a guy like Jagr to come back with winning a Stanley Cup in mind.

Of course there are a lot more teams that could use a talented vet like Jagr, but you would have to assume these would be the favorites. But since we don't even know right now if he'll return, this is nothing but speculation.

-- Brian Stubits
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Avery joins N.Y. push for equal marriage rights

Rangers forward Sean Avery has always been a true individual, never afraid to speak his mind or be himself. That includes his recent move to contribute to a movement in New York for equal marriage rights.

In a 30-second video he recorded, Avery is seen looking at the camera, espousing his belief in people being allowed to marry the person they love.

"The places I’ve played and lived the longest have been in West Hollywood, Calif., when I played for the L.A. Kings, and when I moved to New York, I lived in Chelsea for the first four years," Avery said in a phone interview with the New York Times . "I certainly have been surrounded by the gay community. And living in New York and when you live in L.A., you certainly have a lot of gay friends."

UPDATE: Uptown Sports, a firm that represents many players (see the list here ), doesn't seem to agree with Avery's point of view, criticizing the forward for joining the movement. Per tweets from Todd Reynolds, the firm's Vice President and son of the owner:

Very sad to read Sean Avery's misguided support of same-gender "marriage". Legal or not, it will always be wrong.

To clarify. This is not hatred or bigotry towards gays. It is not intolerance in any way shape or form. I believe we are all equal...

But I believe in the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. This is my personal viewpoint. I Do not hate anyone.

His recording joins a list of New York-area celebrities joining the fight, but is the first coming from an athlete. Similar movements in other states have had advocates from pro sports, specifically Ravens LB Brendon Ayanbadejo in Maryland while the Suns' Grant Hill and Jared Dudley recorded a PSA to discourage antigay language.

In addition to his on-ice notoriety as a class-A agitator (surely you remember this ) and off-ice instances like his infamous "sloppy seconds" remark regarding his ex-girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert's relationship with Dion Phaneuf, Avery has been active in the fashion world. He took an internship with Vogue magazine and hasn't hidden his interest in fashion.

"People have been calling me names for 10 years just because I like to wear nice suits," he told the Times . "It’s going to take a lot to get me upset or to get under my skin. I’m OK"

There still hasn't been an openly gay active male athlete in a professional American team sport. There have been a few players to come out across the globe and former NBA player John Amaechi revealed his homosexuality after his playing days finished.

On the ice, which always seems to be an afterthought with Avery, he scored three goals with 21 assists for the Rangers last season.

-- Brian Stubits

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