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Posted on: October 4, 2011 11:39 am
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Rangers waive Sean Avery; Canucks claim Weise

By Brian Stubits

The New York Rangers put Sean Avery on waivers. The news was originaly reported by Larry Brooks of the New York Post, who is in Sweden to cover the team's season openers against the Kings and Ducks. The move was executed at noon by the Rangers per Dan Rosen of NHL.com.

The news could qualify as a stunner based on name recognition, but it doesn't come out of left field. Avery's role with the Rangers this year was never set in stone after he saw it diminish last season. He was in a battle this camp with Erik Christensen to make the roster and, well, we can see who won. Either that, or coach John Tortorella just doesn't like Avery. That's the theory the New York Rangers blog is subscribing to. Either way, Avery is out in New York.

"We think we have a better team, and think we have better players than Sean Avery," coach John Tortorella said. "Our depth put Sean in this spot. We have better players, maybe not in that role, but more versatile...certainly (Mike) Rupp helps fill that [role]."

Every NHL team will have a chance to make a claim on Avery, who is signed to make $4 million this season. Let's just say that seems unlikely to happen. Putting the factors together of an on- and off-ice headache and little production? Not entirely an ideal candidate for any team at this point. However it is possible he could get a look on re-entry waivers for a cheap rate, I just can't imagine there will be many takers.

That especially goes for the Maple Leafs, who are captained by Dion Phaneuf. Those two had a rather public spat once upon a time, leading to Avery's suspension and eventual cutting by the Dallas Stars after making a "sloppy seconds" reference about an ex of his (Elisha Cuthbert) who was dating Phaneuf.

Jesse Spector at the Sporting News reports that Avery's agent, Pat Morris, will be exploring all the options available, which naturally include joining the Rangers' AHL affiliate in Connecticut or playing in Europe. I wonder how well his trash talking and antics would translate to Russian?

But let's be honest, here: This is every NHL fan's loss. When looking ahead to this year's 24/7 series featuring the Rangers and Flyers before their Winter Classic matchup, Avery was one of the most intriguing aspects of the show. He was sure to be the Rangers' most interesting character. And with his recent incident involving the Flyers' Wayne Simmonds and "not wanting to have to kill [Claude] Giroux?" It was going to be must-see TV.

Lastly, does anybody else find it funny that Avery gets waived as his most notable contribution to hockey came from him waving his stick in front of Martin Brodeur's face?

On a somewhat related note for the Rangers, they placed Dale Weise on waivers and he nearly made it all the way through. Instead, he became the second waived player to be claimed (joining Nick Johnson, grabbed by Minnesota), being picked up by the Vancouver Canucks. It's a move that could pay major dividends down the road. The Rangers were taking a chance on waiving Weise, who had 38 points (18 goals) in 47 games for the Connecticut Whale of the AHL last season. Obvoiusly that risk backfired.

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Daily Skate: P. Kane fares well in center tryout

By Brian Stubits

CENTER STAGE: Patrick Kane played his first game of the preseason last night, and the Blackhawks went throught with their plan to try him out at center. The reviews are in and they aren't bad. When asked if there was anything about the experiement that wasn't good, coach Joel Quenneville said “No, we liked it." COuld get interesting. (ESPN Chicago) Bonus note: Kane joined the Twitterverse on Wednesday, he can be found @88PKane and has over 14,000 followers after just two tweets.

RIPPING AVERY: Boy, this year's 24/7 will be good. The animosity continues to grow in the Broad Street vs. Broadway rivalry. Things got very ugly on the ice in Philly on Monday between Sean Avery and Wayne Simmonds. At one point, Avery was overheard on TV saying he didn't want to have to f***** kill (Claude) Giroux. So the Flyers' Danny Briere took Avery to task for being hypocritical and just seeking attention. (Philly.com)

AV APOLOGY: The Colorado Avalanche were whipped up and down the ice by the Kings on Wednesday, including a hat trick for Anze Kopitar. After last year's second-worst record in the NHL, it caused some bad flashbacks in Denver. Soon after, Matt Duchene took to Twitter to apologize: “Sorry to all the fans that paid their hard earned money tonight to watch that terrible performance of ours. We WILL be better” (Denver Post)

SLOW START: Speaking of not being pleased with preseason results, Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau was upset at Washington's 4-1 loss in Nashville on Wednesday. “It’s time we started to get our act in gear and start playing better.” If they don't, Boudreau's seat could be awfully warm come Thanksgiving. (Capitals Insider)

MOVING ON: James Wisniewski of the Blue Jackets received the toughest punishment from new chief Brendan Shanahan this preseason, but he's not dwelling on it. “I’m going to be around here, but I’m not going to be down about anything. No pouty face from me. It’s over. It’s done. That’s how it has to be.” (Columbus Dispatch)

SANTORELLI SETBACK: The Panthers will be missing one of their few holdovers for the first month of the season. Mike Santorelli, who had somewhat of a breakout season last year with 20 goals and 21 assists, will sit out with a shoulder injury until Halloween. (Miami Herald) Speaking of Halloween, the Panthers will give free tickets to kids who are willing to trade in candy for hockey. (Miami Herald)

GETTING TO KNOW YOU: Alex Ovechkin took time before returning to the States for the season to have a lengthy sit-down interview with Elena Khanian at Sobesednik in Russia. Here's the entire transcript in English. Among the interesting parts is this bit about his taste in women: "I think I will only marry a Russian, well, I mean, a girl from Russia. Russians are sincere, understanding and cook well." I imagine an influx of Russian women to the D.C. area soon. (Alex Ovetjkin)

IS HE READ-Y? One of the big revelations from Flyers camp -- outside of the fact that Jaromir Jagr can still play -- has been Matt Read. He leads the NHL preseason list in points and is still sticking with the big club. The unsigned free agent out of Bemidji State is doing all he can to make the roster, and it's looking good. (Philly.com)

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Daily Skate: Doughty stalemate, K.C. auditions

By Brian Stubits

STANDING STRONG: There's a lot more going on these days, but don't forget that Drew Doughty is still not in camp with the Kings, stuck in a contract stalemate. President of the Kings' parent company Tim Leiweke is on GM Dean Lombardi's side in an informative conversatoin with Helene St. James. (L.A. Times)

KANSAS CITY AUDITIONS: Once again Kansas City played host to an NHL exhbition game and once again the city showed well for the game between the Penguins and Kings with 17,779 packing the Sprint Center. But the latest audition still doesn't do much to boost the city's chase for a new team. (Kansas City Star)

DON'T I KNOW YOU? Not everybody hates Sean Avery, the New York Rangers' world-reknowned pest. Check out this look-alike fan in Prague, where the Rangers are getting ready for their season opener. What's one thing Petr Rada likes about Avery? "He's a very funny guy." I'm curious how many agree to that. (NHL.com)

THRILL FROM KIRIL: Looking to get a roller-hockey game going on Long Island, one of the players realized they were short a man. Being friends on Facebook with Kirill Kabanov of the Islanders, one player decided to take a shot in the dark and ask Kabonov to join them. Next thing you know, the Isles prospect was there, creating one Wild roller game. (New York Times)

SPEECH THERAPY: There has been a ton of discourse regarding Wayne Simmonds (apparent but not proven) use of a gay slur on the ice. Here's an excellent one from Bruce Arthur asking why, if the NHL can get rid of the dangerous hits in its league it can't get rid of other hurtful actions. (National Post)

MOVING ON UP: That didn't take long. The No. 2 overall pick in this summer's draft, Gabriel Landeskog to the Avalanche, was declared the most NHL-ready prospect there was. Now he's showing it. The Swede has already worked his way on to the top line in Colorado with Paul Stastny and David Jones. (Denver Post)

SHARK CENSORSHIP: For many years you have been able to see shirts near the penalty box and benches in San Jose for Bad Boys Bail Bonds. The owner, a long-time season ticket holder, advertised with the team last year but didn't renew, saying the exposure wasn't worth it. Now the Sharks are banning patrons from promoting or marketing their businesses. There are some unhappy people. (Puck Daddy)

NOTHING BUT NET: In an attempt to help fans see the action on the ice through the mesh netting, the Capitals tried something new on Monday at the Verizon Center, debuting a new white net, hoping it would blend in better and be less obtrusive. Early returns from the fans say not so much. It could be back to normal sooner than you'd think. (Capitals Insider)

JUST SHOOT ME: If the Predators are looking to increase their scoring on the power play, there's a pretty simple suggestion: shoot more! Here's a breakdown of how often (or little) Nashville is shooting with the man advanatage among other Western Conference teams. (Pred Gold)

BACK ALREADY: It was just on Monday when it was said that Avalanche defenseman Jan Hejda was expected to miss a couple of weeks with a knee injury. Yet on Tuesday Hejda was right back on the ice, joining the Avs in practice without skipping a beat. Just in case you didn't believe it, Adrian Dater included some video. (Denver Post)

Photo: Dan Rosen

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Simmonds to meet with NHL over use of gay slur

By Brian Stubits

Wayne Simmonds is going to have a hearing with NHL Vice President Colin Campbell regarding Monday night's on-ice incident with Sean Avery, according to ESPN.com.

In the heated contest, cameras caught Simmonds yelling at Avery and it's pretty easy to read his lips (that includes some NSFW language). As a result, he'll be hearing from the league.

In this case he has to report to Campbell instead of new discipline chief Brendan Shanahan since it doesn't fall under Shanny's player safety umbrella. According to the CBA, Simmonds could only face a fine of up to $2,500 for the incident. One obstacle to a fine might be the lack of audio from the video just in case he was possibly saying something other than it what it clearly appears.

But that might not be the end of it. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is getting involved in the matter.

Here's GLAAD acting president Mike Thompson's statement:

"Hate speech and anti-gay slurs have no place on the ice rink. The word that Simmonds used is the same word that is hurled at LGBT youth on the playground and in our schools, creating a climate of intolerance and hostility. He should not only apologize for this anti-gay outburst, but the Philadelphia Flyers and the NHL have a responsibility to take action and educate their fans about why this word is unacceptable."

GLAAD is in dialogue the Philadelphia Flyers as well as the National Hockey League (NHL) about specific next steps. Updates will be posted on www.glaad.org/blog as they become available.

Recently, GLAAD has worked with sports leagues including the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB) and the World Wrestling Federation (WWE) to address issues of homophobia in sports.

To compare this to similar happenings in the past year, there were two high-profile cases in the NBA. Joakim Noah of the Bulls received a $50,000 fine for using the homophobic slur and Kobe Bryant was docked $100,000 for the same.

Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke also spoke up about the incident. Burke, who's deceased son Brendan was gay, has been an ardent supporter of gay rights. While he hadn't yet seen the video, here's what he told Katie Strang of ESPN New York.

"That type of comment has no place in the game," Burke told ESPNNewYork.com when reached by telephone Tuesday morning.

"If that happened, that is just so embarrassing and the league should not tolerate it," Burke said. "That should be treated on the same level as a racially charged incident. It's the same level of offensiveness and inappropriateness.

"I think sometimes it reflects the habitual rather than the homophobic," he said. "Players reach into their back pocket and that's what they say, not necessarily meaning to target someone's sexuality."

But that does not make the use of the word acceptable, Burke said.

"That does not make it OK," he said. "It's got to stop."

After the game, Avery confirmed Simmonds threw offensive language his way while Simmonds wouldn't elaborate, only saying things were said in the heat of the battle.

It's a classic case of Avery being Avery. Here's a very NSFW (language) video from the game in which you can hear Avery yelling at somebody about him not wanting to have to kill Claude Giroux during the game.

So clearly Avery was up to his usual antics and they got to the Flyers, Simmonds in particular. The agitator is no saint in this story by any stretch. But that doesn't absolve Simmonds for crossing the line that has been established. No matter what the actual intent was behind Simmonds' use of the word doesn't make it acceptable. Much like Shanahan did to explain the new rules, the league sends out memos to teams every year explaining what is acceptable and what is not as far as language goes.

It is something said to be an insult. Echoing some of Burke's sentiments, no matter if Simmonds is actually trying to insinuate Avery is homosexual or using it in a non-sexual orentation manner, the intent to insult Avery remains. And the particular insult he used is offensive to a segment of the population.

I imagine Simmonds will have a full and sincere apology coming soon enough and hopefully that will be the end of it. I'm just ready for some good ol' hockey.

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Avery says Simmonds called him homophobic slur


By: Adam Gretz

Less than a week ago Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds was on the receiving end of a racial taunt when somebody threw a banana peel at him during an exhibition game played in London, Ontario. Simmonds showed a great deal of maturity and class when talking about the incident after the game, and basically said that he allows things like that to roll off of his back and didn't really speak about it again.

On Monday night, during Philadelphia's 5-3 win over the New York Rangers, which featured a handful of intense moments, Rangers agitator and pest Sean Avery accused Simmonds of calling him a homophobic slur during one of the many heated exchanges that took place during the game.

The heated moment was caught on camera.

Simmonds claimed, via Andrew Gross of the Bergen Record, that he doesn't remember exactly what he said during the encouner.

Avery, who is paid to do whatever he can to get under the skin of his opponent and get them off their game, whether it be physically or verbally,  has a long history of controversial comments and actions, both on the ice and off of it.

A couple of examples: 1) He once called a press conference to talk about players dating his ex-girlfriends, resulting in a six-game suspension. 2) As a member of the Los Angeles Kings he was accused of making fun of one of his teammates, Dustin Brown, due to a lisp that had been with him since childhood. 3) He once forced the NHL to change its rules during a playoff series due to his decision to stand in front of Martin Brodeur, raise his arms in the air, and wave them back and forth. 

Yes, he's quite the character.

Off the ice he has been a vocal supporter of equal marriage rights and has spoken out in support of openly gay hockey players.

It remains to be seen whether or not the NHL will -- or can -- do anything, but in recent years the NBA has fined players such as Kobe Bryant and Joakim Noah for using homophobic slurs toward officials and fans. TSN's Bob McKenzie pointed out on Monday evening that the NHL's policy is to check with on-ice officials to see if they heard anything, and if not, nothing usually happens as far as discipline is concerned.

Of course, with Brendan Shanahan running things now you can probably throw the old policy out the window because he seems intent on dropping the hammer.

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Rangers' Sean Avery reportedly cleared of charges

By Brian Stubits

Rangers agitator Sean Avery is going to be safe from criminal chargers after all, according to TMZ.com. It was later confirmed by Rangers Newsday writer Steve Zipay.

Avery was arrested earlier this month and spent the night in jail before posting bail the next morning for battery on a peace officer at his Los Angeles-area home. The officer was responding to a noise complaint at Avery's house and when it was reported that Avery pushed the officer at the door and closed the door. It was also alleged Avery called the offers "fat little pigs" and threatened to fight them.

Instead, after an investigation, it is being determined that nobody was pushed. From the TMZ report:

We're told the officer who made the battery report did so after his foot was caught in Avery's front door -- and multiple witnesses have corroborated the story.

According to sources, police don't believe it's appropriate to charge Avery -- and agree the matter would be best handled by an informal meeting with the L.A. City Attorney, who's expected to officially close the case ... without prosecution.

Zipay added to it with a statement from the Los Angeles D.A. office saying the cops "never presented us with a case ... they closed their investigation."

Because of the initial report, Avery's role with the Rangers was in question for next year. He already figured to have a slightly smaller role, so escaping criminal charges allows him and the team to move on and prepare for the upcoming season.

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Sean Avery -- the horse -- having a good summer

By Brian Stubits

Think it has been a rough month for Sean Avery? Well that all depends, which Avery are you talking about?

There's the one that was arrested after allegedly calling cops fat little pigs and pushing a peace officer. He's the hockey player for the New York Rangers. For him it's been a rough month, no doubt.

But then there's Sean Avery the horse. For him, it's been a great month.

As Len Berman of Buzz60 in New York explains in the video above, the horse won its two most recent races, including coming through on a photo finish as a long shot to win the Vanderbilt Handicap. The best part of the video is hearing the track announcer's call as Sean Avery comes down the stretch for the win: "Sean Avery SCORES!"

As far as we know, though, the horse hasn't done anything to get a rule named after it yet. So the hockey player has that going for him.

Hat tip to NYRangersblog.com

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