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Posted on: November 3, 2011 4:58 pm
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Winter Classic tix start at $522 on Stub Hub

By Brian Stubits

Want to take part in NHL history when the first outdoor game is played in the City of Brotherly Love to open the new year? OK, but it'll cost ya!

Adam Gretz has already gone over the difficulties of buying tickets to the game through the official avenues, i.e. the Philadelphia Flyers, New York Rangers and NHL. People in Philly just a tad angry with the plan.

So what about Stub Hub? Sure, you can get tickets there ... starting at $522.90. Look again in 10 minutes and the price is probably higher.

I'm somebody who still loves to go to a sporting event live. Hockey in person? Love it. Football from the stadium? Can't get enough. NBA from the arena? I can at least watch that. Being at the event just makes things better.

But this? I don't see who would want to spend that kind of money to sit in freezing temperatures so far away from the rink that you can't probably even see the game.

Of course you could always sit in the Hall of Fame Club at Philadelphia's Citizen's Bank Park. Those seats are only going for $4,499.00.

H/t to NYRangersblog.com

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Posted on: October 28, 2011 3:58 pm
Edited on: November 29, 2011 10:27 am

Gretzky says no to Winter Classic Alumni Game

By Brian Stubits

In the last two days, all of the Winter Classic news surrounded the roster for the Philadelphia Flyers Alumni Game roster. Eric Lindros: In. John LeClair: In. Mikael Renberg: Not so much.

But what about the Rangers side? The names like Mark Messier and Brian Leetch seem like givens, but the name everybody was hoping to see, Wayne Gretzky? It doesn't look promising on that front.

“No, I’ll be with my family for the holidays," Gretzky told Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com. “Plus, they don’t need to see a 50-year-old slow guy out there!"

Gretzky is aware that the game has a lot of guys 50 and older, right? Even if he were 80 I think people would love to see Gretzky out there. The family reason, though? Hard to argue with that.

Now if this holds and Messier can't get in his old friend's ear, it does seem sort of right. After all, Gretzky did play a little in New York, but he's identified with the Oilers and Kings. In a way it would seem cheap to me to have Gretzky with the Rangers in an alumni game. He spent just the final three seasons of his career in the Big Apple. Not exactly the defining days of his career.

Still, I can only imagine that Gretzky would be the best player if he took part.

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 11:57 am
Edited on: November 29, 2011 10:27 am

Renberg to miss Winter Classic, Legion reunion

By Brian Stubits

As the great Meatloaf once said Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad.

That looks like all the Flyers will get for their Winter Classic Alumni Game when it comes to their old Legion of Doom line.

On Wednesday, Eric Lindros confirmed that he will take part in the "game before the game" this season as will his old linemate John LeClair. That just left Mikael Renberg as the question mark to complete the great line from the mid 90s. Alas, it's not to be.

Renberg is now working as an analyst in his native Sweden and regrettably announced that he won't be able to make it to Philadelphia due to his job responsibilities. Sweden is slated to play Russia in a World Junior Championships. Oh sure, like that's a big deal in Sweden. Pfff!

In an article posted on SVT.se's website, Renberg was quoted as turning having to turn down the invite with regret. Thanks to Google Translate, here is his quote, in perfectly broken English that comes with straight translations.

"Would not it be great to meet Eric and John, but now I have a contract with SVT and have to do my job, a very enjoyable one."

So this Legion of Doom will look more like the wrestling duo instead of the terrific trio in Philly.

Maybe the more appropriate song is Ain't That a Shame by Fats Domino.

H/t to Pro Hockey Talk?

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Posted on: October 26, 2011 12:50 pm
Edited on: November 29, 2011 10:28 am

Eric Lindros confirms spot as Winter Classic alum

By Brian Stubits

Former Flyers star Eric Lindros told a Toronto radio station on Wednesday that he will take part in the Winter Classic Alumni Game, ending the speculation if he would or not.

"Yeah, Paul Holmgren gave me a shout about a month and a half ago, and we talked back and forth a little bit," Lindros told Greg Brady and Jim Lang on the Fan 590 in Toronto. "I was real happy to hear his voice and to get the invitation and yeah, I told him a while back that I’d fly down and have some fun.

"I haven’t seen Johnny [John LeClair] in a little while. I know they’re trying to get in touch with Mikael [Renberg], I've been trying myself."

Of course Renberg and LeClair made up the other 2/3 of the Legion of Doom line in Philadelphia. (Side note: It makes me sad to see how old footage from the 1990s looks now.)

That line was so good it totaled 176 points in just 48 games of the strike-shortened 1994-95 season.

The hope is that they will all be back for the game. Lindros confirmed what most assumed considering LeClair still lives in the Philly area, that one of his linemates will join him. As for Renberg, well they are still awaiting word there. But you have to assume they'll get him on the ice, right? You can't bring back only a part of the line, you have to bring it all back. It's like Led Zeppelin going on tour without Robert Plant, at that point it's just some really good guys in a band.

More good news for the Flyers fans? Holmgren tells Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com that the old LCB line will be back, too.

“That’s the plan, though: to have Eric’s line back together, as well as [Bobby Clarke]’s line with [Reggie] Leach and [Bill] Barber and other famous lines in Flyers history,” said Holmgren.

The rumor mill has it that the Rangers are trying to get Wayne Gretzky to play on their alumni team, but no answer as of yet. If he does sign up, I wonder how fans are going to like that ticket policy for the Winter Classic then?

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Posted on: October 24, 2011 12:47 pm
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Flyers fans upset with Winter Classic tickets


By: Adam Gretz

It appears as if getting tickets to the Jan. 2 Winter Classic is going to be a problem if you're not a Philadelphia Flyers or New York Rangers season ticket holder, or if you don't have a bank vault full of disposable income stashed away somewhere. And that shouldn't be a surprise. It also shouldn't be a surprise that casual fans are the ones that are likely to be left on the outside looking in for one of the biggest events of the season, seeing as how that's pretty much always the case when you're talking about one of the biggest games on the sports calendar.

Since its debut on New Years Day, 2008, the Winter Classic has become the signature event of the NHL season. When it first started with a game in Buffalo, nobody was quite sure what to expect for that game or future games, and the ticket demand, while large, wasn't anywhere near the monster it has become today. It's the one regular season game most fans want to watch and see in person, whether or not their favorite team is actually playing. Getting a ticket is darn near impossible, and gets harder every season.

This year's game, which will take place in Philadelphia and feature the Flyers hosting the Rangers at Citizens Bank Park, normally the home of the Philadelphia Phillies, is no exception.

Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer has an article on Monday talking about the problems fans-- particularly those of the hometown Flyers -- are facing when it comes to trying to score tickets to an event that has a limited supply and an overwhelming demand. According to Carchidi, the NHL gave the Flyers an allotment of 19,000 tickets, which should be just enough to cover their season ticket base as well as some partial season ticket holders.

One of the gripes Flyers fans seem to have at this point, and it is a legitimate gripe, is that along with the tickets to the Jan. 2 game, which cost anywhere between $79 and $349, they also have to purchase tickets to an alumni game, as well as a minor league game involving the Flyers' AHL team, the Adirondack Phantoms. He spoke to one season ticket holder that spent over $500 on tickets -- including service fees -- for a pair of tickets to each of three games ... two of which he didn't even want to attend (the alumni game and the minor league game). Why is the NHL doing this? Because it can. Because there is enough demand, and enough people willing to buy tickets to two games they don't want to see.
More Winter Classic News
As a result of the incredible demand for seats and the limited supply at their disposal, the Flyers aren't expected to hold a public sale for tickets. That means the 45,000 seats will be mostly filled by Flyers season ticket holders, whatever allotment of seats the Rangers get, and a third group that consists of people that paid what will surely be absurd prices on the second-hand market.

Pleasing everybody for a game like this is impossible, and there's always going to be somebody that's left fuming because the process was unfair, which it no doubt is. And as is the case with any marquee event in sports, the casual fan, the one with the family of four that just wants to take the kids to an outdoor hockey game, or the die-hard that sits in the nosebleeds for regular games and knows the name and number of every player that's dressed for the team over the past two decades, is going to be the one that gets left out. And if you're surprised by that you must be new to sports. It's not fair and it's not right, but that's not how it works for these types of games.

The NHL -- or any league -- isn't in the business of making sure the right fans get tickets to the right games. It's in the business of making money, and the Winter Classic is the biggest money-maker it has during the regular season.

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Posted on: October 17, 2011 5:29 pm
Edited on: October 24, 2011 12:51 pm

Report: Is this the Flyers Winter Classic jersey?

By Brian Stubits

The Winter Classic was, as Gary Bettman himself said, the worst-kept secret in sports. When the announcement was made, it was met largely with a ho-hum, yesterday's news.

But what has been a well-guarded secret, the uniforms each team will be wearing, might have a crack in the case. While the teams and venue are the biggest parts of the Winter Classic, the uniforms are, too. They are usually throwbacks and unique designs. As Yogurt said in Spaceballs: Merchandising, merchandising!

This is the mockup Philadelphia Sports Daily has been told by sources the Flyers will wear. As you can see, it differs a bit from the long-rumored version that had a cursive Flyers across the front a few more black stripes on the orange sweater.

Specifically, here's what the report had to say.

The image first appeared on message boards at the end of September, before Chris Pronger was announced as the team’s captain and Kimmo Timonen and Danny Briere were announced as the assistants. That explains why Claude Giroux has the “A” on his jersey. Because it had been so long since they saw it, the sources were not able to 100-percent confirm that this is the actual design, but they indicated that these threads are likely to be what will be announced as the official jerseys.

The Rangers sweater, meanwhile, still isn't confirmed, but this cream color mock has been and continues to float around the interwebs.

In other news from the Winter Classic, if you plan on going, you need to be prepared to buy three tickets instead of just one. Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News said the three games are a package deal.

"Winter Classic: Hearing Flyers season-ticket holders must purchase all 3 games, Winter Classic, Alumni and Phantoms game. Range for Winter Classic ticket prices: $79-$349 [main event], $23-$103 [alumni] and $13-$53 [Phantoms]."

The Flyers will still officially announce these details at some point, and Sports Daily says it will be "soon."

Photo: Philadelphia Sports Daily

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Posted on: September 22, 2011 3:27 pm
Edited on: October 24, 2011 12:53 pm

NHL to reveal Winter Classic in worst secret ever

By Brian Stubits

The NHL has scheduled a news conference for Monday to make a big announcement. Let's take a look at the release.

The National Hockey League will host a major press event Sept. 26 at Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia.
The press conference will start at 1:30 p.m. ET, and will be televised by the NHL Network and streamed at NHL.com. Coverage of the press conference on NHL Network will begin at 1 p.m. and be streamed on NHL.com.

The suspense is killing everybody; what could it be? Why have it at the home of baseball's Phill ... oh.

Yes, the NHL is going to finally announce the worst-kept secret going in sports, that the New York Rangers will play the Philadelphia Flyers in Citizens Bank Park for the Winter Classic. This thing has been leaked more than the U.S. Department of Defense's reports.

Just today the below video began making rounds around the Internet. Also, a pretty professional logo is floating out there too. Throw in the fact that it is the only game scheduled for the daytime on Jan. 2 (Jan. 1 belongs to the NFL this year ... absolute sacrilege the Rose Bowl won't be on New Year's Day, same goes for the Winter Classic) and HBO already beginning to film for its 24/7 series, and you could see this one a mile away. Make that 20 miles.

Whether or not the video or logo are genuine doesn't really matter. First of all, either could be used even if they aren't official, they look to be close enough. Secondly, it just underscores the point of how poorly this has been kept quiet.

Maybe this will be a lesson for the NHL. There has been no reason to delay making this announcement. Things have appeared to be wrapped up for months on this game. Instead, the NHL has taken away any suspense whatsoever from the announcement of its most spectacular event.

Photo: Courtesy of Puck Daddy

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Posted on: September 7, 2011 5:28 pm
Edited on: October 24, 2011 12:53 pm

Letter to Flyers fans includes Winter Classic


By: Adam Gretz

Even though there hasn't been an official announcement from the NHL or any of the teams involved, it hasn't exactly been a well-kept secret that the 2012 Winter Classic will be played in Philadelphia with the Flyers hosting the New York Rangers on Jan. 2.

This week the Flyers organization sent a letter to its season ticket holders all but confirming the Winter Classic will in fact take place in Philadlphia on that date. According to Sarah Baicker of CSN Philadelphia, the letter includes the following section:
“The Flyers will host the 2012 Bridgestone Winter Classic! You will notice that only 43 games are included in your ticket and parking book(s). Winter Classic tickets are not a part of your 2011-12 season ticket package. However, all full season ticket holders will have the ability to purchase up to same number of Winter Classic Packages as 2011-12 full season seats you own.”
It's pretty much guaranteed the venue will be Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies, as the football stadium in Philadelphia -- Lincoln Financial Field -- will be occupied the day before for a game between the Eagles and Washington Redskins. There is absolutely zero chance the stadium can be transferred over to hockey in that amount of time. Preparations in recent years (Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago and Buffalo) have taken more than a week.

It will be the second time in three years the Flyers will be involved in the now annual outdoor game, having visited the Boston Bruins at Fenway park during the 2009-10 season. The Bruins won the game in overtime, 2-1, thanks to a goal from Marco Sturm. Even though this will only be the fifth year for the Winter Classic the Flyers are the second team to get another outdoor appearance, joining their cross-state rivals from Pittsburgh who have also played in the game twice (they hosted Washington last year and played in the innagural game in Buffalo).

It will be the Rangers first appearance in the game.

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