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Should the Jets be buyers?

JetsBy: Adam Gretz

As one of the lowest scoring teams in the NHL, averaging just 2.3 goals per game (25th in the league as of Wednesday afternoon) it's not a surprise that Winnipeg Jets captain Andrew Ladd would like to see some additional offense added to the team, especially after dropping a crucial 3-1 decision to the New York Islanders on Tuesday night.

The Jets have scored more than two goals in a single game just six times since January 1 (they've actually lost four of those games, for whatever that's worth) and are one of just two teams in the NHL that doesn't have a single player with at least 40 points this season (the Columbus Blue Jackets being the other). Blake Wheeler is currently leading the team with 38 points (10 goals, 28 assists). 

Following Tuesday's game in Winnipeg, Paul Friesen of the Winnipeg Sun asked Ladd about the Jets needs as the trade deadline approaches, and the captain offered a little hint as to what he would like to see coming into the locker room.

“With the troubles we’ve had scoring, if it’s not going to come from within this room, we probably could use some help there,” said Ladd, via the Sun. "We’ve got a great goaltender, we’ve got D that can move the puck and play both ways.”

Obviously, it's a reasonable request from a player -- and the captain -- that's putting everything he has on the line every night and isn't ready to give up on the season.

But how much sense does it make from a front office standpoint to look for trade deadline rentals in what appears to be a rather thin market when it comes to goal-scorers? Especially for a team that still has a tough fight just to get into the playoffs.

The Jets are four points out of a playoff spot as of Wednesday, and even though that doesn't seem like a huge gap, it's not exactly promising, either. As we pointed out earlier on Wednesday, the Jets might need to finish somewhere in the neighborhood of 17-5-3 to reach the 95-point mark that it usually takes to make the playoffs. Is there a player (or players) available to them via trade that would give them enough offense to push a team that's won just seven of its past 20 games to that level? Rick Nash might be that sort of player. But is that a realistic target? Once you get past him you're looking at guys like Ales Hemsky and, well ... that's about it on this trade market when it comes to top-six forwards.

The only way a pre-deadline deal that has the Jets adding something to their NHL roster makes any sense is if it's a younger player that's under contract for future seasons and will be a long-term part of the team. A deadline rental that probably still won't be enough to reach even the No. 8 seed isn't what this team needs to be using its resources and assets on right now.

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Reports: Nash not untouchable for Columbus

Nash's numbers are slightly down with 18 goals this season. (Getty Images)

By Brian Stubits

Is Rick Nash on the block or not in Columbus? That is the question this morning.

Well it appears we have a case of semantics being played. Whatever verbiage you want to use, Nash sure as heck sounds available and that's all that matters.

His name has been lobbed around just a little with Blue Jackets teammate Jeff Carter being mentioned a lot. But the conversation erupted again on Monday night when Renaud P. Lavoie of RDS in Canada tweeted "2 NHL sources told me that #bluejackets Rick Nash is on the market. Nash have a no-movement clause and will controle his destiny."

Columbus GM Scott Howson, who was reportedly in Philadelphia over the weekend for the Rangers and Flyers Saturday matinee, declined to comment on the report to the Columbus Dispatch. The Dispatch continued:

NHL sources -- from Columbus and beyond -- took issue with the suggestion that Nash is "on the block", but only the terminology. He is not being shopped by the Blue Jackets, they insist, and the club is not intent on moving him, as it is with Jeff Carter and perhaps others.

But the Blue Jackets, by far the worst club in the NHL this season and resigned to missing the playoffs for the third straight season, have reached a point where every player on the roster could be had if the price is right, and that includes Nash.

Again, semantics.

And a swirling rumor mill. The New York Rangers keep being mentioned with every Nash discussion out there, including from the New York Daily News' Pat Leonard.

Nash is in just the second season of an eight-year, $62.4 million contract carrying a $7.8 million annual cap hit. The Rangers only have $6.95 million left under the cap, so they would need to make room.

Nash (18 goals this season) would give the Rangers (36-13-5) -- who have struggled at times to score -- an established threat who could take pressure off Marion Gaborik and Ryan Callahan.

Huh. Here I thought that's what Brad Richards was supposed to do.

What would it take for the Rangers to get Nash? The flavor of the day seems to be a package of Brandon Dubinsky, super prospect Chris Kreider and the Rangers' No. 1 pick, which at this rate will barely be better than Columbus' second-round pick. Clearly that's a high price.

The part that seems to be the toughest for New York and its fans to swallow is parting with Kreider, currently playing with the Beanpot champion Boston College Eagles.

More on the Rangers, this comes from the New York Post's Larry Brooks, who confirms that the Rangers have talked to the Blue Jackets regarding Nash. But he also puts the brakes on a little.

The Rangers have had preliminary discussions with the Blue Jackets regarding the availability of Rick Nash, The Post has learned, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the 27-year-old power winger is en route to Broadway.

Indeed, an individual familiar with the situation told The Post that the chance of completing a trade before the Feb. 27 deadline is “a longshot.”

But the Rangers would hardly be the only suitor. The Los Angeles Kings would be interested in scoring help and the Washington Capitals will be mentioned, too. Over the weekend there were two Capitals scouts in attendance for a game in Columbus and the Jackets returned the favor with two on hand for Monday's Caps-Sharks tilt in D.C. They have some defensemen they could ship Columbus' way and you know that's a position of interest for the Jackets.

It's all a bit unbelievable it's come to this. Nash is the face of an otherwise faceless franchise. From all reports, he really does love playing in Columbus. Sometimes that makes a guy that much more valuable, a skilled player who wants to be in an otherwise undesirable market (sorry Columbus, lack of winning will do that). Right now the assumption is that Nash will be the player the All-Star Game is built around next season in Columbus. Who else will be the local hero?

“I love Columbus. I love being here. I love being a Blue Jacket," Nash said earlier this season. "The city of Columbus deserves a winner and deserves a good product on the ice. If it comes to that – like you said, all speculation – but if they don’t want me here, they want to move me? I’m not going to do something where it’s going to hurt the franchise just because I have that in my contract.”

The question is how much would it hurt the Jackets franchise if Nash were to leave. We might find out now.

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Is the Capitals' season slipping away?

The Caps might be losing their grip on this season. (Getty Images)

By Brian Stubits

WASHINGTON -- This season began with such promise for the Washington Capitals. They beefed up in an attempt to finally get over the Eastern Conference semifinal hump and hopes were high that this was the team.

It is starting to head toward an end of such despair.

Now granted, there is still time -- and a trade deadline to go -- but this team just isn't the contender so many saw. If you want, blame it on the injuries. It's tough for a team to play without its No. 1 center (Nicklas Backstrom) and No. 1 defenseman (Mike Green). But they aren't the only team dealing with injuries. That's not going to garner much sympathy.

But fact of the matter is they are slipping and are running out of games to pick it up. Depending on what happens with the Panthers take on the Senators on Wednesday night, the Caps could find themselves down by as many as six points in the Southeast Division. Adam Gretz already explained pretty well that that's obviously the worst division in hockey. So being six points back of the worst division leader isn't a good sign.

They have been tough to beat at home. Not for the San Jose Sharks, they weren't. Not on Monday night. The Sharks came in after a tough loss in St. Louis 24 hours ago and beat the Caps down, walking away with a 5-3 win (Caps scored a couple late to make it closer). It was Washington's third loss in a row, second at Verizon Center.

"I don't think we are frustrated," Alex Ovechkin said. "One [game] we have to win, but we didn't win. Everybody's trying. I can't say nobody's trying, nobody's playing 100 percent."

This is why things are hitting critical mass. They have been good at home for almost all of the season and pretty dang bad on the road. Washington's next four are on the road starting with Friday's massive game against the Panthers in Florida. That will follow with dates in Tampa Bay, Carolina and Ottawa too. Not exactly Murder's Row but for a team that struggles on the road, anything is tough.

It's not a stretch to say that they probably need six out of the eight points on that trip. They can't afford to fall any further behind Florida or the rest of their Eastern counterparts.

The good news? There is some. Ottawa is falling harder than the Caps right now, not making the bottom of the East out of reach.

It's pretty safe to say that the Caps need to do something at the trade deadline. They will be active no doubt. Tonight in Washington 12 scouts were on hand including two from the Blue Jackets, ex-Ducks coach Randy Carlyle (now a scout for Anaheim) and Canadiens GM Pierre Gauthier. It's worth noting that this weekend in Columbus two Caps scouts were present.

"The determination is there -- I think -- in this room,” Matt Hendricks said. “I think the focus is there. The execution just isn't there right now."

This coming road trip is a crucial a stretch as any this season. It really could be the season for the Capitals after their recent swoon.

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Could Kings look to Stastny for offensive help?

Stastny is signed through 2013-14 for $6.6 million per. (US Presswire)

By Brian Stubits

The Los Angeles Kings are still in the playoff hunt and hanging tight behind the San Jose Sharks (who have games in hand) in the Pacific Division. That is all despite bringing up the rear in the NHL as far as goals per game goes and are shooting a putrid 6.8 percent this season.

So if there is any team in the league that needs scoring help at the trade deadline, it's the Kings. Imagine how could they would be if Jonathan Quick had just a little more goal support.

But it's not like top-six forwards are aplenty at this time of year, especially this season. But perhaps there could be one in Colorado as the Avalanche slowly start to slip out of the Western Conference playoff race. Specifically Avalanche forward Paul Stastny.

Before we go any further, note that this is just speculation, nothing more.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here is the gossip from the Fourth Period.

"[The Kings] healthy scratched Dustin Penner and put two rookies (Dwight King and Jordan Nolan) playing their first NHL game this season with Mike Richards against the Islanders, looks like they've hit the panic button to me," an NHL insider said Saturday evening. "I know Statsny is a center, but so is Jeff Carter and Paul only has two years left on his deal and there are zero concerns with his attitude."

With the Avalanche having only eight players presently inked to deals next season, Colorado GM Joel Sherman could use Statsny as an asset to start rebuilding his defense and forward depth. Backliners Erik Johnson and Kyle Quincey are restricted free agents at season's end, while depth defensemen Shane O'Brien and Matt Hunwick are walk-away free agents come July 1.

"The reality is Colorado still hasn't recovered from the Kevin Shattenkirk deal and if Statsny could bring back a defenseman like Jack Johnson in a package from LA, they'd look long and hard at the deal," the source conveyed.

Costs at the trade deadline this year are going to be high, very high. It would take an awful lot to pry Stastny away from Colorado, they aren't exactly scoring goals in bunches that would make him incredibly expendable either. The Avs check in at 23rd in the league in goals per game.

Stastny has been consisent in his six seasons with the Avs, holding the pace again this season. His goal total is likely going to fall in the low-to-mid 20s in goals and assists will get up there in the 40s or 50s. This season he has 14 goals and 22 assists in 54 games. Oh, and he's still just 26.

Good luck offering enough to entice the Avalanche to trade him away. It will take a lot and while Jack Johnson is certainly a good starting point, it would take a little more than that.

As a reminder, you can keep up with all the trade deadline rumors and speculation with our Trade Deadline tracker.

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Blackhawks coach, goalies get vote of confidence

Quenneville led the 'Hawks to the Stanley Cup two seasons ago. (US Presswire)

By Brian Stubits

Times have gotten rough for the Chicago Blackhawks, real rough. Like no wins in their last eight games rough.

It has led to some speculation that head coach Joel Quenneville's job could be in jeopardy. Imagine that, a team that's still in playoff position firing its coach not even two years after winning a Stanley Cup? Hey, sports are a "what have you done for me lately" business and lately Quenneville's team hasn't done much for anybody other than give opponents points.

Well GM Stan Bowman is trying to put an end to it. He came out with that ol' vote of confidence on Monday, from CSN Chicago.

"That's not the concern for me at all. I'm very confident in Joel's ability, our coaching staff's ability. Our players - the effort is there. They're as frustrated as anybody, you can watch it on the ice. It's not working. There's no disputing that, but I don't buy that assertion (that Quenneville's message is lost) at all. These players are on board with us. They believe in this group (of coaches). We're not far. We need to get this turned around, but we're not far from making it work."

When I asked if Joel's "the guy," Bowman responded, "Absolutely."

So, is Quenneville's heat hotter than Hades now? We know how often that vote of confidence goes well for the person they are confident in.

Call me crazy, but this is one of those times where I actually do believe Bowman. Unless the Blackhawks go eight more games without winning, I have a hunch that Quenneville has a job through this season, at the least.

So who should be feeling the heat for this skid, the goaltenders? After all, Ray Emery has a 2.81 goals against average and .901 save percentage ... and his numbers beat starter Corey Crawford (2.99, .898).

Nope, they are safe too, according to Bowman.

"We're not focused on goaltending. We're really not," Bowman said. "I know there's a lot of talk about that, but internally, we have to focus on the guys we have, and turning it around from within."

Does that mean the Blackhawks will be a completely stand pat team at the deadline at the end of this month? Are there no moves for them to make?

Well, it's still likely that they will look to upgrade the defensive corps. It's been an issue all season long and they could use some reinforcements back there. Of course, there are a lot of teams who want to find some quality defensemen and not a whole of them to be found, especially after Andy Sutton just re-signed with the Oilers.

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Blue Jackets re-sign Prospal for one season

Don't look so disgusted Vinny, it's only one more season. (Getty Images)

By Brian Stubits

The trade market is growing staler by the day.

First there was Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford re-signing Tim Gleason, one of his players that was being talked about on the trade market and now Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson has done the same.

Howson announced on his Twitter account on Tuesday morning that he re-signed veteran Vaclav Prospal to a one-year contract. The 36-year-old Prospal, carrying a cap hit of $2.5 million this season, was slated to become an unrestricted free agent this upcoming summer.

According to Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch, not only is Prospal's new contract for the same $2.5 million, it also includes a no-trade clause. Surprising, to say the least.

Considering his age and the team's wreck of a season that they have endured, Prospal figured to be a trade chip for sure. Not that he was going to be the big name on the block -- the Jackets have a couple of others who have that covered in Jeff Carter and Rick Nash -- but you thought they might try to get something, be it a younger player or pick/s.

Admittedly, it's another move by the Jackets that leaves me scratching my head some. I never quite understand the concept of keeping veteran players when you are clearly embarking on a rebuilding phase unless said player is a franchise icon. Prospal isn't exactly Mr. Blue Jacket.

Prospal was a slightly intriguing potential rental player. He has scored nine goals with 24 assists this season while average 18:00 of ice time per game. He has also been one of the few Blue Jackets who has stayed healthy this season, playing in all 53 games thus far.

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Rumor Mill: NHL trade rumors, speculation

By Eye on Hockey staff

This year's NHL trade deadline comes at 3 p.m. ET on Feb. 27. Until then, the hockey rumors will swirl and the players will twirl with all of the talk.

As usual look for just about every team to covet a top-six forward or top defensemen, each about as elusive as Sasquatch.

This will be your one-stop shop for gossip and speculation for trade action in the NHL. Check back often.

To see the trades that have actually happened, visit our Trade Tracker.

Trade Deadline Speculation
Feb. 27 Earlier Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported it was all quiet on the Flyers front, and that's equally true for their slim shot at Rick Nash: "Source: #Flyers are officially out of the Nash Sweepstakes."
Feb. 27 When the deadline beckons, sometimes teams will blink on their demands. Not with Rick Nash and the Sharks per Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com: "Sharks and Blue Jackets talked again on Nash but price didn't change: Couture as part of package. No-go."
Feb. 27 The Avalanche were a Wild card on the trade deadline and after acquiring Jamie McGinn for Daniel Winnik and T.J. Galiardi, Adrian Dater says they'll call it a day: "Avs are done for the day. Jones, etc., won't be traded. Good day all"
Feb. 27 So the Rangers might not be out of the Rick Nash hunt after all. Here's the latest from Darren Dreger of TSN: "May be too late, but there is a late charge for Rick Nash!! Will NYR pay the price? Buckle up."
Feb. 27 The Hurricanes had two defensemen to watch at the trade deadline and apparently they have made up their mind which one is for sure staying between Bryan Allen and Jaroslav Spacek, according to John Shannon of Sportsnet: "Canes confirm that Bryan Allen is off the market. Will not be traded...that means Spacek will go."
Feb. 27 The San Jose Sharks are in a funk and could use some help. Bob McKenzie says they appear close to getting some: "Hearing SJS are closing in on a deal for depth forward Daniel Winnik from COL, but not done yet."
Feb. 27 The Flyers have a lot of prospects and are always a hot rumor team. On deadline day? Well here's the update from Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer: "Just spoke with #Flyers source who talked with Homer: 'Nothing cooking at all,' he said."
Feb. 26 The Sabres have been pretty quiet one way or the other, but they have a veteran who continues to draw interest according to Renaud P. Lavoie of RDS: "Lots of interest for #sabres Derek Roy. Hearing #mapleleafs are interested in him."
Feb. 26 The Rangers have long been seen as the front-runner for Rick Nash. WIth less than 24 hours before the deadline, that might not be the same story per Katie Strang of ESPN New York: "The Predators have made an offer of their own for the 27-year-old power forward, multiple sources have confirmed. While it seems unlikely the Blue Jackets would want to deal their best player to a division opponent that regularly whips up on them, the attempt to get Nash speaks to Poile’s attempts to satisfy his top players’ desire for more elite talent and to strengthen the team’s chances to make a significant playoff run."
Feb. 26 The Predators in the Nash sweepstakes? They're trying according to David Boclair of Nashville City Paper: "The Predators have made an offer of their own for the 27-year-old power forward, multiple sources have confirmed. While it seems unlikely the Blue Jackets would want to deal their best player to a division opponent that regularly whips up on them, the attempt to get Nash speaks to Poile’s attempts to satisfy his top players’ desire for more elite talent and to strengthen the team’s chances to make a significant playoff run."
Feb. 26 The trade deadline is so fun. After reports surfaced earlier Sunday that Tomas Plenakec would waive his no-trade clause, Renaud P. Lavoie of RDS retored with this from Plekanec's agent: "Tomas Plekanec agent, Rick Curren said his client is not willing to waive the no-trade clause."
Feb. 26 His name keeps popping up and will until there's a new contract signed, but the Isles insit Evgeni Nabokov is staying put, according to Katie Strang of ESPN New York: "#Isles Source tells ESPNNewYork.com that Isles still not looking to move G Evgeni Nabokov, although he has generated some interest"
Feb. 26 Tomas Plekanec on his way out in Montreal? A lot would like him and apparently he would now be willing according to Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette: "While Plekanec said Friday that he wasn’t aware of being the subject of any trade talks, The Gazette has learned that the player’s agent let it be known earlier this month that the veteran centre would be willing to waive the no-trade clause which was part of the six-year, $30-million deal he signed in 2010."
Feb. 26 Keith Ballard to the IR opens a lot of possibilities for Vancouver according to TSN's Bob McKenzie: "Basically they've thrown an "Open for Business" sign in regards to trades. Ballard going on injury reserve basically frees up $4.2 million worth of available cap space for the Vancouver Canucks. ... The Canucks are interested in any number of big fish that are out there. The Vancouver Canucks covet Steve Ott to a large degree. If he [Dustin Brown] is available the Canucks would have interest, the wherewithall and the cap space to be able to get a player like that."
Feb. 26 Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville is hoping his team can bring in some help that he thinks they need: "We're down to a couple of days here. Hopefully we can add somebody and help our team."
Feb. 26 Here's where the Rick Nash rumors stand as of Sunday morning according to Bruce Garrioch: "The Columbus LW was mum about his future Saturday, but the Leafs, Rangers and Sharks all have offers on the table. All three teams have told Jackets GM Scott Howson the deal could be better in the summer. The Leafs and Rangers are aggressive because they’ve got more parts than the Sharks to make the deal"
Feb. 26 The defending champs would like to bring in some reinforcements for the stretch run according to Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal. It worked last year: "The Boston Bruins are looking for a top four defenceman because Joe Corvo has been little better than a C on coach Claude Julien’s report card. He’s an upgrade on Tomas Kaberle last year, but marginally. They were in the hunt for former Tampa Bay Lightning blue-liner Pavel Kubina before he went to the Philadelphia Flyers."
Feb. 26 The Avs have climbed back into the West playoff scene but still might move out a couple players, but not as many as rumored per Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal: "Avalanche Milan Hejduk’s name keeps coming up at the trade deadline in Colorado. Forget it. He’s not going anywhere. Neither is Paul Stastny. Now, David Jones, an unrestricted free agent, tough winger Cody McLeod and T.J. Galiardi (a fast second-to-third-liner) are in play."
Feb. 26 With Craig Anderson out of the lineup for a few weeks, the Sens are on the verge of getting another goalie, per Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun: "League sources say Senators closing in on deal for Ben Bishop from STL Blues. Could be done today."
Feb. 24 The Rangers are definitely buyers if they are going to do anything, but they are looking to sell off at least one player according to Larry Brooks of the New York Post: "The Rangers are attempting to move Wojtek Wolski, who has played three games since coming off injured reserve on Jan. 6. Doing so (perhaps even through waivers if there are no deadline takers for the winger with the $3.8 million full-season cap charge) would free an additional $860,000 of space."
Feb. 24 Hold off on the Dustin Brown trade talk. Perhaps the quick spread made the Kings sheepish accoridng to Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com: "The buzz over Dustin Brown's availability softened somewhat by midafternoon. As my colleague Elliotte Friedman of CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada first tweeted Friday afternoon, a source told ESPN.com that the Kings now seem a little more reluctant to part with their captain. That’s not to say the door is slammed shut, but it is interesting to see how things shifted from Thursday night to Friday afternoon."
Feb. 24 Brent Johnson isn't cutting it as Marc-Andre Fleury's backup in Pittsburgh so Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com says they are taking a gander elsewhere: "The Pittsburgh Penguins are poking around for an upgrade to backup goalie Brent Johnson. Among the names on their list is Minnesota Wild backup Josh Harding, who is slated for unrestricted free agency July 1."
Feb. 24 The ongoing Ales Hemsky saga continues to go back and forth with the Oilers. From Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com: "Will the Oilers trade or sign Ales Hemsky? The Oilers have talked contract with Hemsky, who is slated to be a UFA on July 1. The clock is ticking. Either he accepts Edmonton’s offer and signs an extension, or he’ll be dealt by Monday’s 3 p.m. ET deadline."
Feb. 24 Make of this what you will. Is Brian Burke admitting to having discussions with the Jackets about Rick Nash or trying to squash the rumors? ""We do not have a firm offer on the table for Rick Nash," Burke told TSN Radio 1050's Cybulski & Company. "That I can assure you.""
Feb. 24 Moving Carter out of Columbus doesn't mean that everybody is going to follow suit. In fact, Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch reports the opposite is likely: "Now that #CBJ have traded C Jeff Carter and C Antoine Vermette, chances C Derick Brassard gets moved is much less likely."
Feb. 24 After the Kings landed Jeff Carter, the buzz immediately grew about Dustin Brown being traded OUT of L.A. It came from TSN's Bob McKenzie, who later said the interest in Brown is very wide spread: "Just to be clear, is LA captain Dustin Brown in play? As in being shopped? Yes, absolutely. But that doesn't mean he's guaranteed to move."
Feb. 24 Flames GM Jay Feaster was none too pleased with his team's play of late as they chase a playoff berth. He let Sportsnet know that his team needs to pick it up, or else: "Last year you [the team] fooled me so shame on you. This year if you're going to fool me, shame on me. So if we don't show a whole lot more urgency heading into Monday, you guys [Sportsnet] will be busy as it relates to the goings on in Calgary."
Feb. 24 Even though the Dallas Stars are in a tie for eighth in the Western Conference, they might still be looking to sell. Adam Burish and Steve Ott are names that keep coming up per CSN Chicago's Tracey Myers.
Feb. 23 The Rangers continue to remain at the fore of the Nash sweepstakes and Larry Brooks of the New York Post has the latest on their stance, admitting it might not be enough: "It is believed that Sather, who is not fazed by the ramifications of adding Nash’s contract that runs through 2017-18 at a cap hit of $7.8 million per year, is prepared to send Brandon Dubinsky, Christian Thomas, and perhaps 2010 first-rounder Dylan McIlrath plus a first round pick to Columbus in order to bring the 6-foot-4, 220-pound, nine-year veteran to Broadway."
Feb. 23 Despite his numbers, Mike Knuble would still be welcome by a lot of teams, so Bruce Garrioch's question is will the Caps move him?"Caps RW Mike Knuble will have one eye on trade coverage until the deadline. GM George McPhee hasn’t decided whether he’s a buyer or seller, but Knuble is coveted by teams looking for veteran help such as the Rangers, Bruins, Wings and Hawks. 'There’s been a lot of trade talk,” said Knuble, 3-9-12 points in 56 games. “I haven’t had a good season and I know it looks terrible on paper. We’ll see what happens. I guess I’ll be watching the next little bit, more on Monday.'"
Feb. 23 Teams are still waiting to see what the Avalanche are going to do in terms of buying or selling with others interested in some of the Avs per Bruce Garrioch:"Teams looking for veteran help are waiting to see what’s going to happen to Colorado RW Milan Hejduk. He has been shopped but the Avs haven’t decided whether they’re going to sell or not."
Feb. 23 Buffalo isn't all that far back despite the disappointing season, but it might unload a player or two according to Bruce Garrioch:"The Sabres could start unloading soon, but don’t expect G Ryan Miller to be dealt before the deadline. UFA C Paul Gaustad is going to get moved and there’s plenty of interest while C Derek Roy is getting attention."
Feb. 23 The San Jose Sharks are not looking at one Blue Jackets scorer but reportedly two according to Bruce Garrioch of QMI Agency.:"Not only is Sharks GM Doug Wilson talking to Jackets counterpart Scott Howson about disgruntled RW Rick Nash, league sources told the QMI Agency Wednesday San Jose is also studying a deal for C Jeff Carter."
Feb. 23 A need at the deadline is quickly rising for the Leafs and it's a familiar one. GM Brian Burke told TSN Radio what the Leafs could be in the market for:"'I’m not sure that we’re not going to be in the market [for a goalie] before we’re done,' Burke said. 'It’s something that we have to at least explore what the price tags are. The fact is we’re losing games because we’re not stopping the puck enough. ... We’ve got to get our goaltenders to stop the puck.'"
Feb. 23 Everybody wants Teemu Selanne on their team so the questions continue around the Ducks forward, but he maintains he's not waiving his no-trade clause to the O.C. Register:"When asked directly if he plans to be with the Ducks for the remainder of the season, Selanne coyly said, 'Right now, yeah.'"
Feb. 22 Long believed to be one of the few scoring forwards available, sounds like you can take Tuomo Ruutu off the block. From Chip Alexander of the News & Obersver:"Ruutu expected to re-sign with Canes today. Official word soon to come."
Feb. 22 The Kings need scoring in the worst way and most assume that means getting Rick Nash, but The Fourth Period is reporting they are looking toward Buffalo, too:"According to a source familiar with the situation, the Kings are interested in Sabres forwards Jason Pominville and Drew Stafford."
Feb. 22 The Avs showed some signs of buying by acquiring Steve Downie already, but they aren't done by any stretch. Adrian Dater of the Denver Post reports most all can be had:"Some high- ranking people: 'almost everyone on Avs in play except three or four guys'"
Feb. 22 The Washington Capitals are struggling but still don't figure to be sellers. But that doesn't mean nobody on their team is available according to Renaud P. Lavoie of RDS in Canada:"Roman Hamrlik is being shop. The price is high right now."
Feb. 22 Ales Hemsky seems like the only sure guy to leave the Oilers this week and Scott Burnside of ESPN.com handicapped the field with the Rangers, Predators, Bruins, Kings and Sharks the five contenders.
Feb. 22 Forget the Rick Nash sweepstakes being a two-horse race, another team is a strong contender per Darren Dreger of TSN: "The San Jose Sharks are emerging as a strong contender for Rick Nash. Sources say Columbus initially targeted Logan Couture, but was quickly told that was a non-starter. But, make no mistake, San Jose will stay in the mix until Monday's deadline."
Feb. 21 Just in case you were still wondering about Zach Parise's status on the trade market, Devils coach Peter DeBoer made it pretty clear to the Bergen Record: "'It hasn’t been a distraction, I think, because our general manager has made it very clear that it’s not an issue, he’s not going anywhere, he’s a big part of our team, he’s our captain,' DeBoer said. 'I think that kind of ended the distraction right there. Also, the fact of where we’re sitting and where we’re heading and how we’re playing, he’s a huge part of that. So, it’s a non-issue.'"
Feb. 21 While one Canadiens player comes off the trading block another one goes on it according to Bob McKenzie: "Montreal has let it be known they aren't trading Travis Moen, they want to re-sign him. But they are wililng to move Andrei Kostitsyn, who is unrestricted this summer."
Feb. 21 Another player who could be in a re-sign or be traded mode is Buffalo's Paul Gaustad. Bob McKenzie says it's decision time for the Sabres: "The Buffalo Sabres and Paul Gaustad are doing the 'maybe he'll sign, maybe he won't dance' and if he doesn't he could be a last-minute add for a contender looking for size and depth, and face-off ability."
Feb. 21 Don't have Marek Zidlicky going to the Devils quite yet. Bob McKenzie says the interest has picked up in the Wild defenseman: "Last week it looked as though New Jersey was the destination for Minnesota's Marek Zidlicky, but more teams are now calling on him. Though he has the ultimate say on where he ends up by virtue of his no-trade clause."
Feb. 21 Remember when the 'Canes' Tuomo Ruutu was a sure name to be moved? Bob McKenzie says they are still deciding on what do and have some others on the block: "Any hour now the Carolina Hurricanes should know if they are re-signing Tuomo Ruutu. If an extension isn't done, the injured Ruutu -- who should be back sometime in March -- could go back on the trade market. Carolina is also expected to deal defenseman Jaro Spacek and if they do that means they're likely going to hold on to Bryan Allen."
Feb. 21 The streaky Avs have hit another down turn and are falling further out of the playoff picture. Bob McKenzie says that might make some intriguing players available.: "There is also a lot of noise coming out of Colorado where the Avalanche have a number of intriguing rentals. David Jones and Daniel Winnik are two big forward heading to unrestricted free agency would be highly sought after. Defenseman Kyle Quincey is a restricted free agent but his name is also out there in a big way."
Feb. 21 The Stars are looking more like a seller by the day and Bob McKenzie hears one name is starting to draw interest from other teams: "One name we're starting to hear is abrasive forward Steve Ott. Now it would have to be a so called "hockey deal" because Ott is not a rental. He has another two years left at $2.95 million per year."
Feb. 21 Perhaps trying to find another Mark Recchi, the Ottawa Sun reports the Bruins inquired about Ryan Smyth and were told the same as all the other would-be suitors: "The Boston Bruins have asked about the availability of Edmonton Oilers veteran Ryan Smyth but, to no surprise, apparently were told he's not on the market. As Smyth told QMI Agency's Robert Tychkowski last week: 'I'm staying put.'"
Feb. 21 The Isles have slipped back to the bottom and now have some assets other teams could covet per the Ottawa Sun: "When Ottawa Senators commentator Denis Potvin suggested Detroit director of pro scouting Mark Howe and Florida Panthers scout Peter Mahovlich were in attendance for Monday's Sens-Islanders game to eye Isles hulking 6-foot-4, 253-pound defenceman Milan Jurcina, Howe and Mahovlich broke into wry grins while refusing to verbally acknowledge Povin's suggestion. Potvin later was informed that Isles defenceman Mark Eaton has asked for a trade and likely is in play too.”
Feb. 21 More and more every day it looks like the Avs are going to be sellers, but they still would like to make some "hockey moves" and asked the Flyers about a certain young player according to Tim Panaccio of CSN Philly: "Two sources say #flyers are NOT entertaining advances from COL on JVR ... but advances have been made”
Feb. 20 Coyotes GM Don Maloney doesn't sound like a GM who is ready to start dealing according to the Arizona Republic: "I like the group, I like the mix, I like our chemistry. We'll still work very hard to see, 'Can we make it a little better?' But we're not looking to take anything off our roster. I just think we're in a good place where players know their roles, know what to expect and if we do this and stay healthy, then we're a playoff team.”
Feb. 20 Derek Roy is a rare top-six center who might be available with the Sabres having such a tough season according to the Buffalo News:: "Roy could be down to his final days in Buffalo. His contract has a full season with a $4 million cap hit, which makes him attractive trade bait. There's an argument to keep him on a team emaciated down the middle.”
Feb. 20 All of the talk is about Rick Nash, he has stolen the spotlight in the last week but Elliotte Friedman of CBC says all the talk will likely be for naught: "My latest thought on Rick Nash/Columbus is this: the Blue Jackets will not trade him at the deadline unless the deal is incredible.”
Feb. 20 Leafs GM Brian Burke has been hush hush but one Leaf mentioned in rumors has been Mikhail Grabovski. Elliotte Friedman of CBC wonders if Toronto would be able to absorb that this season: "If Burke traded Mikhail Grabovski for a second-round pick and a prospect, who, exactly, would fill his spot on a team trying to make the playoffs? Would have to be another move, no?”
Feb. 20 The Bruins have some valuable players/prospects who would be especially appealing to the Jackets, but Elliotte Friedman of CBC says they won't be parting with them: "Boston GM Peter Chiarelli went on record last week that Tuukka Rask and defensive uber-prospect Dougie Hamilton will not be traded. Chiarelli's said that before about Rask, but I wanted to double-check after Nash's availability became known. Mentioned on Hotstove that it's believed the Rangers told Columbus that neither Michael Del Zotto nor Ryan McDonagh are available.”
Feb. 20 No team is in more need of offense than the Kings and Elliotte Friedman of CBC says GM Dean Lombardi could be preparing for a few moves. Here's an excerpt of his lates on L.A.: "Lombardi could package Bernier and one of the two defenceman for a scorer. (Jeff Carter is a the obvious candidate.) But, if he split up that package -- and moved Johnson in the process -- he could add a second one.”
Feb. 20 There has been some chatter popping up about the Flyers getting in on the Rick Nash rumors, but Darren Dreger of TSN says that's changing: "Lots of time for things to change, but sources say the Flyers are out on Nash at the current asking price. Still think NYR is frontrunner.”
Feb. 19 Evgeni Nabokov was thought to be available not long ago with Al Montoya and his age, but now they're talking extension per Newsday: "Don Meehan, Nabokov's agent, told Newsday in an email Sunday that talks will "start soon" between himself and general manager Garth Snow on a contract for the 36-year-old goaltender, who has resurrected his NHL career with a solid season.”
Feb. 19 Rick Nash's wish list was once reported to be five teams long, but now the Canucks appear to have snuck on it according to the Columbus Dispatch: "Boston, Los Angeles, the New York Rangers, San Jose, Toronto and Vancouver are believed to be on Nash’s list, which has been held under tight wraps by Howson and Resnick.”
Feb. 19 Decisions, decisions. The Winnipeg Jets still have to make some and the Winnipeg Sun identifies players who could move out: "The seven pending UFAs are forwards Jim Slater, Tanner Glass, Tim Stapleton and Kyle Wellwood, defencemen Johnny Oduya, Randy Jones, Mark Flood and goalie Chris Mason. Chances are good that several of those players could be on the move as the Jets try to stockpile prospects and draft picks, provided the compensation is adequate.”
Feb. 19 The Flyers have been busy, making two trades already and they're joining the vultures circling the Blue Jackets per the Columbus Dispatch: "Jackets GM Scott Howson and senior advisor Craig Patrick reportedly met with Flyers GM Paul Holmgren and senior adviser Bob Clarke prior to the Flyers-Penguins game in Philadelphia today.”
Feb. 19 The Maple Leafs were reportedly on Rick Nash's wish list and now talk about them joining the conversation will heat up thanks to this Sportsnet report: "Sportsnet can confirm that Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke met with Columbus Blue Jackets general manager Scott Howson this morning at a New York City hotel.”
Feb. 19 Ottawa is among the (many) interested parties in Tuomo Ruutu according to Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun, but could also look elsewhere: "The Senators are interested -- along with the Bruins, Rangers, Flyers, Hawks and Predators -- in Carolina C Tuomo Ruutu, a pending unrestricted agent July 1, to add secondary scoring. The Senators will certainly look at Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky, but also not at any cost. If the Isles’ P.A. Parenteau is available, he’ll be a candidate, as will Colorado’s T.J Galiardi.”
Feb. 19 A couple months ago Bobby Ryan was the big trade chip in the NHL. With the Ducks' surge the question is now if any player will be traded, from the O.C. Register: "There have been small player moves here and there but not the major trade to shake up an underperforming team or signal that it's time to rebuild. And with NHL trade deadline Feb. 27, the red-hot Ducks would like to keep the status quo.”
Feb. 19 The Avalanche are close to hitting the point of selling, and if they do, among the many names they could sell, Adrian Dater says one should be Jean-Sebastien Giguere.: "Fact is, Giguere has had a tremendous season for the Avs and has championship pedigree. He also has a small cap number ($1.25 million) and he's signed through next year. Might not a contending team with some goaltending issues (Chicago, maybe San Jose) perhaps be attracted to having a guy like him around, and give up something nice in return — say a high draft choice?”
Feb. 19 Brandon Dubinsky's name is being mentioned in most Rangers rumors but he doesn't want to move. He told the New York Post as much: "'Listen, it’s been a tough offensive year for me,' Dubinsky said. 'But at this time of the season, into the playoffs, it takes a guy who’s willing to put his body on the line, day-in and day-out, and I feel like I can be that guy for this team. I’m not saying that somebody they bring in wouldn’t play like that, but I feel like I’ve shown that before to this organization.'”
Feb. 17 After stepping up and snagging Hal Gill off the market, Predators GM David Poille suggested he might not be done with the one move: "We've got a lot of time. Ideally, we would like to pick up a veteran forward. Don't know what's available, will keep eyes, ears open."
Feb. 17 The Blues are spoiled, they have three quality goalies and Ben Bishop, stuck in the AHL, wouldn't mind out of the logjam according to 660news.com: "With the NHL's Feb. 27 trade deadline fast approaching, Bishop is hoping his success prompts a team to phone up the St. Louis Blues and make a deal — a scenario that likely represents his quickest route back to the big leagues. 'I think I know where I'm at, I think the Blues know where I'm at and I think 29 other (NHL) teams know where I'm at,' Bishop said Thursday in an interview. 'If something happens, something happens. If not, I go into the off-season and become an unrestricted free agent and go on from there.'"
Feb. 16 Like most every team, the Ottawa Senators would love to find some top-6 help, but Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com says they aren't going all in to do it: "The Senators have looked around the league and made calls regarding a forward, but the asking price is more often than not one of Ottawa’s top prospects. And that’s a no-go."
Feb. 16 With Nicklas Backstrom still out indefinitely, the Capitals are considering trading for some reinforcements per ESPN.com's Pierre LeBrun: "The Washington Capitals have taken a look at Jackets forward Antoine Vermette, among other players, but it’s not yet clear if they’ll be active or not before the deadline."
Feb. 16 In major need of scoring help, Pierre LeBrun reports the Kings are willing to give up more, but the biggest assets might be for Rick Nash only: "Interesting that the more you talk to teams around the league, the more you hear the name of Kings blueliner Jack Johnson being available if it means L.A. can seriously upgrade its offense via a first-line forward. Young backup goalie Jonathan Bernier is another name out there."
Feb. 16 Think the Flyers are done upgrading the blueline after trading for Nicklas Grossman? Perhaps not according to Darren Dreger: "Flyers may not be done working on their blueline. Would like to add 1 more and will look all options (Schenn, Johnson, Gill)."
Feb. 16 Mikhail Grabovski is set to become an unrestricted free agent after this season, and according to TSN's Darren Dreger the Maple Leafs have a trade offer on the table involving the forward: "Offer for Grabovski is for a 2nd round pick and prospect. Could get more. Still hope to re-sign him."
Feb. 16 With the Canadiens still out of the playoff race, Andrei Kostitsyn, is sounding like a player who might welcome a fresh start: "'I want to play here, but I want more ice time,' Kostitsyn told reporters, adding that he had yet to discuss this with Cunneyworth. 'It feels like freezing on the bench. We'll see what happens in the next few games.'"
Feb. 16 Flyers fans, don't get too excited at the prospect of getting Rick Nash, it doesn't seem like Philadelphia is completely in it per Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer: "Source: #Flyers have not had any conversations with Columbus about Rick Nash."
Feb. 16 These are the cities that can get excited about getting Nash. According to Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch these are the teams that made the cut for Nash's approval to waive his no-trade clause for: "Boston, Los Angeles, the Rangers, San Jose and Toronto are believed to be on the approved list for Nash — he would have to waive a no-movement clause in his contract before he could be traded — but the return the Blue Jackets seek could vary widely from club to club."
Feb. 16 Having been a healty scratch a few times recently and then saying he has to look at his options, Mike Knuble shouldn't have one foot out the door yet per GM George McPhee: "'We have no interest in trading' Mike Knuble."
Feb. 16 Defenseman Pavel Kubina could be the first Lightning player on his way out of Tampa Bay. Here's a tweet from the team: "Kubina being held off the ice to protect the team's interests. Has been asked for teams he would be willing to move to."
Feb. 16 The Marek Zidlicky holding pattern goes on in Minnesota. GM Chuck Fletcher confirmed Zidlicky asked for a trade but said nothing's imminent and he told the Minneapolis Star- Tribune he's shopping beyond New Jersey: "Fletcher said he won't be boxed into one team and there are others expressing interest, ones he believes for whom Zidlicky would want to play. That might include Chicago, Philadelphia, Florida and the New York Rangers."
Feb. 16 Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman sounds like he was finally convinced that it's time to be a seller. Targets could include Ryan Malone, Dominic Moore and Pavel Kubina: "We're not going to just give our guys away. But if there is an opportunity that makes us a better organization, we're going to consider it."
Feb. 16 The Wings are usually pretty quiet at the deadline and this looks no different. But they wouldn't be averse to a solid veteran addition according to Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press : "The most ideal addition is a sitting Duck: Teemu Selanne. He told the Free Press last week that his focus was on getting the Ducks into the playoffs, and whether that's possible should be clear Feb. 23, when the club finishes an eight-game trip. If Selanne asks to be traded to a contender, the Wings would love to add him to their lineup"
Feb. 15 The Pittsburgh Penguins haven't been talked about much in trade scenarios this season but they could be interested in a defenseman according to Josh Yohe of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "I don't think any trades are imminent, but I have it on good authority that the Penguins' interest in Hal Gill is legitimate."
Feb. 15 Will the surprise Panthers look to deal? GM Dale Tallon discussed it with NHL XM radio: "We're going to be active but we don't want to mess up the chemistry of our team. It will have to make sense. But we still have a long way and our blueprint is long-term here. We're not going to trade or make a mistake here now just to get an early dividend. We're looking long-term as well. Anything we do has to also be for the future and not just the present. We need some scoring, obviously skill is important. I'd love to get another line that can score. Fleischmann, Weiss and Versteeg have really carried the load for us and I'd like to get them scoring if I could."
Feb. 15 The Blackhawks have issues on the back, defense and goaltending. Old 'Hawk turned analyst Jeremy Roenick thinks they should upgrade and a certain star should be bait: "'Do I like it? No, because I love Patrick Kane. He is one of the most talented and one of the best players in the NHL. But if you really want a top-end goaltender you're going to have to give up somebody.'"
Feb. 15 Last trade deadline the Bruins made some smaller moves that gave them Rich Peverley, Tomas Kaberle and Chris Kelly. GM Peter Chiarelli will look to upgrade a little this year to, but cautiously per ESPN: "'That's probably my priority when I look to add something,' he said. 'I do want to add something, and I'd like to help the team. I'd like to add to our depth. But that's a priority. It's a fine balance with chemistry and you have to be careful.'"
Feb. 15 With all of the smoke that has raised surrounding Rick Nash, it's just a matter of time before he's traded ... but will that time come before the trade deadline? Elliotte Friedman with a little more: "'You can't go back now,' one GM said. But he and others believe the deal won't get done until the draft."
Feb. 15 Marek Zidlicky wants out of Minnesota and he might be getting his wish now according to Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star Tribune: "Zidlicky's agent, Larry Kelly, has confirmed to me this morning TSN Darren Dreger's tweet that Zidlicky has waived his no-trade clause to go to the Devils. No deal has been completed yet, but GM Chuck Fletcher and Devils GM Lou Lamoriello are working on it. No word yet on what the Wild may be getting back."
Feb. 15 If the Jets are going to stay in the race, they need offensive help. You know it's bad when the captain Andrew Ladd is asking for it: "With the troubles we’ve had scoring, if it’s not going to come from within this room, we probably could use some help, there,” he said. “We’ve got a great goaltender, we’ve got D that can move the puck and play both ways."
Feb. 14 One of the most talked-about players, Tuomo Ruutu, is going to miss three weeks of action, through the trade deadline. Will be interesting to see if that affects the market for the Hurricanes forward.
Feb. 14 Now this is more like it, Maple Leafs rumors. Brian Burke could look to get in on the Columbus firesale, particularly Derick Brassard, according to the Toronto Star: "Leafs GM Brian Burke had been rumoured earlier in the season to be interested in the former Drummondville junior star, who once scored 44 goals and 72 assists and perhaps he might take another look as the Feb. 27 trade deadline approaches."
Feb. 14 Rick Nash rumors continue flying and the Rangers are the hot topic. H ere's the latest from Larry Brooks of the New York Post: "The Rangers have had preliminary discussions with the Blue Jackets regarding the availability of Rick Nash, The Post has learned, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the 27-year-old power winger is en route to Broadway. Indeed, an individual familiar with the situation told The Post that the chance of completing a trade before the Feb. 27 deadline is “a longshot."
Feb. 14 Nothing like putting an end to any rumors than a GM squashing them like a bug. That's what Oilers GM Steve Tambellini did to the Ryan Smyth talks: "I have no plans to move Ryan Smyth. Ryan has made it clear that he wants to stay here and play for the Oilers."
Feb. 14 Oilers GM Steve Tambellini wasn't as adamant at squashing the rumors when it comes to winger Ales Hemsky: "He's been a good player for the Oilers, and we'll see what happens."
Feb. 14 The Washington Capitals are sinking and need help in a hurry. The general manager is more than aware according to Elliotte Friedman of CBC: "Apparently, no GM is burning up the phone lines more than George McPhee. The Capitals face Canadian- franchise-level pressure to succeed."
Feb. 14 The Devils might not have much if any flexibility to move with money issues, but they could still have a move according to Mark Everson of the New York Post: "Sources have suggested that if Winnipeg loses hope of making the playoffs, the Devils could be in the market to reacquire defenseman Johnny Oduya, who was dealt to Atlanta in 2010 in the Ilya Kovalchuk trade. Oduya, an upcoming unrestricted free agent, has a cap hit of $3.5 million and a full-season salary of $4 million.
Feb. 14 The Flyers are still within the playoff picture but are starting to fade a little bit. Sounds like a perfect time to add, right? Frank Seravali of the Philadelphia News says the opposite: "It might even make sense for the Flyers to move a piece or two -- and become sellers for a change - if they can get a meaningful younger player who would change their dynamic moving forward. Wasn't trading Jeff Carter and Mike Richards, though financially lucrative, an admission that this team has a master plan that takes years and not months to come to fruition?"
Feb. 13 More smoke is rising about the possibility of Rick Nash also being available in Columbus. Here's the latest from Renaud P. Lavoie of RDS: "2 NHL sources told me that #bluejackets Rick Nash is on the market. Nash have a no-movement clause and will controle his destiny."
Feb. 13 Veteran Mike Knuble has been a healthy scratch a lot lately. Could he and a few other scratches be trade bait? From CSN Washington.: "Now is the time for general manager George McPhee to make his next move. He’s got an unhappy right wing (Mike Knuble) and two unhappy defensemen (Jeff Schultz and John Erskine) who could help teams looking for some offensive and defensive depth. He’s got a pair of 2012 first-round draft picks – Colorado’s and his own – and a pair of prospects (Cody Eakin and Stanislav Galiev) who would attract interest. And there’s always the possibility of dealing soon-to-be-unrestricted free agent Alex Semin."
Feb. 13 Another potential trade target has come off the market, as the Edmonton Oilers announced that the team and defenseman Andy Sutton have agreed to terms on a new contract. The contract is a one-year deal worth $1.5 million deal (with additional games played bonuses) according to TSN's Bob McKenzie, and will keep Sutton in Edmonton for another season.
Feb. 12 The Kings need help at forward and they could look to Colorado to get it according to the Fourth Period: "Speculation is that the Colorado Avalanche center Paul Statsny has been short listed by Kings management as an option for their top six. ... 'The reality is Colorado still hasn't recovered from the Kevin Shattenkirk deal and if Statsny could bring back a defenseman like Jack Johnson in a package from LA, they'd look long and hard at the deal,' the source conveyed."
Feb. 12 P.A. Parenteau is having a career year and the Islanders are working on re-signing him. But without a deal yet, there is talk from Newsday: "Given the distance between the two sides and the trading deadline 15 days away, there's also the chance Snow could shop Parenteau around to a contender in need of some scoring before the Feb. 27 deadline. But the Isles need Parenteau's scoring in order to be a factor in the playoff race down the stretch, so a move seems unlikely unless the Islanders hit the skids."
Feb. 12 Bruce Garrioch says if the Rangers cash in on their interest in Rick Nash, it will be costly: "If the Rangers are going to deal for Columbus RW Rick Nash -- and sources say GM New York Glen Sather is interested -- it’s going to come with a big asking price. The word is the Blue Jackets may demand C Brandon Dubinsky, prospect C Chris Kreider from Boston College and a No. 1 pick. Kreider was New York’s No. 1 pick in the 2009 NHL draft."
Feb. 12 The Canadiens still figure to have some moveable players, but Travis Moen might not be among them according to the Fourth Period: "Moen's agent, Craig Oster, told TFP this weekend that while the Canadiens have not opened contract negotiations, they do consider Moen part of their future. 'He's been given every indication that he's in their plans,' Oster said."
Feb. 12 The Jackets seem determined to move Jeff Carter, from Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch: "So the marriage is soon to end if the Blue Jackets can trade him. Oddly, though, it’s the Blue Jackets who seem most intent on the separation. There probably are five or six teams that will be in the market for Carter, including Los Angeles and Calgary, and possibly Toronto. If it’s Los Angeles, you would have to believe Kings goaltender Jonathan Bernier would be in the mix. If it’s Calgary, perhaps it’s defenseman Jay Bouwmeester who will be coming to Columbus."
Feb. 12 The Bruins could have an eye on not one but two Hurricanes according to the Boston Globe's Kevin Paul Dupont: "With Joe Corvo’s contribution so minimal, Spacek’s addition here could be key, both for insurance and to add some day-to-day job competition. He also is known for having a comic touch in the room. A more vital player on the Carolina roster for the Bruins to consider is veteran center/wing Tuomo Ruutu. He has to be one of their targets, especially with Nathan Horton’s lingering concussion issues. Ruutu becomes an unrestricted free agent July 1."
Feb. 12 The activity this year is incredibly quiet. Michael Russo explains some of the trepidation from Wild GM Chuck Fletcher: “The Wild general manager wants to make the playoffs, but he doesn't want to do something foolish that he'll regret years from now (i.e. Nick Leddy Part Deux)."
Feb. 12 Despite his two suspensions this season, Andy Sutton has been rumored to be available. Probably not anymore according to Nick Kypreos: “Scratch another D off #NHL trading block. Hearing #Oilers Andy Sutton closing in on a new 1 year deal. Its believed to be in 1.75M range.
Feb. 10 Teemu Selanne is a hot commodity who isn't really availble. Selanne talked to the O.C. Register about the rumors, particulary of the Red Wings' interest: “I have tried to avoid that question,” Selanne said. “We still have [hope]. Everybody in this room believes that we can make the playoffs and I think that would be almost wrong to even think about any other options. That’s not in my mind right now. Let’s see what happens.
Feb. 10 The market for Jeff Carter isn't exactly booming right now. According to Darren Dreger of TSN it's very quiet on that front right now: "The Columbus Blue Jackets have just received one offer on the table for centre Jeff Carter -- a low one at that."
Feb. 9 The Ducks aren't as in play now as they were a month or so ago, but one defenseman is still discussed according to Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com: "Top offensive blueliner Lubomir Visnovsky could still move before Feb. 27, however, although the Ducks aren’t giving him away. He’s not a rental player, he’s got another year on his deal, so Anaheim will move Visnovsky only in a traditional hockey deal, not a rental deal where it gets a bucket of pucks."
Feb. 9 Ray Whitney leads the Coyotes in scoring at 39. There's still juice in the tank and there'd no doubt be interest according to Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com: "An unrestricted free agent July 1, he could be on the move if the Coyotes fall out of the playoff race over the next two weeks. Sources have told ESPN.com that Boston, San Jose and the New York Rangers covet the slick playmaker. "
Feb. 9 Looking for a goalie? They might be the hardest of all to find, especially now that the Islanders don't seem interested in parting with Evgeni Nabokov. Here's what GM Garth Snow told ESPN.com: "We have no intention of moving Evgeni," Snow said. "He’s been great for us. His performance speaks for itself."
Feb. 9 Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford spoke to Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com and told him that his priority right now is to try and re-sign Tuomo Ruutu, perhaps the most talked about name on the pre-deadline trade market.
Feb. 9 Zach Parise is a free agent after this season and there has been a ton of speculation about whether the Devils might move him despite the success they are having this season. He told NHL.com what he expects: "The NHL trade deadline means nothing for me ... I don't expect anything to change."
Feb. 9 The possibility of reuniting Luke Schenn with his brother Brayden Schenn in Philadelphia just won't go away. Brayden talked about his brother possibly joining him in Philly to CSN Philly: "It's obviously been tossed around for the last month. It's hard not to talk about when your name keeps appearing in trade rumors. You never know what's going to happen but it'd be fun to play with him, we're really tight. I guess we'll just have to wait and see."
Feb. 9 What side of the fence are the Lightning going to fall on, buyers or sellers? According to the Tampa Bay Times we're still waiting for an answer: Lightning GM Steve Yzerman said Tuesday he is no closer to determining whether he will be a buyer or seller at the Feb. 27 deadline. The upcoming three-game road trip that starts Thursday against the Rangers likely will be key.
Feb. 9 The most-discussed name and seemingly surest bet to be traded is Tuomo Ruutu in Carolina. Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star Tribune with the latest: Talked to #canes GM Jim Rutherford; 1st of next week he'll have decision "on which way the Tuomo Ruutu situation will go," price "real high"
Feb. 9 The Sens are a surprise contender this season, at this point barely hanging on as they have hit the skids. But they likely won't be active according to Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun: Senators GM Bryan Murray says he likely won't be making a deal before the deadline. Prices are a top prospect and pick. Won't do that.
Feb. 9 Mike Knuble will be a healthy scratch on Thursday, leading to a question regarding his future with the Caps from CSN Washington: Knuble is struggling through the worst offensive season of his career. Asked on Wednesday if he thought he might be traded before the Feb. 27 trade deadline, he quipped, “Who wants a 39-year-old guy with three goals?”
Feb. 8 Ryan Smyth engineered a trade to get back to Edmonton. But Nick Cotsonika at Yahoo Sports says he could be a big target still: Although he has a $6.25 million cap hit, several teams have the space or could create it – and they’d only be on the hook for about one-quarter of his salary, anyway. The New York Rangers might be interested. General manager Glen Sather drafted Smyth for the Oilers in 1994. The Rangers are young and need an offensive boost. The Detroit Red Wings might be a good fit. GM Ken Holland knows Smyth through Team Canada. The Wings have a history of winning with veteran acquisitions.
Feb. 8 Rumors flew a month ago about a James van Riemsdyk for Luke Schenn swap, reuniting the Schenn brothers in Philly. Even with JVR's injury, the talk won't go away according to the Toronto Sun: While gainfully employed by the Maple Leafs, there continues to be speculation Luke will somehow join Brayden in orange and black by the Feb. 27 trade deadline, if not elsewhere.
Feb. 8 The Jets are hanging close enough in the East to tease. Still, the Winnipeg Sun thinks it's a matter of when/who not if they will be dealing.: Management has had time to see what it inherited from Atlanta, and no doubt has ideas about who’s part of the future, who’s not. The only question: how big a change is coming?
Feb. 8 As big of a factor as anything regarding Shane Doan's future in Phoenix is the team's future. It's possible he could be on the move, he told the Winnipeg Free Press: If that were to happen, Doan might elect to move on to a different organization in free agency. There's even a "remote" chance it could happen prior to the Feb. 27 trade deadline, according to Maloney."
Feb. 8 Defensemen are always coveted at the deadline and the Avs could be looking to deal one. Adrian Dater of the Denver Post writes: Veteran defenseman Shane O'Brien, a potential unrestricted free agent this summer, doesn't want to speculate about his future with the Avs. His name could be tossed around in trade talks before the NHL's Feb. 27 trade deadline, but "I'm only going to talk about the game."
Feb. 7 Flames captain Jarome Iginla just can't escape the rumors, no matter how much he and the Flames stomp them out (from the Calgary Herald): The Flames have repeatedly said they have no intention of moving the 34-year-old face of the franchise. But the chances of those questions actually going away are about as high as those of all NHL coaches wearing helmets at practice after Edmonton skipper Tom Renney took a puck Monday off the noggin’. In other words, practically non-existent.
Feb. 7 Elliotte Friedman of CBC says Jeff Carter is still hurt by his ending in Philly, not helping trade value: "Carter's rep is taking a huge hit. At least one team has backed off because of what they're hearing. If he wants to leave Columbus, he's got to give other teams an incentive to take that 10-year commitment."
Feb. 7 Ryan Suter said he's not signing before the trade deadline and the Preds will likely keep him. But GM David Poille isn't 100 percent (from Sportsnet): "I don't want to shut the door (on a trade), but I can't see us being successful without Ryan (Suter) in first our quest to make the playoffs and obviously to win in the playoffs,"
Feb. 7 Hal Gill and Travis Moen are shaping up to be very popular players according to Jimmy Murphy of ESPN Boston: "Per reliable source #SanJoseSharks have expressed strong interest in #Habs forward Travis Moen. Also Pens/Flyers interested in Hal Gill."
Feb. 7 St. Louis already has an excellent defense, Elliotte Friedman of CBC says they could add to it: "The Blues created some buzz by having three scouts at the Winnipeg/Montreal game. They are believed to be looking for a left-side defenceman. Hal Gill and Johnny Oduya are UFAs who could fit."
Feb. 7 From the Denver Post, Avs winger David Jones, a pending UFA, knows he could be shopped: I think it's maybe in the back of your mind sometimes, but I try not to think about it and just control what I can out there. At the end of the day, if we're winning and making a push for the playoffs, I don't think they make any moves."
Feb. 7 San Jose could be in the market for a top-six forward according to the San Jose Mercury News: "A media source in Edmonton said the Sharks were talking with Columbus about R.J. Umberger. Carolina forward Tuomo Ruutu could be a player of interest in San Jose, but all NHL teams are still waiting to see if he re-signs with the Hurricanes."
Feb. 6 Brian Burke quiet at the trade deadline? TSN's Bob McKenzie says it could happen: "Three weeks to the deadline, and Toronto Maple Leaf fans will hate to hear this but there is a very real chance the team doesn't make a significant move between now and the trade deadline."

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Posted on: February 6, 2012 7:09 pm

Report: Rick Nash would consider being traded

Nash has 17 goals and 17 assists this season. (Getty Images)

By Brian Stubits

The Columbus Blue Jackets have made it pretty clear at this point that they will be sellers when the trade deadline comes around Feb. 27. What else would you expect from a team that's so far in the basement they can't see the closest team in the standings even with their high-beams on.

Jeff Carter has been seen as a clear trade target, assuming they can find a taker for him. But what about their captain, the true face of the franchise Rick Nash? They wouldn't trade him, a very talented player in his prime who really does enjoy being in Columbus.

The prevailing wisdom was no. But the thoughts, they are a changin'.

Here is some new gossip from John Shannon of Sportsnet.

I have received a couple of calls from friends of Nash, who claim that Rick is very unhappy with the way the franchise is going and realizes it will take five more years to rebuild, again. Nash is now telling people close to him that he would entertain being moved, but still will not be the one who asks for a trade.

Well isn't that interesting? For a player that is 27 now, the prospect of a Five-Year Plan (non-commie version, of course) wouldn't be that appealing.

While I'm skeptical Jackets GM Scott Howson will find it easy to get suitors for Carter, I doubt there would be any such issues regarding Nash. He's still signed for another six years, but that's easier to stomach than Carter's 10 years. The cap hit is very high at $7.8 million and that would cut down a lot of the contenders who are closer to the cap.

But it's more of the intangibles that make him perhaps more tantalizing. Nash has played fewer than 74 games in only one NHL season and that was in the first year post lockout. More importantly, he's a classic "character guy," one of those players that isn't carrying that stigmatizing baggage with him like a rain cloud in an Acme cartoon.

He's a guy that I can't help but like and feel for. He's been loyal to the Jackets (granted, that kind of cash thrown his way probably helps a bit), is a very good player and seems to be a quality guy. You wish he had experienced more than four playoff games at this point in his career.

If you are the Jackets, it's a tough call and clearly the return has to be right (see: incredibly high). Trading away Nash would be a tough one to sell to the fanbase that is growing ever more frustrated, especially if it's right for the rebuild.

What do you think, should the Blue Jackets even think about trading Nash away?

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