Posted on: March 5, 2011 12:29 pm

At-large bids should reflect performance

NCAA conferences should only be allowed to receive as many at large bids as the number of tournament games they won in the prior year.  For example, the Big East would receive at most 7 at-large bids to reflect last year's tournament victories by West Virginia (4), Syracuse (2), and Villanova (1).  The Horizon league would be eligible for 5 at large teams, to reflect Butler's success.  They wouldn't be guaranteed 5 teams, that would simply be their limit.  The tournament currently has room for 37 at large teams, and there are currently 67 games, so these are limits, as opposed to guarantees. 

The Big East will probably send 10 at large teams to the tournament this year.  That would be fine, if they had 10 of the top 37 teams, but they haven't proven that.  We began the season with that assumption, and then their losses were simply dismissed since they were all against eachother.  Their conference tournament is a waste of time unless one of the bottom 5 teams win.  Meanwhile, the Horizon league had last year's second best team, and 2 other teams tied it in the conference this season.  Is anyone curious whether Butler can make it back to the title game?  Is anyone curious if maybe Cleveland State or UW-Milwaukee could make it as well? 

I'm not saying to take automatically 5 teams from the Horizon league, and I'm not even saying to automatically let in Cleveland State or UWM, but what I am saying is not to give all the NCAA bids to BCS schools, especially when they've proven that they can't beat the other NCAA teams.  Let's limit the 37 at-large bids to the conferences that can earn them in the prior year's 67-game tournament. 
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