Posted on: February 24, 2012 10:54 am


Is Jeremy Lin the one to resurrect the NBA? I believe Jeremy Lin has made people find interest in the NBA for the first time since Magic and Bird era. Not since Tebowing which seems like light years away has one person lifted and carried a whole league.
People are forgetting the 2010 declaration of Lebron taking his talent to south beach. If anyone has benefited from this whole Frenzy, it is the Miami Heat. They are quietly winning games, and on top of that they have absoultely release pressure from themselves until they lose the NBA finals to the OKC Thunder. Talking about the thunder not too long ago they were in Seattle as the Supersonics and they were horrible and traded away Ray Allen to the Celtics, and the celtics won their first championship in 20+ years. Now the former supersonics looks to solidify their place in history to win their first title in 33 years.
Do I think the Knicks are a threat in the NBA playoffs,? No I don't think so, as a matter fact the Bulls and the heat are the only teams standing in OKC way to win the NBA finals. The Lakers will be a one and done team in the playoffs. Both the lakers and the celtics are getting old, and their legs cant keep up with the youngin's. But i believe the celtics can turn it up a notch to make some noise since some players are being rested.
So far anyteam that has a clear shoot at making noise and surprising anyone is the Philadelphia '76ers and the Indiana Pacers. If the playoffs were to start today the heat #1 will face Boston #8. I am not going to be Bias but if the celtics are the 8th seed then the Heat takes it in 6games.
The #2 seed bulls take on #7 seed Knicks in 5 games, while the #3 seed pacers win over #6  Hawks in game 7. The #4 match up of the 6ers and #5 Magics will be a hard fought win for the 6ers in 7 games. So at the end we will have

#1 Miami
#2 Bulls
#3 Pacers
#4 6ers

#1 Miami vs #4 Sixers
#2 Bulls   Vs #3 Pacers

EAST FINAL #1 Miami vs #2 Bulls


Posted on: April 3, 2011 6:25 pm

Denver Nuggets is showing team work

Is better than big stars in one team. As the NBA deadline was near in February, GM across the NBA tried to find a way to make deals to solidify their team position to make a playoff run. I as a Celtics fan did not see the celtics making any moves. The celtics needed Kendrick Perkins to take the Lakers away in game 7 of the 2010 NBA finals. But rather, the celtics traded away Perkins to OKC. Before the trade deadline even before the season, Carmelo Anthony was projected to be heading to New York or New Jersey, with the clock ticking for the deadline. The Knicks push the panic button and send their role players to denver and in return got Carmelo and Billups. We will think the Knicks will be on a roll winning a bunch of games but rather been disappointment and not able to live up to the hype. The knicks falls in the same category as the miami heats with big star players with problematic team chemistry. Denver current squad are filled with guys who are hungry, and willing to proof they belong in the NBA and can compete with the best. Since the trade the Nuggets are 14-4 with a solid team chemistry, they will be a problem for anyone in the west to compete with
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