Posted on: April 12, 2011 6:34 pm

Savor The Moment

As a Dodger fan I've been following the Dodger/Giant rivalry since the "good 'ole days".  A lot of great players have graced the field for these two teams; not a few of which are now forever enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

The great thing about any rivalry is that it doesn't matter what place in the Standings the teams occupy......the fact that they're playing is all that matters. The Dodgers and Giants have certainly had some terrific battles over the years, literally and otherwise.  Watching Marichal clobber Roseboro over the head with a baseball bat, and Buckner charging the mound are a couple of incidents that quickly pop into mind.

Last night was certainly a moment to savor.......not for the game that was played (and won 6-1 by the Dodgers), but what occurred on the field prior to the game.  Giant reliever Jeremy Affeldt and Dodger handyman Jaimie Carroll shook hands in front of the mound while players and coaches from both teams looked on. The Giants and Dodgers, for that one magical moment, were one.........united to support the premise that violence in baseball over team rivalry is akin to striking out with the bases loaded. Simply put, these two teams let it be known that as great as this rivalry is (IMO the best in baseball), there is never a justifiable reason for fans to physically or verbally abuse other fans as a result.  Affeldt commented that the rivalry ends once the game is over.

We, players and fans, are human beings. We all deserve to be treated with respect.  Kudos to the members of both teams for affirming what is truly important in life. Let's respect each other and view the game for what it is........a diversion to those things that truly matter.
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