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Posted on: June 1, 2011 12:48 pm
Edited on: June 1, 2011 2:09 pm

Tressel "caught holding smoking gun in his hand"

Former Ohio State quarterback Craig Krenzel told Todd Wright of Sporting News Radio that the situation concerning the Buckeyes’ football program is embarrassing and disgusting.

“Coach [Jim] Tressel has to look in the mirror,” Krenzel said. “He has to hang his hat on it. Our football coach got caught holding a smoking gun in his hand.”

Speaking on Todd Wright Tonight, Krenzel told Wright his immediate reaction when Tressel announced his resignation Monday “was surprise, but I wouldn’t say it was shock.”

“The person I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with was not the man that people see right now.”

Krenzel, the last quarterback to lead the Buckeyes to a national title in 2002, said after reading the various reports about the allegations surrounding the program showed Tressel in a different light.

“He was obviously flawed,” Krenzel said. “Maybe he wasn’t as good or perfect, especially that Buckeyes fans wanted him to be or pictured him to be.”

Krenzel said he didn’t think Ohio State fans were necessarily angry at Tressel or quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

“I think it’s more disgusted,” Krenzel said. “People are disgusted, disappointed. Frankly we’re embarrassed by it more than anything.”

Krenzel said the current players deserve blame for what has happened.

“It’s a different generation,” Krenzel said. “What was a great opportunity at Ohio State … that’s all been forgotten. In my opinion, it’s turned into coming in as a freshman [and thinking] ‘what can I get?’ It’s disappointing to see all around the country, not just Ohio State, what college football is turning into.

“Guys come in with this sense of entitlement and a screwed up set of priorities. Part of the blame is on them.”

Krenzel said he doesn’t believe any more allegations will surface at Ohio State, but that doesn’t make the future outlook any better.

“I do think it is going to get worse,” Krenzel said. “This situation is ugly and it’s going to get uglier.”

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