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Posted on: February 8, 2012 3:23 pm
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Fabio Capello resigns as England manager

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

An already volatile situation with the England national team exploded Wednesday with the resignation of manager Fabio Capello barely five months before the country's opening match at Euro 2012.

According to a statement issued by the English FA, Capello met with top FA officials "for over an hour" Wednesday to discuss Capello's comments to an Italian TV station regarding the FA's decision to strip defender John Terry of his England captaincy. Terry is accused of racially abusing Queens Park Rangers player Anton Ferdinand in a 2011 Premier League match, with the case set to be heard by the English court system following Terry's appearance at Euro 2012. 

Capello (pictured departing FA headquarters Wednesday) told Italian TV he was "absolutely not in agreement" with the FA's decision and confirmed he had told FA chairman David Bernstein as much.

"It is going to be civil justice, not sports justice, to decide if John Terry committed that crime," Capello said.

The rift created between Capello and Bernstein could apparently not be smoothed over in the Wednesday meeting, and the two sides agreed to part ways.

“I would like to stress that during today’s meeting and throughout his time as England Manager, Fabio has conducted himself in an extremely professional manner," Bernstein said in the statement. "We have accepted Fabio’s resignation, agreeing this is the right decision. We would like to thank Fabio for his work with the England team and wish him every success in the future.”

Capello leaves England with a 28-6-8 record and comfortable qualifications for the two major finals during his tenure with the "Three Lions," World Cup 2010 and now Euro 2012, a not-insignificant achievement following the team's disastrous failure to qualify for Euro 2008. But Capello's tenure was also marked by a prickly relationship with the British press, the 2010 controversial stripping of Terry's captaincy (this time, on Capello's orders) for a tabloid scandal, and a  deeply disappointing showing at the World Cup featuring draws vs. the U.S. and Algeria before a 4-1 elimination defeat to Germany.

Many England fans will likely welcome a change if it means the hire of current Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp, the consensus favorite for the post after being cleared of tax evasion charges earlier Wednesday. Redknapp's Spurs sit a surprising third in the Premier League standings and are known for their attractive, attacking style of play--a substantial shift from Capello's frequent tactical caution.

But even if Redknapp accepts an FA offer (which is not a given on either side), the bottom line for England is that with mere weeks to go before they board their flight for the Ukraine, the team has no manager, no captain, and no direction. If England are going to finally shed their long-held label of major tournament underachievers at the Euros, they're clearly going to have to do it the hard way.

Posted on: January 18, 2012 2:49 pm

VIDEO: Baghdatis breaks 4 rackets at Aussie Open

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

We've been told it's possible to have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day even in Australia. Judging by this reaction to losing the second set to Stanislaw Wawrinka in the second round of the Australian Open Wednesday, we're guessing Cyprus's Marcos Baghdatis isn't going to argue: 

Unfortunately for Baghdatis, his day would get even more terrible-horrible-no good-very bad from there, as he went on to lose to Wawrinka in four sets. Though we don't know officially how many rackets Baghdatis would go on to smash after actually losing the match, Eye on Sports is setting the over-under at 11.5.
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VIDEO: Tim Howard scores for Everton

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

How rarely do goalkeepers score in the Premier League? Entering this afternoon, of the more than 20,000 goals scored in the league since its 1992 formation, only three had been tallied by EPL keepers.

So if Everton (and U.S. national team) goalkeeper Tim Howard had wanted to celebrate with a little more enthusiasm after making that number four vs. Bolton Wednesday, we doubt anyone would have blamed him:

We'll chalk Howard's apparent indifference up to his acknowledgment of the gusting Merseyside wind's role in his goal -- it's not as if he was trying to score there -- or maybe he knew karma would repay his team for that stroke of good fortune; the Toffees conceded twice in the game's final 25 minutes to lose at home 2-1 to last-place Bolton.

Whatever the final result, though, Howard's unlikely appearance on the scoresheet will remain a point of pride for his American fans--between his tally and Brad Friedel's last-minute strike several years ago for Blackburn, half of those four keepers' goals belong to Americans. U-S-A! U-S-A!
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VIDEO: Nightmare own goal dooms Armenia

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

The national soccer team from Armenia has never qualified for a major tournament--not the World Cup, not the European Championships, nothing. In fact, they've never even come that close.

Until this year's qualification for Euro 2012, that is. The Armenians went to Dublin for Tuesday's final qualifier against Ireland knowing that a win would vault them past the Irish into one of four two-leg playoffs that would determine the last four slots for next year's Euros. It's not an exaggeration, at all, to say this was the biggest soccer match in the country's history.

So yes, Armenia defender Valeri Aleksanyan picked a really, really, really bad time to do this:

Already down a man thanks to a controversial red card, that own goal created a mountain for the Armenians to climb, and they would go on to lose 2-1. The Irish advanced to the play-offs, and the Armenians were eliminated.

Which is why we're sincere in hoping a young Armenia team rebounds to at least challenge for a spot in World Cup 2014 or Euro 2016. Because otherwise, the video you're watching above is one of a moment that's going to haunt poor Aleksanyan -- now his country's answer to Bill Buckner -- for the rest of his life.

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Arsenal offers fans refunds in wake of 8-2 loss

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

There's embarrassment, there's humiliation, and then somewhere far beyond either of those things there's whatever you want to call what Arsenal suffered against Manchester United Sunday. What had been one of the Premier League's most hotly contested rivalries in recent years devolved into a shocking mismatch as the Gunners conceded eight goals in a single league game for the first time in 115 years. (That's right: 115 years.)

But at least the club is doing what it can to help ease the pain of the unfortunate supporters who made the trip up from North London only to watch their team sink to its lowest point in years--they're offering them a refund.

As the club has posted on its website:
Arsenal Football Club has announced it will be writing to fans who travelled to Old Trafford on Sunday with an offer to cover the cost of a match ticket at a future Barclays Premier League away game.

A Club statement issued today said: "Sunday's result was obviously disappointing for everyone connected with the Club. Our travelling fans were magnificent throughout and we want to recognise their fantastic support. We will be writing to them shortly with the details."
How much a refund would actually help after a result like Sunday's, we're not sure, particularly since the issues afflicting the Gunners -- a plague of injuries, the sale of several star players without the purchase of replacements, a lack of anything resembling defensive grit in the backline -- have already been simmering all summer, without any solutions yet in sight. But at least the club is trying, which is more than we can say for some American franchises we know.

For video of the Red Devils' eight-goal splurge -- and we do most definitely recommend checking out Ashley Young's precision strike to put United up 2-0 -- click below:

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VIDEO: Usain Bolt's false start at Worlds

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Usain Bolt's domination of the 100-meter dash was finally ended by the only person on the planet capable of ending it: Usain Bolt. 

Bolt false-started in Sunday's 100-meter final at the Track and Field World Championships in Daegu, South Korea, earning an immediate disqualification. Bolt's reaction to his elimination was as dejected as his celebrations are typically euphoric:

Bolt's disqualification becomes the most famous one yet under the IAAF's recent rule change that a racer is eliminated after their first false start, rather than two. The decision has been widely unpopular with athletes, who have openly hoped for a reversal. U.S hurdler Lolo Jones tweeted after Bolt's elimination: "I know most of you didnt want to see Usain Bolt false start but [he] is the only athlete with enough power to change the false start rule."

If the rule ever again deprives track of its far-and-way most popular athlete running in its far-and-away most popular event on one of the two biggest stages in the sport, rest assured that change will be coming too late.
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