Posted on: July 15, 2011 4:09 pm

VIDEO: Streaker gored by bull at Pamplona

Posted by Will Brinson

In Pamplona, when the bulls get their motors running, lots of people end up going for rides on sharp horns. (And people think football is violent.)

Most of them don't do it naked, though. However, the gentleman in the surprisingly-safe-for-work video below does just that, as he streaks into a crowd of would-be matadors and gets picked up by the bull and then summarily tossed on his naked backside.

Two points worth mentioning before go streaking: First, the kids filming the video start yelling "Kill Killer, kill!" That is, I believe, a direct homage to the stoner classic "Half Baked."

And secondly, we know this streaker is okay because he was able to chat with the police while they cited him for causing a public disturbance. Burn.

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