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Inside 'A Game of Honor': NYC Premiere

by Jameson Fleming

NEW YORK -- 1,250 new recruits. 90 seconds to say goodbye to their families. Two rivals schools fighting for one cause. Those stats are ultimately what matter to Army and Navy football players, not the 8-16 combined records or the 14 touchdowns Navy QB Kriss Proctor scored this year.

“[Navy’s John Dowd] is a two-time Academic All-American while playing Division-I football while training to be a military officer,” said Pete Radovich Jr., co-producer of the Army/Navy documentary 'A Game of Honor.' “Every minute of his day is accounted for, seven days a week, 365 days a year.”

The CBS Sports/Showtime production of the documentary, ‘A Game of Honor’ focuses not just on the play on the field, but ventures inside the service academies to profile what Cadets and Midshipmen go through to prepare for battles on both the gridiron and battlefield.

In one scene, former Army captain Tyson Quink addresses the team about an explosion that left him a double-amputee. A few moments later, ‘A Game of Honor’ takes you to a mock battlefield where the Army hires actors to play the roles of insurgents. During the drill, current Army captain Steven Erzinger must simulate the same injuries Quink suffered in war.

As Erzinger lays on a stretcher, another Army football player lightens the moment in the mock battle and quips, “How are we supposed to beat Navy without our linebacker?” Everyone around him chuckles for a moment and then it’s immediately back to work.

Navy OL John Dowd. (US Presswire Images)
The documentary also reveals a third side to these Cadets and Midshipmen: their academic prowess. Army’s Andrew Rodriguez won the academic equivalent of the Heisman Trophy. He brought home the Campbell Trophy as the nation’s top senior scholar athlete after posting a 4.14 GPA as a mechanical engineering major.

His Navy counterpart John Dowd, who attended Monday night’s ‘A Game of Honor’ premiere in New York City, is the school’s first two-time Academic All American because he earned a 3.91 GPA also as a mechanical engineering major.

Ultimately, football at Army and Navy plays second-fiddle to the studies off the field, but for two weeks a year, it’s at the forefront of life at the two service academics.

“Our motto all year was to get back the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy,” Dowd said.

After losing the trophy to Air Force in 2010, Navy failed to meet its goal again in 2011. The Air Force swept Army and Navy in two tightly contested matches.

“After we lost to Air Force this year, all we wanted to do was beat Army,” Dowd said. “In retrospect, the other 10 games didn’t even really matter.”

The Navy’s values of “honor, courage, commitment” carry over to the football field as well.

‘A Game of Honor’ details the suspension of Navy senior Alexander Teich for failing to lead his team. Following the team’s loss to Air Force, Teich called out the officiating and left the field before the two schools’ alma maters were played, a tradition at all games between service academies.

“For what he did, no other school in America would suspend him for,” said ‘A Game of Honor' producer Steve Karasik. “Basically all he said was it was pitiful and walked off the field.”

L-R, Radovich, Showtime CEO Matthew Blank, Karasik, and Phil Simms. 
The Naval Academy’s values also serve as motivators for the players who are willing to sacrifice their bodies on the gridiron against the Notre Dames and Ohio States of the college football world.

“We try to thrive in those situations [against big schools],” Dowd said. “Those guys aren’t ready to sacrifice their whole body because they are trying to play in the NFL. When we went up to Ohio State, those guys didn’t want to get cut blocked, so we used that to our advantage.”

Overall, ‘A Game of Honor’ provides a compelling two-hour narrative about the lives of 200 young men. Co-producers Radovich and Karasik used dozens of vignettes to piece together eight months of service academy life. It showcases how the players spend four years on the football field as rivals, only to walk off the gridiron to become teammates for life.

“It’s a really difficult to squeeze a year of 200 men’s lives into two hours, but they put together a very faithful version,” Dowd said.

The documentary will air Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime.

For more on 'A Game of Honor,' watch the web-series which contains countless moments that didn't make it into the full-length documentary. 

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Dan Wheldon set to drive Danica Patrick's car?

Posted by Will Brinson

The most obvious replacement for Danica Patrick's No. 7 car, 2011 Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon, appears on the brink of being actually named to that spot.

According to Wheldon, he's ready to step into Danica's shoes (boots?), but the final details of the agreement just need to be signed off on by Michael Andretti.

"His personality has not changed one bit, but he's become the type of guy everyone wants to be around," Andretti said of Wheldon, who was out of work in IndyCar as recently as a year ago. "I know it's been hard for him not to be racing, but being on TV has allowed people to get to know him and see why it's so easy to like him.

"He's grown up."

And Wheldon, in speaking to the Indianapolis Star's Curt Cavin, sounds poised to enjoy his time (back) in the spotlight.

"I honestly think [setbacks] teach you to enjoy the good times," Wheldon said recently. "Up until that point, everything had always been good for me. Then I had a difficult part of my career.  It's come full circle and I've enjoyed it, but you never know. It could change again very quickly in this business."

The only change for Wheldon, right now anyway, appears to be his car number. Because barring any serious switch, the hottest driver in IndyCar will be suiting up for GoDaddy and Andretti soon.

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VIDEO: Nightmare own goal dooms Armenia

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

The national soccer team from Armenia has never qualified for a major tournament--not the World Cup, not the European Championships, nothing. In fact, they've never even come that close.

Until this year's qualification for Euro 2012, that is. The Armenians went to Dublin for Tuesday's final qualifier against Ireland knowing that a win would vault them past the Irish into one of four two-leg playoffs that would determine the last four slots for next year's Euros. It's not an exaggeration, at all, to say this was the biggest soccer match in the country's history.

So yes, Armenia defender Valeri Aleksanyan picked a really, really, really bad time to do this:

Already down a man thanks to a controversial red card, that own goal created a mountain for the Armenians to climb, and they would go on to lose 2-1. The Irish advanced to the play-offs, and the Armenians were eliminated.

Which is why we're sincere in hoping a young Armenia team rebounds to at least challenge for a spot in World Cup 2014 or Euro 2016. Because otherwise, the video you're watching above is one of a moment that's going to haunt poor Aleksanyan -- now his country's answer to Bill Buckner -- for the rest of his life.

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MLB Twitter Spotlight: Cleveland's Social Suite

By @TimCary, Social Media Editor


When the Cleveland Indians opened the Wi-Fi enabled “Tribe Social Deck” in left field for the 2010 season, the team recognized it needed a way to reach out to fans in social media spaces. Fast forward to 2011, and it’s obvious the plan worked. The online response to a dedicated area at Progressive Field for those active on social networking sites was such a success that the Indians set aside an entire suite for that purpose this year.

And the attendees were the ones getting the word out.

“Every bit of press coverage that was generated about the Tribe Social Deck in 2010 was generated from our attendees,” Rob Campbell (Coordinator, Digital Media) told “We never issued a press release outside the initial application, and it was never officially mentioned by the Indians outside Facebook and Twitter.

“It’s really a testament to the power of social media and the attendees.”

This year’s incarnation, the “Social Suite,” featured both indoor and outdoor seats. Fans applied for tickets at “We have an online application where we ask their basic information, how they use social media and then we offer them the opportunity to share with us a little about themselves: why they want to be in the Social Suite, what their favorite Indians memory is, that sort of thing,” Campbell said. 140 characters or less, of course.

The Social Suite has a robust waiting list during the year, but the Indians work to allow as many fans as possible the opportunity to experience a game there. The team also monitors online discussion about the Indians and Cleveland and reaches out to people individually with invitations to the suite.

Campbell said he hopes the Social Suite will cater to specific groups even more in the future, so those with a common interest outside the Indians can enjoy networking at Progressive Field.

A Social Suite invitation often includes more than just a game ticket. Past attendees have had the opportunity to take advantage of unsold VIP packages for batting practice, watching postgame fireworks shows from the dugout and more.

“Our underlying motive is just to give the best experience possible, utilizing everything Progressive Field has to offer,” Campbell said. “If we’re not sold out of a package on that particular night, it works to our benefit to have those who are influential in the social media landscape come down and enjoy that experience.”

Follow the Cleveland Indians on Twitter at @Indians

Other MLB Teams That Rock at Twitter

Arizona Diamondbacks
: @Dbacks
Followers: 23,250 
Strength: Overall balance. Does everything well.
Sample Tweet: “"Goldschmidt" is trending nationwide. #AbsoluteBlast #BeatSF” 

Boston Red Sox: @RedSox
Followers: 151,000
Strength: Fan Interaction
Sample Tweet: - Watch this short video and identify this current @RedSox player using #B4Sox

Minnesota Twins: @Twins
Followers: 48,000
Strength: News breaking
Sample Tweet: Cool fact: Twins Season Ticket Holders donated nearly 2,000 tickets to kids in need through our partnership with @TixForTots #giving

Seattle Mariners: @Mariners
Followers: 30,500
Strength: Quality game updates
Sample Tweet: "On behalf of everyone in the Mariners organization, a heartfelt thanks for your support this season. 181 days until the 2012 Opener..."

Texas Rangers: @Rangers
Followers: 68,000
Strength: GM Chats
Sample Tweet: “Getting ready for Jon Daniels with Texas Twitter Tuesday. #texastwittertue

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Man City chief exec resigns after e-mail flap


By Evan Brunell

Manchester City chief executive Garry Cook resigned his position following revelations he mocked a player's cancer-afflicted mother.

Man City, who is one of England's best football (known as soccer in America) teams, is currently embroiled in a contract dispute with defender Nedum Onuoha. The 24-year-old's mother acts as Onuoha's agent, but she is currently battling cancer. In an e-mail to Cook, the mother, Dr. Anthonia Onuoha, assured Cook that, despite being "ravaged with cancer," she would continue to serve as her son's agent.

Cook then fired back a response, apparently intended for the team's administrator, Brian Marwood. In it, he poked fun at Dr. Onuoha.

"Ravaged with it!!...I don't know how you sleep at night. You used to be such a nice man when I worked with you at Nike. G," the message reportedly reads in part, according to the BBC.

Upon seeing the e-mail. Dr. Onuoha told the Sun that "the worst day of my life, even worse than being diagnosed with cancer."

Cook denied sending the e-mail, saying his account was hacked. He later apologized to Dr. Onuoha, confirming the e-mail had never made it to Marwood, and that an employee was being disciplined. However, after Man City found "foundation" to the allegations that Cook sent the e-mail, he resigned.

Dr. Onuoha explained further her reaction to seeing the e-mail:
"When I opened my emails and saw the message, it was the worst day of my life, even worse than being diagnosed with cancer."

"I couldn't understand how anybody could behave like that. I just cried and cried for hours. I'm critically ill and at that point I was undergoing chemotherapy.

"I was just so shocked but I couldn't tell Nedum or any of my family because I didn't know how they would react."

Dr Onuoha said she replied to Cook the following day, writing: "Thanks very much for your insightful email."

She told the Sun: "The illness I have is very stressful, I'm having chemotherapy and radiotherapy, including having radiotherapy on my brain and this year has been traumatic. I didn't want anybody adding to my stress but that is what they've done.

"The feeling of humiliation still persists. Now I just want the FA and the Premier League to see what's happened and to take the appropriate action. Treating people like this is completely abominable."

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FAMU basketball player dies from stab wound

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Flordia A&M women's basketball player Shannon Washington was killed early Sunday morning after an argument with friend Starquineshia Palmer, according to the Tallahassee Police Department.

The Famuan reports that TPD officers arrived at the residence in question at approximately 2:05 a.m., after a stabbing had been reported. They found Washington with a stab wound in her neck from a kitchen knife. She was treated by the officers on the scene until medics arrived, then transferred to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Palmer, 20, had traveled from Central Florida to visit the victim for the weekend and was still in the apartment when officers arrived. She was later detained and charged with first-degree murder.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to Shannon's family and members of the Lady Rattlers Basketball Team," said FAMU President James H. Ammons in a press release. "For Shannon to be killed in the prime of her life is tragic and senseless. She had so much promise as a student athlete. This is a great loss for the university and our athletic program."

"It is truly a trying situation to lose a student-athlete that has come to us to further her education and excel at her sport," said Florida A&M coach LeDawn Gibson. "As a coach, this is the kind of incident you just hope you never have to deal with -- the death of one of your players at such a young age."

Washington, a Sarasota, Fla., native, was a junior college transfer from Illinois Valley Community College where she scored 1,101 points and led the Eagles to two Region IV championships and two trips to the NJCAA championships. Washington also led IVCC with 17.6 points and 9.3 rebounds a game and ranked 11th nationally in assists (5.3) and 17th in steals (3.5). In  her two years at IVCC, Washington led the Eagles to a 57-12 record.

A memorial ceremony was to be held in her honor Sunday night.
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First Annual Social Media Fantasy Football League

Let’s face it: Most of us wanted the NFL back this year solely so we could play fantasy football and scream at Oakland’s back-up tight end for scoring a late TD against our fantasy defense.

Here at, we take our fantasy football very seriously.

We also love social media.

So that’s why we’re combining the two for the first ever Social Media Fantasy Football League. We put together a 12-team league comprised of social media editors from sites like Sports Illustrated, NBC Sports, Mashable, and more.

Before we introduce the rest of the league, we want to get you, the fan, involved. will be participating in the league, and we don’t have a #FantasyTeamName yet. We want you to tweet the best #FantasyTeamName you can possibly think of.

To participate, all you need to do is tweet your entry and you MUST include the hash-tag #FantasyTeamName in the tweet. You can submit as many entries as your football-obsessed brain can think of.

Oh, and if the NFL isn’t your thing, don’t worry. We love fantasy college football here at too. Use the same hash-tag (#FantasyTeamName) and tweet the best college football related team name you can think of.

We’ll pick the five best submissions at the end of the day and put them in a Facebook poll.

The winner of the poll will win a Fantasy Football Commissioner League and help us make some of our Week 1 decisions in the Social Media Fantasy Football League.

So without further ado, here are all the participants in the first annual Social Media Fantasy Football League.

Eric Kay and Jameson Fleming
About Eric and Jameson: Eric is an assistant managing editor for and Jameson is a social media editor. They are in charge of making sure the Twitter account, @CBSSports and Facebook page are connecting their users with the latest and greatest sports content. They will co-manage a team which should go smoothly as long as Jameson can keep Eric from drafting John Beck, the supposed savior of Eric’s Redskins.
Team Name:
That’s for you to decide (see above).

Adam Ostrow
About Adam: He’s been with Mashable since 2007, helping the site become of one of the most-read independent news sites in the world. Adam is currently Mashable's editor-in-chief.
Team Name: Mashable

Stephanie Haberman
About Stephanie: She’s on the Community Team at Mashable. She wins the 'Has worked the with most people in this league' contest. Stephanie’s favorite NFL team is the Jets and favorite player is Darrelle Revis.
Team Name: Double Dwayne Bowe

Brian Hernandez
About Brian: Brian Anthony Hernandez (a.k.a @BAHjournalist) works at Mashable, where he edits, occasionally writes stories and manages overnight tweets for @Mashable, which has more than 2.4 million followers. Brian's favorite team is the Seattle Seahawks because he likes blue and green.
Team Name: Mister BAH BAH's Little Monsters

Ben Kaplan
Company: Sports Illustrated
About Ben: He crafts an effective social media strategy for the franchise, runs Sports Illustrated’s central social platforms, monitors digital conversation surrounding the brand/writers, and consults all departments on social integration as well as monetization opportunities. Ben also helps with new business  development partnerships and platforms. On Sundays you’ll find him rooting for Antonio Gates and the Chargers.
Team Name: Sports Illustrated

Ryan Hudson
About Ryan: Ryan is the SB Nation social media editor. His favorite football team is the Patriots and his favorite player is Tom Brady...and his glorious hair (editor’s note: Ryan’s words, not ours!).
Team Name: Neat Footballers

Rob Campbell
Company: Cleveland Indians
About Rob: Rob is the coordinator of digital media for the Cleveland Indians. He manages all digital communications and strategy for the Indians including the team's social media presence. Rob invites fans to the Indians Social Suite, the first and only exclusive social media section in pro sports. He’s a Lions fan, but Rob also roots for Peyton Hillis.
Team Name: Cleveland Indians

Edward Williams
About Edward: Edward has been a content editor with for five years. While he works on all sports, his specialities include Notre Dame, the NHL, and baseball as well as posting to the Facebook page. Edward is an Eagles fan, and he says he’s very excited about the upcoming season, but says he’ll stop short of calling them the Dream Team.
Team Name: The Real McCoys

Mikey Ames
Company: Wild Hair Media
About Mikey: Mikey is a co-founder of Wild Hair Media which assist brands, celebrities and athletes to develop and deploy their digital and social media strategy. He primarily works as a strategic consultant to new clients. Originally from San Francisco, he is a bay area sports fan, making it a tough past 10 years for Mikey to cheer for the 49ers.
Team Name: Wild Hair Media

Peter Robert Casey
About Peter: Peter is the Community Manager for Since 1966, it has been the trusted source for all things youth, grassroots and high school basketball. Now, Five-Star is building on that legacy and expanding into events, year-round performance academies and digital media, where PRC's responsible for building, growing and managing an online community of youth basketball enthusiasts. Peter is also a fan of Darrelle Revis and the Jets.
Team Name: I'm About That Life, Inc.

Michele Weisman
Company: Likeable Media
About Michele: Michele is the Marketing Operations Manager at Likeable Media, a social media and word of mouth marketing firm. When Michele is not sitting by her computer, she is constantly tweeting about social media and Syracuse (her alma mater), checking in to her nearest location on Foursquare, and updating her status on Facebook. Her favorite football team is the New York Jets and her favorite player is Santonio Holmes.
Team Name: Ground and #

Marko Djordjevic
Company: GameSpot
About Marko: Marko is a new member of GameSpot’s previews team with an emphasis on sports. When he’s not testing out all the latest video games, Marko is probably playing fantasy football. He’s an avid football fan and one of the league’s most experience fantasy football players.
Team Name: GameSpot

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Artest, Solo appear on "Dancing with the Stars"

By Matt Moore
This pretty much says it all. Ron Artest and Hope Solo will appear on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" contest.

That's Ron, in case you were having a hard time figuring out which is which.

Artest is due to join the Cheshire Jets in the United Kingdom this fall (if he can sort out his insurance issue) to play during the NBA lockout, but apparently he's got some extra time to take to the dancefloor. Now we'll get to see if he can (dancing cliche) as well as he can (basketball cliche). One thing's for certain, he'll have to (dancing/basketball pun). Right? Right?

Artest had said Monday on Twitter that he didn't have time for DWTS due to all his other commitments, but that, obviously, was a swerve job. Interesting question. He was introduced as Ron Artest, but if he makes it long enough, they'll have to rewrite all their graphics to reflect his new name on September 16th, Metta World Peace. It's too bad he and Solo won't be teamed together. Metta World Peace dancing the waltz with Hope Solo rings of a certain optimism we could use in this world.

Speaking of Solo, it's a big cash-in on her popularity earned in the U.S. Women's World Cup run. We like her chances more than Ron's, but then again, that's mostly because she's nimble and we like her ability to respond to criticism better. Seriously, if you're one of those judges, how do you tell Ron his footwork is sloppy? That's got to make you nervous, despite his new sunny disposition.

(Image courtesy of YouTube)

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