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Posted on: October 1, 2011 1:28 am
Edited on: October 2, 2011 2:42 am

Aggieland, I'm calling you out!

Before TAMU fans go ballistic at the title; a couple of disclosures.

1. I grew up in Texas and the SWC. I have no dogs in any of these conference fights except that I want to see Texas HS football get its due. Virtually any school there or in Oklahoma will satsfy that.
2. I typically root for the "have not" in Horn-Aggie rivalry, unless there is a shot at a National Championship (1975, 2005, 2009).

My purpose here is to get some feedback from informed (not Strawberry Kool-Aid drinking) Aggies who "connect the dots" because the dots do not connect from my POV.

Here are my claims against TAMU.

A. They knew all along they wanted to bolt for the SEC in 2010. They had to wait a couple of years to do it though b/c they wanted to get the extra $3.3 mil of "extortion money" from the 5 have-nots of the remaining Big XII when CU and UN left the fold. At that time, they said "we're in" after flirting with the SEC.

B. TLN gave the Aggies the public cover to do this. They could claim the greed of the Longhorns at the expense of everybody else. BTW, I do agree that Horn AD DeLoss Dodds has acted like a pig at the TV dining table.

C. I don't want to hear anything about the Lone Star Shootout (yea, I'm calling it that) because you guys were the ones that put this game at risk by choosing to leave the conference.

D. You were approached by Dodds regarding co-building a network with them 3-4 years ago and you passed. UT went on and eventually developed the confidence and expertise to make a go of it. You were (and most of us also) were stunned at the amount of money that was thrown at them.

E. You voted for (as did BTW 9-10 other schools) at the formation of the Big XII conference for an unequal revenue sharing among the schools based upon performance and TV appearances. You (like the rest of the B-12 South) did not complain about this while the North was kicking the South's butt in the first 4 yrs of the league (unlike the CU and UN whining once they could not beat schools that had more than 20 Texas HS football players on their roster). So, I don't want to hear about revenue sharing as an excuse now either, especially in light of your blood squeezing actions in A.

F. You will regret this move to the SEC for a number of reasons (and I'm not spiteful here, but someone answer these things)
i. So much of your identity is wrapped in your hatred of UT. Don't think the wealthy alum don't notice this. Are you going to change the lyrics to your fight song now?! 117 yr old rivalries do not grow on trees you know. What is the band going to do on evening before the game when it was in Austin? Certainly not march down Congress Ave.
ii. You dishonor the fallen 12 and Bonfire (which still goes on as an unsanctioned event)?
iii. Like it or not, that game means more to you than it does to Texas. Texas has Oklahoma each year. You?
iv. Do you think you're going to be more competitive in the SEC than in the Big XII? When was the last time you beat an SEC school? Try 1995. Oh, you are 0-7 to five different schools since then including 5 since 2005. Nice. 
v. Have fun trying to tell parents in Texas that they are going to need an overnight trip (and maybe air travel) anytime they want to see their son play an away game. That should help recruiting.

G. The only I can see you guys doing this is the money. BTW, I'm not so sure the money will be that good. I show the current TV deals reaping LESS with the SEC (with a 14 team league) than what you'd get now under the Big XII deal. Furthermore, you're going to have to pay travel cost to those outposts like Columbia, Gainesville, and Lexington for SEVENTEEN other sports.

I have np if you say it is strictly for the money. But I don't see what you're getting in the SEC that you didn't already have (and/or didn't already know about already) in the Big XII.

I await some informed responses here b/c I can't get this to add up.
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