Posted on: April 23, 2012 5:07 pm

My Hornets Draft/Free Agent Ideas

At this point theres about 3 draft scenarios at this point that interest me that will include a trades with the Celtics & Warriors and sorry theres no Rondo included.

Scenario 1 Draft Anthony Davis with #1,trade the 10th pick,Jarrett Jack and Xaiver Henry to the Celtics for the 22nd & 42nd picks and trade Trevor Ariza to the Warriors 29th pick.With 22nd pick draft Fab Mello,29th pick John Jenkins and 42nd Scott Machado.Anmesty Okafor

C McGee-Smith-Mello
PF Ilyasova-Davis-Ayon
SF Batum or Matt Barnes-Aminu-Jeff Green
SG Gordon-Courtney Lee-Jenkins
PG Deron Williams or Goran Dragic-Vasguez-Machado

Scenario 2 Draft Drummond with #2,Same trades,at 22 Tayshaun Taylor,at 29 Draymond Green and 42nd Kris  Joesph.Anmesty Okafor.

C McGee-Dummond-Smith
PF Ilyasova-Green-Ayon
SF Batum or Barnes-Aminu-Joseph
SG Gordon-Lee-Gerald Green
PG Williams or Dragic-Vasguez-Taylor

Scenario 3 Draft Gilchrist,same trades,at 22 Mello,at 29 Green and 42nd Machado.Anmesty Okafor

C McGee-Smith-Mello
PF Ilyasova-Green-Ayon
SF Barnes-Gilchrist-Aminu
SG Gordon-Lee-G Green
PG Williams or Dragic-Vasguez-Machado

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Posted on: February 25, 2012 1:12 am

Hornets new owner(s) to be and the future

The future of the New Orleans Hornets will get brighter soon with California businessman Raj Bhathal,former NBA player and coach Mike Dunlevy and Larry Benson borther of New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson owning the Hornets soon"maybe".They were others interested in buying the Hornets local businessman Gary Chouest and Saints owner Tom Benson.The criticism of local fans believeing that the team should be purchase by local ownership for the sense of a possible coupe d'eta of outside ownership could move the to Seattle.It wouldn't happen because of the new 10 year lease that will keep the Hornets til the 2023-2024 season.Theres no opt clause or a buyout to leave. It's the same similar lease deal Tom Benson agreeed to from the state 3 years ago.The same deal he failed to get from the past two governors (Blanco & Foster).Despite that i'm not of a fan of Jindal nor the political party he's in but he's really put a strong interest for both sports franchises to remain in Louisiana long term thus the Louisiana special session starts on March 12th.It can get very interesting of the new lease to get approval to me it will happen the one thing northern La wants is the Hornets to broadcast the games and promote the team statewide.Believe me they do not want a team that just focus on Southeasten part of the state.A new TV deal have to be in the works hopefully it will be with Fox sports for one reason subscribing to DirectTV,Dish,Cox,Comcast and Charter viewers can have the games broadcast.When the new owners takeover they will change the front office but the GM will stay but an evaluation of coach Monty Williams could be in the works i'm not saying he could be fired or anything but it's for the interest for the sake of the franchise that they decide if changes within the staff needed to be upgraded or the HC and his staff.A great public realtions group is needed for the franchise to inform the fan base better.Speaking of the fan base they've to understand that trust is very important yes you may have doubts about an outsider buying your franchise than a local or the other way around if maybe but anyone can betray you from both sides of the spectrum.Besides whoever buys the team will want a great team on the court sooner rather than later.A great draft,trades,resignings and decent free agent signings can make a differences.Enjoy your bright future in supporting the team and it's future in New Orleans long term.
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Posted on: September 7, 2011 9:19 pm

The Hornets future in New Orleans

It seems to me that the Hornets future in New Orleans is prgressing in better shape than to some people especialty in Seattle ever expected.The reality months ago that a NBA franchise in New Orleans long term had it doubts.When late 2010 George Shinn then owner decided to sell the franchise to Gary Chouest who is the minority owner and is still interested in buying team just to let you know with other inverstors on board.The high price tag Shinn was asking for the team was high for Chouest.Now owned by the NBA the leauge wants local ownership or an outsider that will keep the team in New Orleans.In reality the Hornets cost between $250 to 300 million dollars it could slim down to less than $250 million due to the price tag the Atlanta Hawks was sold for recently.Yes we know about the high price tag the Warriors,Pistons and 76ers was brought for but teams like the Hornets is going to be brought less due to being an medium market thus regionally the team just like their NFL conterpart the Saints will be the best option.As we speak the Hornets are in talks with the state of Louisiana for a long term lease on the Arena and a no attendance benchmark requirement.With the strong Civic,fan and political support of the Hornets this franchise have a greather future in New Orleans than the Jazz that was here over 30 years ago.The tickets sale are surging near it's goal of 10,000 season tickets sold really showning outsiders that New Orleans can support 2 major leauge sports.Once the lockout is over and the Hornets once sold this team can really build into an contender.With an owner(s) who cares no expense will re-signed or extend Chris Paul contract,maybe David West's contract and sign some free agents.This team will be in the same level as the Lakers,Mavs,Thunder and Blazers.Contending for a title is name of the game in the big easy.Geaux Hornets!!!
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