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Posted on: December 21, 2011 6:28 pm

The End of an Era

Its a shame that our BCS system is so flawed...I mean right now, under 100 scrimmages are left for the legends of our current College Football class. And to add further insult to injury, only a few of these guys get to have a meaningful match left to play.

Its the end of an era for Kellen Moore, the leader of the amazing Boise State Broncos, who led the Broncos to just 3 losses in his 4 years at the helm. He goes down in history as the all-time winningest QB, no one has ever before won more games that Moore has at Boise State. No team has lost as few games over a career as he has. There can be no arguing that Kellen Moore is a great Quarterback, and its just a shame that the Broncos will go on without him from now on, and that they can't even bring him to one last big game. Because of a missed Field Goal. Not even an Offensive fault, or even a Defensive fault. Two of Moore's Three losses have been so because of missed Field Goals at the last second, and last year's match against Nevada included 2 of them. One of the best QBs of all time misses out on anything worth playing for a second consecutive year because of a missed Field Goal. And to make matters worse, it was a very close loss to another ranked team. Moore now finishes his career against an abysmal 6-6 Arizona State team, which will take his 11-1 Broncos to an easy 12-1 record, a record on bettered by LSU's soon-to-be 14-0, and Houston's soon-to-be 13-1.

Same kind of thing goes for Robert Griffin III. But his small bowl game is due to losing games by his own team, his own faults. Baylor played incredibly well, but in the end, they'd be in a BCS game had they beaten the other guys in their conference. They controlled their own destiny, Boise didn't. Same with Luck, had Stanford taken Oregon, they'd almost definitely be playing in New Orleans for the National Championship. But Luck failed. Moore didn't fail, his Kicker did. Twice in two years.

Case Keenum is the other guy I'm sad to see go. He led Houston to 12-0 heading into the C-USA Championship Game, but fell at the final hurdle to Southern Mississippi. Had he won the Cougars that game, they would be one of only 2 undefeated teams. Yet, the voters and the SEC bias would still have Houston barely in the Top 10, if there at all. Keenum and Moore never controlled their own destiny, because people wanted a Bama/LSU rematch before Boise St and Houston lost anyway. Stanford and Oklahoma St losing just further reiterated their point. Keenum and Moore are now playing in below-par bowl games despite both teams only having 1 loss and worthy of the At-Large spots. Neither controlled their destiny, the voters in a flawed and messed up system did.

Don't get me wrong. RG3 deserved the Heisman, bloody hell he played a great season and chose the best moments to shine. And Andrew Luck will make a great NFL QB, I can see some MVPs in his future. But the fact is, Moore and Keenum will be left in the dark because they lost once, the former only thrice in four years, the latter battling a whole season missed due to injury, and all because of a "voting" system that only rewards whoever gives them the most money.

If every game is a playoff, why have we got LSU and Bama again? Why don't we make a 16 team playoff, that way with 120 FBS teams, getting to the final 16 will still be as hard as ever, but at least we'll have a real playoff to send off our Seniors on a high note (a game that actually has meaning), and to truly determine if the AQs are better than the Non-AQs, because I bet, I bet, that Boise State would be in the NCG in such a playoff, and Houston would make it to the Semis.

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