Posted on: November 28, 2011 7:58 pm

Giants must win tonight...

The New York Giants are half an hour from the start of must win 3 game stretch. Tonight against Da Who Dat?? followed by Green Bay next week and the 1st of 2 division games vs. The Boys. Against the Saints tonight, Eli needs to step up big especially when your minus Ahmad Bradshaw and make zero mistakes of giving up INTs, to do it Victor Cruz hopefully changes up the routes, routes are routes but Cruz hopefully finds a way to get up fast on a blitzing defense coming from every which way. Mario Manningham is questionable, needs to play and do the same as Cruz. TE Jake Ballard also needs to be active in the passing game, no less than 10 receptions and Brandon Jacobs that ground attack has to be BEAST MODE taking all the carries and what would of been Bradshaw share of the run load. The Saints don't really need this game but they won't let their guard down. Drew Brees has this WR and the other guy and that guy with Colson, Henderson, Meachem and a real ground game with Sproles. Never understood why San Diego ever let studs go to this day, Brees and now Sproles. A win tonight by the NY Football Giants and you keep up with the Cowboys going into week 13. 
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Posted on: November 28, 2011 4:24 am

Week 12 and the NFL firing will come shortly..

Some college teams didn't take very long to start fresh with firing their current coaches and more to follow as the regular season wraps up this week. Five more weeks left in the NFL and I expect a number of coaches that'll be shown the door, starting off with Norv Turner as he never gotten the Chargers to it's highest level since replacing Marty Shotteinheimer especially this season in wide open AFC west, today's lost to Tim Tebow and the Broncos givng them lost number 7 show be the icing on the cake for Turner's firing. 

Next on the NFL firing list would be Andy Reid, Philly needs change despite some unfavorable calls by league referees, the lost of Michael Vick & WR DeSean Jackson's antics. Reid lost control of the team, hired a OL coach to be DC after the previous DC spent one season in that role after the passing of DC Legend Jim Johnson (God Bless his soul). Now Reid may get a 50/50 chance to stay because of a very talented team that underachieve, maybe Jon Gruden leaves ESPN after the re-upping for 5 more years doing tv, he's gotta be hungry to roam the sidelines and a quick call to SC and rescue Monty Kiffen from his son, Lane.

Other expected teams to fire their coaches would be Jacksonville & Miami possibly St. Louis, K.C. and I even think Shanahan with Washington is on the hot seat, Pete Carroll in Seattle and why not Rex Ryan with the Jets if they don't make it to the postseason.
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Posted on: November 9, 2011 5:47 am

The Big 12 needs to Strike Back

Only if the Big 12 would listen to me. Going forward with the departures of Missouri and Texas A&M, they need to hit a homerun with new additions to go with their current members. The arrival of West Virginia into the conference I see is somewhat a plus, their football program has a good history of making the postseason bowl games in the past, currently a decent record at 6-3 overall, 2 or 3 more wins will get them to a decent bowl game and men's basketball has an upside opportunity to create an exciting Big 12 conference.

Sadly with Missouri and Texas A&M going sayonara I'll miss the basketball rivalry of Missouri and Kansas and day after Thanksgiving Texas and Texas A&M added to the already gone CU vs. Nebraska game. Glad there is still OU vs. Okie St. to end the Big 12 regular season which this year should be a dandy if both schools hold up. Getting back to the hardwood West Virginia and Kansas has a nice ring and should live up to exciting basketball.

So here's my take... You still have Kansas, Kansas St., Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Texas, Texas Tech, Iowa St., Baylor and newly invited West Virginia. Big 12 officials listen up and work your tail off and add Cincinnati(Football and Basketball are solid), seriously stop Boise St. from entering the
Big L(East) and I think the Big 12 fans would agree to seeing Boise St and Oklahoma go toe to toe every season. Texas vs. Boise St. isn't a bad matchup either, another good addition would be BYU in the Big 12 and Finally the Homerun is get Notre Dame to join for football and basketball. Let the Irish keep their home tv games on NBC to have more exposure for the league and Texas too can keep theirs and televise all games except the Red River Shootout game. CBS can be the home for the Big 12 football and basketball seasons. The Big 12 Championship game can return to Cowboys Stadium and everything will be all good for the Big 12. 13 team membership and 10 game conference schedule.

My vision for football for the Big 12.. The Darrell Royal Division, Texas, Texas Tech, Boise St., Baylor, Iowa St. and West Virginia. The Barry Switzer division, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Kansas, Kansas St.,Cincinnati, BYU and Notre Dame.  Same team for basketball with the Naismith and Iba divisions.

Seriously this idea gotta happen and get back at those that left and conferences that tried to destroy you
Posted on: November 8, 2011 7:08 am

Pacquiao-Marquez III

Does this fight matter result wise for Manny Pacquiao? Win or Lose? Or should we look ahead to next May with a possible, hopefully, about time, Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. I'm guessing it is important to Pacquiao who wants the victory over Marquez to silence the questions and continue the chants and talk of getting the fight we really wanted for a very long time. I think we as boxing fans deserve that fight after spending dollars on PPV for most us and big dollars on ringside seats for some of you. I say Pacquiao in 4!!!

Hope boxing does the right thing Saturday night and honor "Smokin" Joe during it's event Saturday Night.  
Posted on: November 8, 2011 6:56 am

Da York's finally did something right

7 and 1...Who of thought my beloved San Francisco 49ers have an instant turn around. Yes, it's too early to say what the end regular season result will be because even being currently 7-1, you can easily go 7-9 to finish. Most divisions you'd be finish but example last season the Seahawks went into the playoffs with that below .500 record. 

Kudos to the York Family and the Niner front office getting off their butts and landing Jim Harbaugh to bring back that Niner mystic. Granted the Stanford Cardinal are doing well without Harbaugh, it's the system that was implemented whatever Harbaugh did there and is doing now with the 49ers. Alex Smith was almost signed off, I wrote him off when he first arrived, but Harbaugh gave him a chance and gave him a workable package and how to utilize the star power around him. So even this is year one of the Harbaugh era the Yorks did something really right.

Looking ahead besides the NFC West still to face the 3 biggest test this week is the Giants, later Ravens and the Steelers on MNF. Wrap those key games up and the division with the help of the Lions beating GB on Turkey day and either a Lions sweep with the season finale game or to another opponent, the Niners could see themselves with the NFC #1 seed and home the entire way of the playoffs...
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