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Posted on: March 1, 2012 12:45 pm
Edited on: March 1, 2012 12:59 pm

Oh baby, Pirates exec delivers in the clutch

Pittsburgh Pirates executive Trevor Gooby made the catch of spring training when he delivered the baby boy of Pirates fan Latasha Kirk outside McKechnie Stadium in Bradenton on Wednesday. The baby, named McKechnie for the park, just fell into Gooby's hands, as he recalls it.

"I must have picked something up watching [Andrew] McCutchen or [Jose] Tabata,'' Gooby said, referring to two Pirates outfielders. "I think it was a little bit of luck or an in-the-moment kind of thing.''

Nobody can accuse Gooby of not being a clutch performer. When Kirk first alerted other fans that she was going to have a baby, it was hard to think she meant at that very moment. Gooby and other Pirates people first found a wheelchair for her, called EMS and waited for help. But the professionals weren't quite quick enough.

"The baby's not waiting,'' Gooby recalled Kirk saying. At that point, he called for water and towels and held his hands out.

"It's happpening,'' Kirk declared "I've got to push,''

One push later and the baby was in Gooby's arms. "I was shocked,'' said the hero exec. Apparently so was the mother. Her first question for Gooby? "Is that the baby?''

The answer was, "Yeah, that's the baby."

Gooby has been working for the Pirates for eight years. But he has discovered a new talent. "Yeah, if this thing doesn't work out [with the Pirates], I could always switch fields," he joked.

McKechnie is a cool-sounding name. Let's hope the mother sees fit to make the middle name Gooby.
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