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Posted on: January 3, 2012 2:42 pm
Edited on: January 4, 2012 5:14 pm


The NFL regular season is over and post season has begun. So before we look back at the season that was lets make a few picks here.



In week 14 The Texans beat the Bengals by 1 point in Cincinnati. The Bengals had a better road record then home record this year. Houston has lost 3 straight.

Cincinnati 24-13 over Houston


We have seen this before they say? New Orleans beat Detroit in week 13 they say! Well they are right. And this will be more of the same. That game ended with a 31-17 win for The Saints. Expect much more this time. Think this year's Alamo Bowl.

New Orleans 65-45 over Detroit


I’m really hopeful for this game. I make it a point to tell people how much I can stand he who is not to be named(Coaching the Giants). Am I a journalist? Nope. Do I hope Atlanta destroys the Giants? Yes. Do I think they will. Not really. But I do think they win.

Atlanta 34-26 over New York


Pittsburgh should win this game. New Orleans was supposed to win last year @ Seattle. I get the same vibe here. "Pittsburgh is just too good." Well The Stealers are also hurting. Losing their starting RB and a hobbled QB is not the way you want to go to the playoffs. This is my upset special.

Denver 17-14 in OT over Pittsburgh

Tomorrow I’ll take a look back at the year that was, or wasn't depending on your team's perspective.

Posted on: December 29, 2011 5:09 pm

11-12 NBA Season is about "Luck"

This NBA season is going to be all about Luck. No not in the way that the 2012 NFL Draft will be all about Andrew Luck but in the way of the Luckiest survive. Talent is talent but then again age is age. When you have only about four months to play sixty six games health is going to be an issue. So the younger you are the healthier you are but without experience a team makes more mistakes. Injuries happen to every team and every player, but the older you are the more likely injuries will come up. So the teams that stay healthy are more likely to have more frequent and longer winning streaks. So the luckier you are with your injuries the more likely you are to win. If we look back to the strike shorten 98-99 season, where they played 50 games, you see what I mean. The Spurs had an average age of 30.0 but their go to was Tim Duncan at the ripe ole age of 23 years old. Duncan's stellar play and youthfulness energized the team and their main leadership of Avery Johnson(34) and David Robinson(33)stayed healthy throughout the season and playoffs. This is the formula you need to follow in a strike shorten season. This year not many teams
fit this profile but here are a few to watch.

In the West:

Dallas: Despite a slow start the Mavericks have the pieces in place(if health/lucky) to make a run to the playoffs.

Oklahoma City: Combine the experience gained last year during their run and their youth and this team is going to be dangerous.

Los Angeles Clippers: This team will need to gel but in basketball its easier then other sports. With that said the pace they play the game will be hard to maintain.

San Antonio: They have some good young pieces and Tim Duncan seems to be transitioning to a David Robinson role. They are my dark horse.

In the East:

Miami: This is the only team I’m going to list. I thought about the Bulls or the Knicks and even the Pacers... but really? Not this year, not this season. Miami will win at least 50 games out of 66. No team fits the formula better then the Heat. But like all teams they need to be lucky. A big time injury to either Lebron or D-Wade makes this team very beatable.

I know I’m missing some teams you will say but the Lakers don't have it this year. Its not happening. And as sad as I am to say it The Celtics do not have it as well. It’s going to be good to be lucky this year. Come back next week when I make my playoff predictions!

Macks Alan  

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