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Jeremy Lin proves scouts wrong

 Jeremy Lin's play throught the first six games as a starter have proven that the scouting system of both the NBA and all the teams is flawed. Like Tom Brady, who was a sixth round pick of the New England Patriots and has led them to five Super Bowls and three championships,heart and desire cannot be measured.Lin is not only a inspiriration to asins but to all people who with a little bit of luck and oppurtunity can prove the critics wrong.
Posted on: February 15, 2012 10:05 pm
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Tim Thomas Addition By Subtraction By Distraction

     Tim Thomas's recent comments ,whether fair or not,have become a distraction to
both himself and the Boston Bruins.The endless questions that both his teammates
and Thomas himself must answer on a daily basis have become a burden that all in
the Bruins organization from Cam Neely on down .
 Although the team would never admit it the recent play of the
Boston Bruins would reflect this.The Bruins recent indifferent play could be an
indication of many things mid-season slump ,hitting the wall,etc.cliches all ,but
the recent comments and behavior of Thomas would lead one to believe that this
is having more of an affect on the overall cohesiveness of the Bruins. Both the
play of Thomas and the Bruins must pick up and if not then Thomas must go before
a season with much hope goes down the drain.Let's hope they turn it around on
the road trip much as they did last season when they went 6-0.
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New England Patriots : Top Super Bowl Performance

Over the past decade the
Patriots have had many outstanding performances not only in the regular season
but also in the playoffs but obviously the Super Bowl is where it truly counts and
here is my list of the top performances by a New England Patriot in the Super
Bowl. 6 . Deion Branch 2004- In the 2004 Super Bowl Deion
Branch led the Patriots with 10 receptions and 146 yds. helping Tom Brady to his
second Super Bowl MVP in three years 5.Tom Brady 2004- In a shootout
with the Carolina Panthers again led his team to victory earning his second MVP
award going 32-48 and 354 yds. with 3 touchdown passes. 4. Deion Branch
Tying a Super Bowl record with receptions for 133 yds. Branch earned
MVP honors in leading the New England Patriots to their third Super Bowl victory
in three years establishing them as the dynasty that they have become.
3.Adam Vinatieri 2004- Adam Vinatieri again proved why he will go down
as one of top clutch kickers of all time as he kicked his second game winning
field goal in as many Super Bowl games. 2. Tom Brady 2002- Although the
game was dominated by the Patriots defense shutting down of the "Greatest Show
on Turf " it will always be remembered by Tom Brady's drive at the end of the
game providing the Patriots with the chance to win.Brady
earned the first of two MVP awards based solely on this drive.1.Adam
Vinatieri 2002-
Adam Vinatieri's kicks in the playoffs against the Raiders
cemented hi reputation as big game kicker but the best was yet to come . Adam
Vinatieri's 48 yard kick with time running out not only won the 2002 Super Bowl
for the New England Patriots but would be the start of a dynasty that would see
the Patriots go to five more AFC championships and four more Super Bowls.
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Boston Red Sox:Starting Pitching Outlook 2012

With Josh Beckett ,John Lester and Clay Bucholtz as the top three startes
enterring the 2012 season that leaves two spots open in the rotation.Daniel Bard
has been slated to enter the rotation as the fourth or fifth starter this I feel
will be an experiment with a short leash .Any one that has seen Bard pitch
cannot doubt the talent ,but whether it is best used as a starter or a closer
will remain to be seen.Three starters and an experiment does not make a starting
rotation. Beckett and Lester will have many questions to answer come spring
training lets just hope they decide to prove us wrong by their actions more then
Posted on: January 30, 2012 10:14 pm

Boston Red Sox :Bullpen Outlook 2012

  The Boston Red Sox enter the 2012 season with a different tandem ending
ballgames for the club.With lost of Jonathan Papelbon to free agency (signed
with Phillies ) and with Daniel Bard expected to join the rotation the Red Sox
found themselves in the market for some help in the bullpen. Boston found this
help with the acquisitions of Melanson (setup) and Bailey as closer. Both
pitchers add  talent, youth and upside and most importantly affordability.
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Wes Welker keeps eye on the prize

Wes Welker is saying all the right things as the all-pro and NFL leader in
receptions enters arguably the most important week of his career .Welker who
becomes a free
agent at the end of the season re-mains focused on the task at hand .Denied four years
ago by this same New York Giants team realizes how  fortunate and
difficult it is to be playing in this game .As Tom Brady's main target in this Patriots
high-powered offense both he and the Patriots would love to have him back but at
what cost those questions will be answered in the off season for now the end and
ultimate goal are in sight.  Welker is all business and knows that this
opportunity might not come around again.
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Tim Thomas :To Trade Or Not To Trade

The thought of trading Tim Thomas in Boston would be sacrilegious but is it a
possibility? I think it is.It is not only possible but could be the right move in the
long run.With 37 year old Tim Thomas 'contract expiring at the end of the
2012-2013 season and with backup Tuuka Rask becoming a restricted free agent at the
end of the season the Bruins find themselves in the precarious position of
determining their future between the pipes.Thomas who has become a local hero
and icon finds himself towards the end of his playing days while the bruins have
the heir apparent waiting in the wings in Tuuka Rask (24 yrs.old) and have the
luxury of having two number one goaltenders under their control.With
Thomas' recent snub of the White House invite the Bruins could deal Thomas for
either a stud forward to add to their forward lines or number of draft picks
that could lead to another Tyler Seguin .The Bruins
ownership and management owe it to the fans to produce a winning product on the ice for many
years to come .Tim Thomas led the Bruins to the promise land ,but with his trade
the Bruins could be a perennial powerhouse not just for the present but the foreseeable
Posted on: January 26, 2012 7:16 pm

Myra Kraft :The True 12th Man

  Myra Kraft who passed away July 22nd of 2011 after battling cancer
has continued to affect the lives of the New England Patriots and fans alike .
The Patriot players have dedicated this season to Mrs.Kraft the matriarch of
"Patriot Nation ".Mrs.Kraft who was against her husband Robert Kraft purchasing
the New England Patriots believing it would cut into the charitable work that
was near and dear to her heart soon became an integral part of the Patriots
success that was quite evident at the news of her passing. The Patriots at times
this have truly seemed to have had an angel looking over them no more evident
then the missed field goal by the Ravens kicker . Are the New England Patriots a
team of destiny ? only time will tell . All who have met Mrs. Kraft will tell
you that they are already winners for having known her.This one is for you
Mrs.Kraft win or lose you will always be in the hearts of the players and fans
alike you were the toughest of them all.
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