Posted on: February 14, 2012 4:34 pm

Tebow Talks to the Kids

Just read the continuing saga of the relentless beating Tim Tebow gets for all the good he does.  5th graders wanting to know who he's "hooked up" with.  No wonder our schools are turning out idiot buffoons that can't spell cat if you even spot them the c and the t.  Our society is upside down morally and ethicly.  Watching the Grammys sunday night only epitomizes how far we have fallen.  Exorcisms mocking the Catholic Church and gangstas lavishing accolades on people that would be doing hard time if their hotel rooms were searched.  This is America?  Hogwash!!!  Really this should appear in the NY Slimes but they wouldn't print it.  I'm so sick of criminals, druggie thug atheletes being idolized by the ignorant in this country.  Time to leave Tebow alone and correct what is really wrong with professional sports and our gangsta mentality that is pervading and perverting the good values that Tebow represents to so many. 
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Posted on: February 5, 2012 2:32 pm


Round 2 of the hopeful end of a saga.  2007 Tom Brady and the Patriots were poised to make history.  Greatness had already been attained by 3 prior SB wins.  In the way were Eli Manning and a pesky Giant team.  Today the Patriots correct a fluke and hopefully Madonna keeps her clothes on.  The Giants are still pesky but the win swings to the Patriots this time.  No humiliating run away victory but solid, boring and Bradyesque.  Prediction Patriots 33 Giants 23.  The Twin Towers of Gronkowski and Hernandez are too much for this Giant team or any NFL team.  Keeping Tom Brady off the field with 3 and outs or a bunch of turnovers just not going to happen and is really the Giants only hope. 
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