Posted on: February 23, 2012 1:25 pm

Jeremy Lin

The Knicks are reborn , so far so good. The true test is tonight against a Miami Heat team that is looking to put their mark on them. Lin is playing well and is smart enough to know how to run the offense well. I want to see if Lin, Amare and Carmelo will rise to the level of the Heat and put the word out that they are for real this season. Carmelo is a great scorer who is only been back for a few games. He is known for holding the ball and doing his thing. But now it is up to him to make it happen with the team concept. Lin is taking full advantage of his situation. He has played well in the Knicks system. This will be a good game and a lot of hightlights. But i still feel that Wade and James will show they are better tonight.
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