Posted on: April 1, 2013 2:01 pm

Opening Day 2013

Finally, opening day is here. Three things I have noticed so far: 1. The Texas Rangers may be in trouble. There pitching is not good enough to overcome the losses in that lineup. They need to bring Jurickson Profar up sooner, rather than later. Too bad Ian Kinsler is not team player like Michael Young. 2. Jayson Werth has no business hitting second in the Nationals lineup. He is, at best, a 6th or 7th place hitter and you do not want Bryce Harper hitting solo home runs. 3. I know this is obvious, but Stephen Strasburg is amazing. He does not seem to have is best stuff, leaving a lot of balls up in the zone, yet he has 4 scoreless so far.
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Posted on: May 1, 2012 10:02 pm

What is wrong with Pujols

Everyone is freaking about the terrible start by Albert Pujols, but don't worry, he will be fine. The MLB network has shown just about everyone of his at bats this year and I have never seen him swing at so many bad pitches. He is simply just pressing from the free agent move to Anaheim (or more importantly leaving St. Louis where he was King Albert) . His strikeout rate is higher than it has ever been, and he is swinging at a lot of bad pitches. When he does make contact he is just rolling over pitches that are outside and off the plate. Once he gets settled in, he will start mashing again. I know this next part may sound crazy, but move him to 3rd for a little while. Trumbo had major problems at third, but putting Albert there will still keep Trumbo and Morales in the lineup. Maybe the move would cause Pujols to focus more on defense, keep,him from pressing so much on offense, and get him more into the rhythm of the game. Just a thought.
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