Posted on: November 16, 2012 10:37 am

Dolphins Coaching Staff to Blame

MIami can blame their coaching staff for the last two weeks. Reggie Bush is one of the best backs in the league catching the ball out of the backfield, yet he is on the sidelines during passing downs. If the coaching staff does not think he can take 25 touches a game, then fine, but play to his strengths. Get him the ball out in space where he does his best work. Daniel Thomas just runs into the middle of pack every time he gets the ball, but if you want to split carries between him and Bush then use them correctly. Put Thomas in on early downs,run him in between the tackles and short yardage. Put Bush in on passing downs, get him some screens, draws, and flares out in the flat where he can use his speed. The Dolphin coaching staff has done the exact opposite the last two weeks and their offense has scored 1 TD. They were down 19-7 in the 4th quarter and passing every down, yet Bush was on the sideline and Daniel Thomas was blanketed by the Bill LB's. When you need big plays, maybe you should put in the best playmaker and fastest guy on your offense in the game. Who uses their quick, pass catching back to run between the tackles and sit on the sideline for passing downs, while they send the slow 235 pound bulldozing back out in pass routes? Oh, the Dolphins. Morons.
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Posted on: March 10, 2012 7:38 pm

A Jags Fan Plea for Peyton

This is a plea to the Jaguar front office to finally do something to make Jacksonville relevant again in the NFL, bring in Peyton Manning. The Jaguars have become an afterthougth in the NFL since Tom Coughlin left, but Peyton would change that in a hurry. Jacksonville would be the center of attention for at least the next 9 months and those declining ticket sales would take a dramatic turn upward. We may eventually be able to remove those tarps and still sellout. The Jaguars owner himself has said "he wants to make a big splash and he would have drafted Tebow." Well here is your chance Mr. Khan, don't let it pass us by again. I bet #18 Manning Jaguar jerseys would even outsell the protocol son himself, Tebow. For those NFL experts who think this would be a stupid media stunt to sell tickets, you are dead wrong. This is a sound football decision and could make the Jags Super Bowl contenders for the next 2 or 3 years, while still building for the future. The Jaguars are $40 million under the salary cap, so they could bring in Peyton and 2 very good wide receivers with him (Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Vincent Jackson, Robert Meachem). This would open up huge lanes for Maurice Jones-Drew and extend his career a couple of years. If he continues to take the pounding he took last year, he will not make it 5 more years. Manning has never had a back like Mojo and with say Wayne and Garcon on the outside, Mike Thomas in the slot, and Marcedes Lewis at TE, this would be a dangerous offense. Blaine Gabbert could sit for the next 2 years and learn from one of the best ever, because from what I saw last year, he is clearly not ready. The defense is very sound and with the offense fixed through free agency, you can spend your draft on defensive end, cornerback and depth. Since the Jaguars would no longer have a desperate need to draft a WR at #7, they could trade down and acquire more picks next year and later in this draft, setting them up for the future. The Jaguars would be Super Bowl contenders for the next couple of years and when Manning is ready to retire, Gabbert would be stepping in to a good, experienced team. Unfortunately, this all makes way too much sense and the Jags front office will never do it.
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