Posted on: April 6, 2012 4:16 pm

April 6, 2012

Welcome, one and all, to the inaugural edition of the Midnite Hour.

As I type, Fred Couples is tied for the lead at the Masters. Fred last won the Masters in 1992 and is a big buddy of "Mr. CBS Sports", Jim Nantz. If he stays in contention through Sunday, look for Nantz to be openly rooting for him. That being said, I think Freddie will return to reality tomorrow. I just hope we don't have another no-name winner like Charl Schwartzel. One year later, I still wonder "Who the heck is Charl Scwartzel?"

Bobby Petrino is hanging on to his job at Arkansas by a thread. It seems like Bobby P has been influenced by the surroundings of his last two college stops. At Louisville, he was a co-worker of "Slick" Rick Pitino, and seems to have inherited Rick's penchant for extramarital affairs. Arkansas, of course, is the home of our esteemed 42nd President, "Slick" Willie Clinton. I have a feeling Bobby is not going to slide like his two mentors, though. He doesn't have that Teflon feel about him.

The Saints are in the news, as they have been for a while. Does anybody really think Roger Goodell is going to reduce any suspensions, especially in light of the Gregg Williams tape? I didn't think so. Speaking of Williams, this guy goes beyond the pale of a normal football coach. Methinks he has serious psychological issues. Here's hoping he'll use his idle time seeking the help he desperately needs.

The Braves (my MLB fave) are 0-1. They lost 1-0 to the Mets yesterday. Their offense was offensive, just as it was in the September collapse. If the Braves start poorly, Fredi Gonzalez could become unemployed. Already there are whispers the old Number 6,(Bobby Cox) might make a comeback. Of course, there are 161 games to go. If the Braves reel off a long hot streak, Fredi will become a genius.

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