Posted on: June 1, 2012 12:47 pm

Lebron, Lebrick, Lablah,blah,blah....

I get why some people hate on Lebron so much. I don't care for his attitude on the court, I don't care for the way he conducted himself leaving Cleveland and the way he, Wade and Bosch came out to basically a fourth of July fireworks display to announce the fact that they hadn't won a single thing together was ridiculous.

Still, will the guy catch a break even if the Heat win a championship?

Tebow is kind of a fun polarizing figure. Even if you think the guy stinks as a QB he's hard to root against because he's an easily likeable character.

James however is the kind of guy that creates more enjoyment by being a villian, even if he doesn't want to be.

Perhaps that's what Lebron will go down as, a wanna-be Jordan.

It's an argument easily made considering how often he has failed in the clutch moment at the end of games and no matter how some analysts want to paint it that's called choking. I don't care how many shots you made in 45 minutes of a game, just talk to me about the last shot you took. Did it win your team a game or did you fall just short?

It's partially the medias fault as well. The guy got dubbed 'King' James before he ever had a crown. That's a lot of hype to live up to and after his comments about multiple championships even if the Heat win the trophy this season it won't matter unless they win another one.

So I guess between Lebron's big yapper and ESPN begging for the next Michael Jordan the guy was destined to fail.

Sad thing is though I doubt anyone will show mercy if he falls flat on his face.

Then again if its the final minutes of his career he would miss his face and hit the side of his block head.

It's to the point now I almost hope he wins a championship, but then everyone would swing the other way and tug his other nut instead. I can hear it now, "I always new Lebron had the talent, it was probably the way we talked about how he sucked everyday that motivated him to a title!".

What, you didn't think he would get the credit did you?

I guess the only team I have been able to cheer for in the NBA for awhile would be the Spurs. They prove it can still be a team sport even if the NBA has changed the rules, or sometimes ignores the rules (ever see a superstar get called for travelling?) to try and showcase the money makers.

In the end it's up to Lebron. He has to win a title in game 7, down by 1 with 3 seconds left on the clock by making a fade-away jumper over 4 defenders while losing a shoe with his headband over at least one eye.

That's not too tall a order is it?

ON A SIDE NOTE - Espn needs to move the slam dunk down to the bottom of the top ten. I get it, Jordan on the highlights literally made ESPN the juggernaut it is. Seriously though, its the most overrated play in sports and every night I watch at least a dozen plays that don't even make the top 10 that are more impressive.
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