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I got some problems ... with the bowl system.

I'm obsessed ... with bowl games.

I know, it's not healthy.

It definitely comes from my childhood where I used to set up four TVs in the living room on New Year's Day to watch all the games. Mom wasn't too happy when I took the TV out of her bedroom to watch four games at once.

Mom: "How can you watch four games at one time? You don't even know what's going on."

Me: "Sure I can, Georgia Tech is beating Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl! If they win, it's going to have to be a split national title!"

Mom: "Just make sure its back in my bedroom tonight so I can watch Rescue 911."

Ahh, Jan. 1, 1991. Memories.

Back to 2008.

I'm amazed to think what we've come to in this day and age is 34 bowl games. THIRTY-FOUR BOWLS?!?!? Do we really need that many?

Since when did bowl games become what everything else in society has become -- rewarding mediocrity. In the 1970s when I was in elementary school and we had a Field Day competition, the person that finished 4th got NOTHING. Top three get ribbons, the best were rewarded, the losers were not. That's how a compeititon works, you reward the people that succeed.

Now everybody wins. It's ok that little Curly Sue finished 43th out of 50 kids in her 3rd grade race. She gets a ribbon. Everybody wins! We wouldn't want you to go home and think you failed. You won! It's a great way to set up kids for life because that's how the real world works (being sarcastic). Just do an average job and get rewarded.

Now when Curly Sue goes to apply for a job at the local Panda Express in the mall when she's 16 and doesn't get it. Don't you think she's going to be a little confused because her whole life she's been never lost?

This is the same idiotic treatment we are getting from the so-called sport that I love -- college football.

Since when did we start rewarding teams for finishing .500? Are the NCAA and bowl officials worried that the players are going to feel bad when they go 6-6, while their friends went 8-3 are are playing in the Libery Bowl? It's called life college football, but I'm not surprised from a sport that continues to determine which two teams play for the championship by human voting and a computer ranking.

Way too many games. We could easily cut it down to 24. I know that won't make everybody happy, but we don't need Conference-USA getting six bids or the ACC getting nine, etc., etc. Let's make it so getting to a bowl is a tremendous accomplishment.

As for the actual games, look at some of the things that jumped out a me:

Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 -- Five games on each day, the way college football should be. Chick-fil-A and Sun povide the best possible matchups on Dec. 31, while Jan. 1 is loaded with the best full day of games.

Hawaii Bowl, Dec. 24 -- The past couple of seasons the Hawaii Bowl has taken a team from the WAC against a Conference-USA team. This year its WAC vs. Pac-10. Much better matchup for the West Coast and will probably give fans a high-scoring affair. The only problem is, hopefully it wont last until 1 a.m. when Santa is supposed to come.

The Congressional Bowl -- ACC No. 9? Are you serious? When's the last time the ACC had nine bowl-eligible teams? This game has Navy vs. Maryland written all over it. This might be the easiest bowl to predict. Now what if the ACC doesn't have enough teams, then we might be looking at Sun Belt No. 2

Notre Dame -- Love them or hate them, they are the darlings of bowl selection and this year it will be the Gator Bowl. The Gator Bowl can take a Big 12 or Big East team and since they had Texas Tech last year, that means they get first choice of Notre Dame is the Irish are bowl-eligible. So expect the Irish to be in Jacksonville on Jan. 1.

Jan. 2 -- Three games on Jan. 2 this year? Sweet. Cotton at 2 p.m., Liberty at 5 p.m. and Sugar at 8 p.m. Tell the wife and loved ones you are busy that Friday. (Wow, Jan. 1 games, Jan. 2 games, then the weekend with NFL playoff games!)

And, the national title is in Miami. Will we see Ohio State vs. SEC, Part 3? Stay tuned...

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Posted on: May 6, 2008 10:48 am

Early BCS Projections, Part 2

With Dennis Dodd's updated Spring Top 25, let's take a look at part 2 of the early, early BCS projections:

BCS: Ohio State vs. Georgia. The top two teams in the nation would meet in Miami for all the marbles. Obviously this is an early projection, but for now let's assume Dodd's top 2 teams remain there all season.

The Rose Bowl would get first choice of all the replacement teams, but they love to keep that Big Ten vs. Pac-10 tradition, so expect them to take another Big Ten team if they can -- maybe Illinois or Wisconsin. Now if USC is the Pac-10 representative, I'm not so sure they take Illinois in a rematch game. Wisconsin vs. USC would be there best choice, but it IS possible for them to take a Big 12 team, not likely, but if Missouri is way up there, maybe Top 4, it could have a Missouri vs. USC game.

Now the Sugar Bowl also would lose an anchor team (SEC Champ), so it would get second choice of all the remaining teams. And you better believe if Florida is ranked in the Top 7, the Gators and Tim Tebow are heading to New Orleans.

So now we need to put the rest of the conference champs in place. ACC Champ -- projected Clemson -- heads to the Orange Bowl; Big 12 Champ -- projected Oklahoma -- heads to the Fiesta Bowl.

So this is what we have:

BCS: Ohio State vs. Georgia
Rose: USC vs. Big 10 No. 2 (Wisconsin/Illinois) or Missouri
Orange: Clemson vs.
Sugar: Florida vs.
Fiesta: Oklahoma vs.

Now the rest of the selection for 2009 is as follows -- Fiesta, Sugar and Orange. With the Fiesta getting first choice, they probably would pass on West Virginia to avoid a rematch, but could take Arizona State, if the Sun Devils finish high enough in the final standings. Now if Missouri ends up in the Rose Bowl, then Wisconsin in the Fiesta would be the most logical choice.

Next up is the Sugar Bowl, and they would snag West Virginia (Big East champs) or Missouri. West Virginia travels well, Pat White's final game or the prospects of taking the Big 12 runner up with a potential Heisman Trophy winner in Chase Daniel.

The Orange gets the final pick and still could end up with Missouri if everybody elses passes or West Virginia depending on who the Sugar Bowl takes in front of them.

Now here is the big kicker -- BYU. They could be the BCS party crasher this year. They will start out in the preseason Top 20, could easily run through their conference games. Their non conference games are Northern Iowa, Utah State, Washington and UCLA. Now, they beat UCLA last year and the game is in Provo, but still could lose and they travel to Washington on Sept. 6. If BYU qualifies, they most likely will be headed to Miami, unless the Fiesta Bowl shocks everybody and takes them with the first selection after the replacement picks.

BCS: Ohio State vs. Georgia
Rose: USC vs. Illinois/Wisconsin/Missouri
Orange: Clemson vs. West Virginia/Missouri/BYU
Sugar: Florida vs. West Virginia/Missouri
Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. Arizona State/Wisconsin/BYU


Posted on: April 28, 2008 3:49 pm

Some guys should have stayed in school

Alot of great underclassmen were drafted over the weekend -- Darren McFadden, Ryan Clady, Vernon Gholston -- just to name a few, but some of these guy who bolted college a year early, probably are wishing they stayed another season.

Some of the guys of note who left early, who could have used another year in school:

Adrian Arrington, Michigan, WR: With Chad Henne, Michael Hart, Mario Manningham and Lloyd Carr all leaving Michigan, it was no surprise to see Arrington leave too, but I'm sure he was hoping to go a little higher than the No. 237th pick overall (7th round). The Saints actually made a trade to grab Arrington in the final round. At 6-foot-3 he could be another big target for Drew Brees.

Xavier Lee, Florida State, QB/TE: My how the mighty have fallen. Lee was rated as one of the top-rated quarterbacks in 2004 and now he is an undrafted free agent. Lee never had a major impact at Florida State. He told the Miami Herald, "I know my athletic ability will get me to the next level. I made some mistakes -- missing classes -- but I know in my heart I didn't get a good chance" at Florida State. So far nobody has come calling.

Erin Henderson, Maryland, LB: According to the Baltimore Sun, NFL analyst Mike Mayock suggested his size and history of knee injuries cost him a chance to be drafted. Henderson thought for sure he would be drafted on the second day, but was passed over by every team. He did agree to a free-agent contract with the Vikings to join his brother E.J. Henderson.

Johnny Dingle, West Virginia, DE: The 6-2 defensive end from the Mountaineers was expected to be a second-day pick, but unfortunately for him his name was not called. Another player from a team with a coaching change. He was coming off his best season in 2007 with nine sacks, but nobody came calling. He did sign a free agent contact with the Chiefs on Monday.

Davone Bess and Ryan Grice-Mullen, Hawaii, WR: With Colt Brennan and Jason Rivers exhausting their eligiblity, these two also decided to leave school a year early, but neither was drafted. Grice-Mullen missed part of his pro day workout with cramping, but still ran a 4.3 40-yard dash. His size might of scared teams off, considering he was just 5-10, 187 pounds. Grice-Mullen signed with the Texans, while Bess, who is also 5-10, signed with the Dolphins.


Posted on: March 14, 2008 2:25 pm

March Madness ... of football?

It's hard to get geared up for college football season in the middle of March, especially with all the big conference tournaments going on and Selection Sunday on the horizon, but can you believe some schools are in spring practice?!?!?!?

I mean, it's March. Tourney time, baby! Bubble watch ... Automatic bids ... filling out your tournament bracket ... not watching football.

Not yet.

Some schools like Clemson, North Carolina, South Florida, Oklahoma State, Georgia, Arizona, etc. have been playing spring football for a week now!

Georgia's got a spring outlook on its site, even though its team is still playing in the SEC Tournament. I guess football rules at Georgia. But, you already knew that.

Vanderbilt's spring game is March 29. How many people in the state of Tennessee will be excited by that if the Commodores are still alive in the Elite Eight?

Hey listen, I love college football too, but I'm just not ready to start following spring practices. Not yet, I just can't do it. Give me a call around April 1 when we are down to the Final Four, then I can turn my attention to college football.

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Signing Day Eve

Is there such a thing? Well, there should be.

Christmas Eve is the day when kids get all excited because Santa is coming tomorrow and hoping to get the presents they asked for.

Signing Day Eve is the day when adults get all excited because the five-star recruit they've been drooling over the past two months, might put on the hat of their favorite team. I'm sure Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame fans all over the country will have trouble sleeping tonight, because they don't know what tomorrow will bring.

I can't make any promises, but here is what I bring today .... rumors:

As reported by the Bleacher Report, the nation's No. 1 wide receiver Julio Jones, might be signing with Alabama.

The website said he was spotted at the LSU-Alabama basketball game in Tuscaloosa on Saturday with Alabama commits Burton Scott and Robert Lester.

Jones has basically narrowed his choices down to Oklahoma, Florida State and Alabama. Texas Tech also had a shot, but he canceled his visit this weekend to Lubbock. He will announce his plans at 11 a.m. on ESPNU's recruiting show.

As for the nation's top quarterback Terrelle Pryor, its down to Ohio State and Michigan.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Terrelle Pryor told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review he is 80 percent sure he'll announce his college choice Wednesday afternoon on National Signing Day.

That pretty much means Oregon is out, considering he never visited the campus. So it's all coming down to Ohio State or Michigan.

Darrell Scott, the nation's No. 1-rated running back, is expected to choose between Colorado and Texas.

According to the Daily Camera, Scott told several recruiting services last month he was leaning toward Texas because it offers the chance to play early, tradition and warm weather. In interviews last fall, Scott told the Daily Camera and other media outlets he was heavily favoring Colorado because of early playing time and the fact his uncle, freshman wide receiver Josh Smith, is already a Buff.

The only other undecided player left on's Top 25 is Quinton Coples, a 6-foot-6, 245-pound, defensive lineman from Virginia.

Coples has a handful of schools to choose from, including Florida State, Tennessee, North Carolina and N.C. State. Mike Farrell, from, reported there are also strong rumors that he is headed to join the Tar Heels, but Coples has publicly denied that he is committed, and he is scheduled to announce on Signing Day.

Stay tuned, tomorrow is a big day.

Posted on: January 23, 2008 1:05 pm

Terrelle Pryor, Darrell Scott and Julio Jones

With National Signing Day right around the corner, the top three prospects are still undecided.

The nation's No. 1 prospect, QB Terrelle Pryor, appears to have his choices down to four.

According to Terrelle Pryor's official website -- yes, he has his own official site -- he says he's still considering Ohio State, Michigan, LSU and Oregon, which indicates that Florida and Penn State may have fallen out of the picture.

He just visited Michigan and the Detroit Free Press reports his high school coach "liked" his trip. Pryor sat with Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez for parts of the game and Pryor was serenaded with “WE WANT PRYOR!!!” and “COME TO MICHIGAN!!!” chants from the student section.

He already visited Ohio State and will probably get to LSU and Oregon in the next couple of weeks.

"I talked over the Michigan visit with my dad when I got back, and I still have a lot of comparing to do," Pryor said. "And I'm going to take at least one or two more official visits if I can fit them in."

Darrell Scott, the nation's top RB, is likely leaning toward Texas. "Texas is still in the same place they were before. They hold a slight lead over Colorado."

According to, the coaches from Austin are think they're going to win this battle with the Buffaloes. Scott still might be taking a visit to LSU, but it appears to be down the two Big 12 rivals. His uncle, Josh Smith, is a freshman wide receiver with the Buffaloes, which could play into where he lands.

The, a newspaper from Colorado, said Scott told them nothing is more important to him than family when he made an official visit to Colorado in October, but they also report that Scott isn't a fan of the cold weather in Boulder, which is one of the reasons Texas is in the lead.

As for Julio Jones, the nation's top receiver from Alabama. He is considering Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma and Texas Tech, but the Crimson Tide are definitely the front runner. According to, he cut short his visit to Florida, so they are probably out.

He is headed to Norman, OK to visit the Sooners this weekend, where Stoops and Co. will try their hardest to steal him from Saban.

Stay tuned...



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Looking Ahead....Way Ahead

Dennis Dodd unveiled his early, early Top 25 for next season earlier this week:

Now I know we are jumping the gun and anything can happen (just look at this past season), but for fun, I took all the early Top 25 polls from all the major sports websites and came up with a compiled list. Here is the Top 15:

1. Georgia (3) -- 85 points
2. Oklahoma (1) -- 79 points
3. Ohio State (2) -- 76 points
4. Southern Cal. -- 69 points
5t. Missouri -- 66 points
5t. Florida -- 66 points
7. LSU -- 56 points
8. Texas -- 30 points
9. Wisconsin -- 28 points
10. West Virginia -- 27 points
11. Kansas -- 25 points
12. Clemson -- 24 points
13. Texas Tech -- 21 points
14. Virginia Tech -- 22 points
15. Auburn -- 11 points

Others: Penn State, 10; Arizona State, 9; Tennessee, 8; Illinois, 6; BYU, 2.

So how would the bowls shape up? Good thing you asked....

BCS Title: Georgia vs. Oklahoma: If the poll holds to form, here are your No. 1 and No. 2 teams.

Orange: Clemson vs. BYU? Big Ten No. 2? With the last selection of the BCS eligible teams, the Orange Bowl is going to get stuck with whoever is left. A second Big Ten team -- Wisconsin or Illinois or the non-BCS party crasher. BYU will have the best chance to earn this slot. Now if Arizona State can work its way up the rankings, they could land here too, but they would more likely go to the Fiesta Bowl, allowing the Orange to get West Virginia.

Rose: Ohio State vs. USC: Easiest one to predict -- the Big Ten Champ vs. the Pac-10 Champ.

Sugar: Florida vs. Virginia Tech: The Sugar will almost certainly take the second-best SEC team and match them up with an ACC team or the Big East champion (West Virginia)

Fiesta: Missouri vs. West Virginia: If the Big 12 champion is in the title game, the Fiesta Bowl will probably replace them with another Big 12 team. It also gets first choice in the rest of the pecking order after the replacement teams. Looking at the above compiled rankings, West Virginia is the obvious choice. Now if Arizona State/Oregon or another Big Ten team is ranked high, they will grab them, allowing West Virginia to go Orange or Sugar.


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Did you see this story this morning:

Somebody at the NCAA actually proposed a playoff? In Division I-A? Are you kidding me?

I'm not surprised it was Georgia president Michael Adams, considering he felt his team was one of the best in the nation. Would he have proposed a playoff if his team was say ... 7-5? Or what about if the Bulldogs beat Ohio State to win the BCS crown. Would he have done the same thing? Probably not.

But either way, its good to see the NCAA Board of Directors is going to study the possibility of it happening. 

His playoff proposal of the Sugar, Orange, Rose and Fiesta bowls as the opening round is horrendous. I mean, the first round is the Fiesta Bowl? So what is the semifinal round? Motor City Bowl? That proposal will never happen, but maybe if he tweaked to say first-round games at higher-seeded schools' sites and then use the bowls the rest of the way is more likely.

Ahhh, who are we kidding. None of it is more likely. We all know deep down the presidents and the BCS are never going to go for this.

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