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Posted on: October 1, 2008 12:15 pm
Edited on: October 1, 2008 2:35 pm

Photo caption contest: Al Davis is... THE CLAW!


Not to be confused with THE GIANT CLAW.

Seriously, though, why does he always hold his hand like that?

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October Scoreboard
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*September Winner: Mister Peabody
*August Winner: turbozo
*July Winner: NFL-Solomon
*June Winner: Strictly Butta
*May Winner: Strictly Butta
*April Winner: Jalap
*March Winner: Badger_colorado
*February Winner: TennFan1975

1. Whoa... I didn't know that Tales From the Crypt was still on TV. I mean, the show looks kinda boring now, but that crypt keeper is scarier than ever.
2. There may not have been a good place to put golf clubs, but that drink girl was all about the valet service.
3. I'm not so sure I'm down with the new direction that Sean John is going here.
4. If you thought NASCAR fans were raucous, you should see the crowd at a Mario Kart event.
5. Reminds me of Baseketball... Way to go soccer, you're finally starting to look like a more legitimate sport.
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