Posted on: November 10, 2008 12:20 pm
Edited on: November 10, 2008 8:10 pm

Photo caption contest: Revolution!

"Of course you know, this means war!"

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November Scoreboard
1. Hoosier Mick 3
2. EagleMtnAirtax 2
2. Mister Peabody 2
2. Jellydonut 2
2. River_Rat 2
3. NFL-Solomon 1
3. Tarheel_rockman 1
3. CZRT 1
3. Mr. Unknown! 1
3. ktopp24 1
3. BigBluMasochist 1
3. jjcraig81 1
3. Cosmic Kellett 1
3. mefisher 1
3. Ooopsflynn 1
3. Sunnysidez86 1
3. Meat Supply 1
3. silent mike 1
*October Winner: Train Derailer
*September Winner: Mister Peabody
*August Winner: turbozo
*July Winner: NFL-Solomon
*June Winner: Strictly Butta
*May Winner: Strictly Butta
*April Winner: Jalap
*March Winner: Badger_colorado
*February winner: TennFan1975

1. When Colonel Armstrong told his troops to, "Make haste with your ramrods and musket balls!" he should have expected that at least one of his men would whip it out. He also should have known that threatening the soldier with, "discharge" would make him a laughingstock around the officers table.
2. ...and thus ended the most disturbing oral sex demonstration of all time.
3. A new weight class has been added above heavyweight... Known as "Overweight", this class only requires that fighters meet a minimum standard of 70% body fat. To build interest in the obese community, initial rules allow for gloves filled with delicious jellies and creams.
4. In a side-by-side test with the Army's Uncle Sam poster, 96% of recruits preferred the Air Force's new poster, featuring "that girl Brandy who you went to high school with, and who may possibly hook up with you once she finds out you've enlisted." . The other 4% were not allowed to join.
5. "You see, Allen, winning and losing isn't all that important in Detroit... as long as you burn something down when it's over."
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