Posted on: October 8, 2008 12:08 pm

Photo caption contest: Bustin' on Bush...

Or, Phelps is daring him to grab Laura's butt...

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October Scoreboard
1. Train Derailer 5
2. River_Rat 4
3. Hoosier Mick 2
3. NFL-Solomon 2
3. CptMasterShake 2
3. TJ4499 2
4. EagleMtnAirtax 1
4. Jellydonut 1
4. Meat Supply 1
4. Tarheel_rockman 1
4. dudlydorit 1
4. Bluesox51 1
4. bostonboy46 1
*September Winner: Mister Peabody
*August Winner: turbozo
*July Winner: NFL-Solomon
*June Winner: Strictly Butta
*May Winner: Strictly Butta
*April Winner: Jalap
*March Winner: Badger_colorado
*February Winner: TennFan1975

1. "Not even Rosetta Stone has a program that could help you understand what this guy is saying."
2. Tiger Woods announces that he has bought Spain, and plans to turn it in to the world's largest golf course. The par-3124 course is slated to open in 2010. Tiger said he expects to shoot in the mid-90s.
3. Why I'll be voting for McCain.
4. After the tournament, Toshi was awarded with the traditional giant cup of saki and a delicious baby.
5. I don't think everyone would love Michael Phelps so much if they knew he had been using a bowling pin to systematically murder hobos and vagrants since 1997. "Yeees," thinks Phelps, "58 hobos has got to be a world record..."
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