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Maryland Pride My Arse!

Dear Under Armour,
What have you done?

This isn't pride for the state of Maryland. I am from Maryland. These uniforms are hideous. I have never witnessed message boards and social networking blow up in the degree they did tonight. Being from Maryland, I appreciate the incorporation of the state flag, however, it is too large, too gaudy. The shoes are horrific. As a sports fan, this is awful; as a Marylander, this is disgraceful. These uniforms look as if they belong in a Euro footie league, I halfway expected to hear buzzing and chanting in the stadium.
Maryland has always struggled with an identity issue with their uniforms. I have never understood why the athletic department could not choose something and stick with it for a duration of time. I wonder, is it because they feel they cannot compete merchandise wise with other school's in the ACC that turn a huge profit (Duke, UNC, Florida State, etc) -- so they keep changing uniforms to keep merchandise sales up?
Honestly, they look like oversized Jockey's that have wandered from Pimlico and found their way onto a football field. There are other ways of showing pride for your team and state, and the university you went to and played a sport for.
Fear the Turtle? I think not, I think the opposing team might fear the big yellow, red, black blobs moving toward them, laughing all the way to the end zone.
Oh and by the way, your little video clip annoyed me, at the tail end it says "this ain't no uniform", while you are representing the athletic department of a university it is still a university...where students do learn.

Posted on: November 30, 2008 9:00 am

BCS broken

Once again, it's the same story, different year, great team's that should be in contention for the National Championship are out of the running, simply because they have one or two losses, some even three. I have said this on countless occasions on this site, and will say it again, the BCS is a ridiculous system, that crucifies each team that loses. There is no chance to rebound, no chance to show that your team had a close game and just simply lost. Every other major collegiate sport under the NCAA has a tournament to crown it's champion. It is not decided by computer rankings or calculations.

Every year, someone that should be considered for the National Championship is left in the dark. Reasons are, they lost a game or their strength of schedule is not as good as another team's are, or the computer did not pick them. This controversy has been going on for years, and frankly I am tired of hearing about it. It is a matter of greed among the NCAA and the universities and it needs to stop. For the greater good of college athletics, the system desperately needs to be revamped, the solution is simple, but people are scared to change a system that doesn't work.

Currently in Division I Football, by the BCS Championship Bowl Game.

In the next tier, Football Championship Subdivision (formerly known as Division I-AA), a playoff system of 16 teams is in place. The sunday after the final game is played, the field of 16 is released, playoffs begin later that week, eight games. The following week four games, the following week, the semi-finals, then the following week, the finals. This playoff system has been in place for quite some time and is proven to work. Also, the top four team's are ranked and there is home field advantage involved. The champion from the subdivision, is called the FCS Division I Champ...although old schoolers like me still find themselves referring to it as D-IAA.

Basically, what I am saying is the BCS system has failed miserably, and has bored the fans of college football. It is time for a major change in a positive direction. That direction should be a playoff field, it could be 16 teams or another number. I think it should be based on the AP poll, decided ultimately by committee as the field of 64/65 is for the Men's Tournament is for March Madness. Yes, ultimately someone is going to be upset they are not included. Also, since there is a tremendous amount of money involved in bowl games, so many programs and conferences have team's that are bowl eligible, there would need to be sufficient playoff spots to appease the coaches and athletic directors. The monetary sponsorships that would normally go with bowl games could go to each tournament location. The logistics of this would still need to be determined, would it be a home field advantage as done in the FCS or would it be another locale?

Ask yourself these question, how many bowl games did you watch last year? How many games really excited you? How many games did you turn off during the game because it was truly boring? I found myself flipping to find something on, the bowl games just bored me, they lacked excitement. And I love football, I love college football. This does not do these players who have worked so hard to get to the post-season justice. Imagine the excitement this would create for college football, and how a true national champion would be crowned in Division I through this manner (by the way, fans of the FCS...including myself, do not beleive the BCS crowns a true National Champion, that title is extended to the Champ of the FCS Division). And as for excitement to watch a tournament and watch your team survive and advance from week to week, and ultimately win the National Title is a phenominal thing.
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Posted on: August 14, 2008 10:25 am

Dear CBS Sportsline

Please add the subdivision teams for college football to your list of teams. There are many users on here that are fans, alum, supporters of these schools. They are listed on the College Basketball page, but nothing for College Football. We find ourselves having to talk football on other boards. It'd be nice to have a App State Football board.
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Yes, you read the title correctly. I am saying it now, and mark my words, Appalachian's Junior QB Armanti Edwards is on the list for the Heisman this year. And please do not give me this crap he is a ONLY I-AA or Subdivision QB...he is a phenom. The 6'0" 175 Junior, pretty much was overlooked by the larger BCS schools due to his smaller build. Edwards is fast and has been setting records left and right. He is not afraid to jump into a pile or run the ball to move the chains.

Edwards gained the national spotlight when he lead the Mountaineers to a 34-32 victory over the Michigan Woverines at the Big House. We have talked about that game time and time again. He simply did not give up, neither did the rest of the team...thus bringing home the victory - which shocked the entire College Football world. Well not the entire College Football world, there we were some believers out there, that knew what Edwards and the rest of the squad was capable of accomplishing. In December, he led the Appalachian State Mountaineer's to a third straight National Title.

Eyes will be watching Armanti Edwards, I guarantee you he will be in the running for the Heisman this year. And once again, the spotlight will be on the little town in Boone, NC.
Posted on: February 20, 2008 2:47 pm

Go ahead LSU get your whine on now

Got home last night to see the following article on the site LSU's QB Suspended Indefinitely.

How interesting. I heard that the next QB in succession is from the Ivy League.

Does this change the match-up in August against my alma mater, Appalachian State?

What if LSU does not perform up to standards, will it be said it was because of QB issues?

Go ahead get your whine on now, your team has six months to prepare if he's not going to play at all. Practice starts on February 29.

I will say this, we have at Appalachian State a returning QB. He is a Junior this year, his name is Armanti Edwards, learn his name - he will become a household name in football. He may be small, smaller than most of the QB's in your precious Division I (BCS), but Edwards is fast and has some moves. He is one to be watched...mark my words.
Posted on: February 17, 2008 5:32 pm

What it was Was Football

Something just got me thinking. UNC fans may know about this, it is absolutely hilarious. Years ago, my Granny, even though an NC State fan, was always providing me with the coolest Carolina stuff. In the 80's when albums were cool, she gave me a commemorative UNC album with the Struttin' Ram on it, I believe it was called Carolina Fever? Well this was on it....

Andy Griffith - What it was Was Football

The big orange drink just cracks me up!
Posted on: February 10, 2008 5:02 pm

Appalachian State Football we have earned RESPECT

I am sitting here in Raleigh, North Carolina, and most of you know am a very proud alum of Appalachian State University. I majored in Sports Public Relations, interned with the Sports Information Department and the Yosef Club. I graduated in December of 1995, when our football team went undefeated in the regular season.

And if you know me at all, I am passionate about the things I love. There are many things in this world that I love, my wonderful son and all my other team's, but that is not what I am talking about today. I love my alma mater, I love what it stands for, I love the football program, I love the little town of Boone in which the university is situated in. I take GREAT pride in the fact that I am an alum of Appalachian State University, and that we have an amazing football program. Coach Jerry Moore and his staff have built a program that is clean is fundamentally strong.

Last year, when it was announced that we were going to be playing Michigan, everyone said, we'd get our arses kicked and handed to us in a hand basket. I did not believe this. I had confidence in the program, the system that Coach Moore has in place. I knew he'd have our boys ready. I knew that our Sophomore QB Armanti Edwards and Senior RB Kevin Richardson as well as the rest of the team would stun the fans in the Big House. As the game approached, I stood firm on the fact that the following would happen:
  1. We were not going to the Big House for a Field Trip and Guided Tour, we were going to earn respect
  2. We were going to get national attention from this game
  3. We were going to stun the fans of Michigan
  4. Armanti Edwards would lead the team to score twice, in the endzone, not field goals
  5. We may be smaller, but we were also fast, Michigan better be prepared
  6. We were not going to get blown out of the Big House, the final score would be respectable, and we would hold Michigan to under 40 points
Never did I guarantee a win. I am just confident and rather familiar with my alma mater's program, and the preparations Coach Moore puts his team through. If you look at all the points listed above, all of these things happened, the surprise, and bonus, was we shocked everyone by winning the game. The only ones that needed to believe that they could do it were the players on the field and the coaching staff that was behind them.

That win at Michigan did more for my small university in free publicity, potential recruits, and putting us on the road to stepping up to Division I, than the $400,000 check we received for playing in the game. We all of a sudden earned RESPECT. Well that is what I thought, until the schedule was released this past Friday, and I saw we were playing the Defending BCS Champion LSU.

Then I saw it happening all over again, people saying we are in Division 2, that we are INFERIOR, and so on and so on. Either this is the biggest lack of respect or they are scared, I can not quite decide. Some of these people are making comments about Division I-AA football, but lack the basic knowledge about the team's that play in the Division. They lack the knowledge that Appalachian received votes in the final AP Poll, finishing ahead of  other Division I school's. They lack the knowledge that Appalachian finished 44th in the Sagarin ratings last year before many DIVISION I school's. Appalachian won their third straight National Championship this past season, this is unprecedented in their Division or higher, meaning a Division I school/BCS Championship has never had a 3 peat. And Division I-AA has a playoff system, so it (IMO is even harder to repeat in a playoff system).

These student athletes work just as hard, if not harder to win, to be a student athlete, to perform on and off the field, many of them will not make it in the pros, as scouts do not reach down to the Subdivision, but I do have a feeling with Appalachian's win over Michigan, and another successful season in 2007, this will be changing.

They are that good. They deserve respect. They have earned it.

When I posted my thread on the College Football board, I was surrounded with negativity from LSU fans that we Appalachian fans have a chip on our shoulders. That we got lucky against Michigan. Well last time I checked, luck runs rampant in sports. Do we have a chip on our shoulders, no I do not think so, our football program is that good, and we have every right in the universe to be proud and sing praises about them. I never said one negative thing about LSU, nor will I ever, just about the fans I encountered.

All I am asking from you LSU fans, give us the respect we are giving you. We know you are Defending National Champions. Do you realize we are as well?
Posted on: January 20, 2008 12:02 pm

Where are Division I-AA Football Message boards?

Come on CBS, it is apparent there are a good number of fans from schools that are I-AA on these boards. It would be nice to be able to round up some alumni based upon their football preferences. We do not have a I-AA board. I am not asking for one for each individual team, but for now just a I-AA board, where we could gather.  We had a good amount of conversation during the I-AA playoff on the College Basketball board this  year, we posted the brackets and discussed upcoming match-ups. The only thing I can get on Appalachian State Football is pretty scarce from CBS.  These I-AA school's are starting to make a mark and surge forward, give the fans and alums a place to post threads and polls.
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