Posted on: April 21, 2008 1:43 pm

Okay, I am being selfish...but am begging...


dook does not beg often, frankly quite used to getting what I want...but, you three simply are not finished as Tar Heels, and you need to stick around and finish your college careers!

See what my blog caption says....listen to dook, when she speaks, she's always right. I am not going to get into my reasons for such selfishness, but honestly, these guys should wait, the draft pool is saturated, and if they stick around and hone in on developing more as players for another year, just imagine the prospects they will all have.

After your ankle injury Ty, frankly, you need to nurture that in the arms of the Tar Heel medical team. Get another year on that ankle, then you will be ready.

Tyler...Psycho T, what can I say, your presence which dominates in the paint is required for as long as you are eligible to play college, I think you are one of those kids who value education and will ultimately finish up your degree (PLEASE SAY I AM RIGHT!!!)

Wayne, you really stepped up this year, had the spotlight on you, stick around with your team mates and help our Tar Heels bring it home!!!!!!!!!
Posted on: March 24, 2008 8:54 am

believe it or not, i did have davidson picked

to beat g-town in all but one of my brackets...

this gal from a so-con university is very aware that davidson is for real! Congrats Davidson on a convincing win! Roll on and surprise more!!! Represent our conference well, as  you have in past years!


I think they saved my brackets by the way, b/c they were really busted up badly!

hmmm david beats goliath

davidson beats georgetown? any similarities there???
Posted on: March 23, 2008 9:24 pm
Edited on: March 24, 2008 4:39 pm

I am disappointed!

What few games I did get to see this weekend were absolute nail biters, that was fantastic. The upsets, you just have to love, and yes I am loving the fact that dook is out.

But I am disappointed with the coverage of the end of the games. For instance this afternoon, my Dad and I were watching the Butler/Tennessee game, which was in overtime, and about 30 seconds away from being over. The broadcast switched without any indication whatsoever to the Davidson/Georgetown upset in the making. My Dad and I were left to wonder, was it a foul, out of bounds, did someone call a time out? The game that was taking place in Raleigh had over 2 minutes to go at this point, where as the one in Birmingham was about to end, and was rather close.

In the past, when watching the tournament, you'd either see or hear Greg Gumble from New York say we are taking you to Birmingham where the Davidson Wildcast are mounting an upset over the #2 seed Georgetown Hoyas. Or if there were two close games/upsets in the making, the broadcast would do a split screen, so you could see both. This did not happen tonight. It is rather frustrating when you really want to know what is going on, and the broadcast switches at play stoppage and you frankly have no clue, and you are sitting their saying hmm well the clock is stopped, maybe a foul...

Both my Dad and myself have a package on our cable that we can watch any of the four games we want, I know we are lucky, not everyone has this luxury, and it is absolutely wonderful. I understand the flipping broadcasts, but please give us warning, okay we have a foul on Butler, and with that we have a media time out, we are going to check in at the RBC to see if Davidson is breaking away!

One more complaint then I am finished, I have often wondered, why you have a GAME RESET? If you were to reset the stats of a game, then wouldn't you have to start over from the initial tip-off in the first half, thus resetting everything?
definition from Merriam-Webster:
1 : to set again or anew <reset type> <reset a diamond> <reset a circuit breaker> 2 : to change the reading of often to zero <reset an odometer>

I know a GAME SUMMARY sounds more YAWN boring, but it is still more accurate! Or perhaps, Game Wrap-Up, Game Recap, or Game Review.
Posted on: March 22, 2008 7:08 pm
Edited on: March 23, 2008 8:41 pm

dook goes down to rat king's job safe?

Two year's in a row dook has had an early exit in the big dance, last year, VCU surprised everyone (most of us were ecstatic) by defeating dook in the first round. People that hated dook basketball were seen buying souvenirs and merchandise from VCU. We danced, screamed, yelled to the entire world. It was a good day for the anti-dook consensus.

This year, dook was not anticipated to do well, however, they exceeded many people's expectations on the hardwood. They separated themselves into the top tier in the ACC for quite some time, then it came down to the final game with UNC as to who was going to be the regular season Champion (as it should be). There would be no ties this year, UNC won the regular season outright.

Then onto the ACC tournament, dook loses to a fiesty Clemson squad in the semi-finals, some argue that dook was just tired, the guys did not have their legs, they were simply tired...seemed like more excuses to me. A team of dook's caliber should not be tired or losing their legs this late in the season, dook is supposed to be one of the top tiered team's in the nation. With dook's loss in the ACC tourney, they lose the opportunity to play in the East Region and stay here in the Triangle, playing at the RBC Center in Raleigh. They are penalized and placed in the West bracket as a #2 seed (I think was too high, as last year's seed was, heck last year I though they did not deserve an invite to the field of 65..another blog) - but yet they got to play in Washington, D.C.

A short jaunt to Washington, D.C., dook should be ready to take on #15 seed, Belmont, this was very much NOT the case. Belmont stuck with dook the entire game, and it took dook's @#$% luck in the dwindling seconds to win the game. I felt for those kids from Belmont, they played their hearts and souls out, really have NOTHING to be ashamed of. Enter the round 2 match-up of the West Virginia Mountaineers, coached by Bobby Huggins, a seasoned coach in his first year at WVU (not my favorite coach mind you), but Huggins had his team mentally and physically ready to take on dook. Again, another close match-up, WVU stuck around, dook lived and died by the three, as they did all season long. Well WVU prevailed, as dook missed many opportunities beyond the arc.

After the game, I heard a bit of rat king's press conference, he was speaking about DeMarcus Nelson, said that since he was the lone senior on the squad, he was the reason that the team had chalked up 28 wins, and Nelson was just tired or some other BS. Seriously?? REALLY? What about Paulus, Scheyer, Singler, Henderson, or Zoubek, is there NO CREDIT to be given to these players? Come on rat, have more class than this! You are a coach of a team, not a singular player.

Okay, now that dook has missed out on the SWEET 16 AGAIN, and had an early exit from the tourney AGAIN, are the dook alumni base going to start getting restless? Are the boosters going to start calling the AD and make demands? Or are you going to sit on your laurels and say hmm everything is great in dookieland? Cause it really is not. Seriously, any other school in the ACC, this type of crap would be unacceptable...rat would be finding a new lair for his cheese horde. Look at other school's in the rat just done? Does he need to step aside and join the hairclub for men and stop dying his hair pitch black, and relax and retire with a daquiri in his hand? Makes you wonder is his heart still in it....
Posted on: March 22, 2008 6:35 pm

CBS Member Mayhem - Round 2 - vote for dookisevil

I have advanced to round two of the CBS Member Mayhem:

The Question: What was the most important factor in your team making it to the 2008 NCAA tournament?

Take note, the deadline for Round 2 is 6 p.m. ET, on Sunday, March 23. (Less than 50 hours away.)

Member Mayhem, round 2, vote for dookisevil!!!!

I am representing UNC, please vote for me!

Posted on: March 19, 2008 11:40 pm

This just in...outbreak of explosive diahreahea..

...apparently the ENTIRE College Basketball Board here at CBS is planning on taking one of their golden sick days tomorrow, well except for me. This just blows! The first weekend of March Madness is my absolute favorite time of the year, and I am going to be in the studio all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

So to assist you all with your illnesses, let's make the as believable as possible, shall we?

Most believable, I think would be explosive diarehea.  (somewhere out there stick is having a shart...skidmarks perhaps?) I guarantee you, that your boss, nor co-workers will not want your arse in their general vicinity.

So what are some other excuses...
Posted on: March 19, 2008 1:35 pm

My pencil tip is broke

After completing five or six bracket challenges today, my pencil tip should be dull and broken. But since they are all done on the computer, in actuality, my fingertips and mousing hand is feeling a little numb.

I tweaked the brackets within them, but they all had the same outcome, the same National Champion. It did not matter how they were laid out with opponents, they ALL had the same outcome.

How did your brackets come out, once you sat down and completed them?
Posted on: March 19, 2008 12:51 pm

CBS Member Mayhem - Round 1 Vote for ME!

CBS Member Mayhem - Round 1 - Vote for dookisevil!!!

I was selected to participate in the Member Mayhem contest and represent UNC. The above link has my essay entry for round one, which is my favorite moment in UNC basketball.

Go Tar Heels!!
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