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The Dress Kode: Shirts reveals IQ of Raiders fans

I'm on the prowl for funny/interesting/witty/stupid sports attire.

What's smarter than a Raiders fan? This shirt explains . (Hint: Everything)

Thanks to MMA writer and admitted Raiders fan Denny Burkholder for the link.

Have a piece of clothing worth sharing? Shoot me an email or find me on Twitter here .

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Need more Kobe? Check out new Cowboys stadium

If one must have a favorite Cowboy, worse can be had than second-year player Martellus Bennett. He's a solid tight end, an often hilarious Twitterer , and now a stadium tour guide.

This week on Marty B TV is a tour of JerryWorld , the Cowboys' new still-under-construction facility set to make Yankee Stadium seem more like Ozzie Guillen's take on Wrigley Field .

While the ostrich-leather seats are impressive, it's the concession stand menu that screams nouveau-Texas bbq. 

There's the dry aged beef sandwich for $14, the Texas catfish po'boy is available for $10 and the steel cut fries for $5 (I thought "hand cut" was still the in-fry making slicing, but who knows). A draft beer will set you back $9. But it's the four Kobe items that either represent a culinary revolution in stadium food, or one helluva marketing push.

They are:
  • Green chile Kobe burger for $13
  • Kobe BBQ burger for $13
  • Cowboys Kobe nacho dog for $7.50
  • Kobe Texas dog for $7.50
Quite the Asian influence in the land of barbecue. There are also, as Marty B says, "sesame seed hot dog buns, which you don't see (elsewhere)." So that's a nice touch.

After eating all the Kobe goodness, it's important to have a nice throne to plant one's backend on. The restrooms are marble-encrusted and featuring stainless steel doors (not just for fridges anymore) on the stalls. Oh, and the latrines? They're made from "elephant tusk," according to Bennett, which would be highly unethical, and not to mention a wee bit illegal.

So yeah, it seems to be shaping up to be quite the dandy Dallas palace for Tony Romo and friends to play eight games each season.
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Hail the Redskins: Offseason Champs again!

I awoke to, "breaking news here on SporsCenter , the Redskins have signed Albert Haynesworth," around 6 a.m. this morning.

Dan Snyder Francis Buxton got his guy for a cool $100 million .

Hold on, "breaking news here on SportsCenter , the Redskins have signed Albert Haynesworth" (7:14 a.m.). The deal's has $41 million guaranteed in it.

The Redskins done did it again. Offseason Champs 2009. The banner sure will look perrrty in the rafters next to Offseason Champs  2000, Offseason Champs 2003, Offseason Champs 2004 and Offseason Champs 2006.

Championship! Well, only if they sign free-agent wideout T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

When's the parade?

Hold on, "breaking news here on SportsCenter , the Redskins sign Albert Haynesworth."  (8:21 a.m.)

Here we go again, on our own...

Dan Snyder's Redskins got their red bicycle. All 320 pounds of him. The question most are asking is: will the bike go on cruise control?

I don't care.

Wait, this just in, "breaking news here on SportsCenter , the Redskins sign Albert Haynesworth." (8:59 a.m.)

I don't care because it's moot. It's always moot when a franchise continues to build through free agency. Of course he'll be on cruise control. That's what happens to veterans who don't have young guys nipping at their heels. That's what happens when a clubhouse is full of the highest paid players at their positions. That's what happens when you sign people off career years. That's what happens when you operate like the Redskins.

Slow down, Eric, this just in, "breaking news here on SportsCenter , the Redskins sign Albert Haynesworth." (9:07 a.m.)

When a franchise decides to use free agency as the means to an ends, simply, it's failing. Not just that, it's lazy. It takes more effort to scout the right college guys. It takes more skill to coach a player into his prime. It takes more, well, character. It takes a philosophy. Type in "Redskins" into your browser and it should redirect you to .

Whoa, whoa, Eric, this just in, "breaking news here on SportsCenter , the Redskins sign Albert Haynesworth." (9:22 a.m.)

Thanks, Hanna.

As Pete Prisco likes to say, "Eric, he of luscious hair and dainty breath, football is a young man's game." Free agency is an old man's club. The Redskins continue to refuse to play the game the right way. Going against the grain makes sense if you're say, oven toasting your subs. But there are only so many ways to run a football franchise, and there are no shortcuts. Last year's Falcons and Dolphins? They didn't take shortcuts. They got lean, and mean. They got young, and hence cohesive. The Redskins routinely get older, and fatter. The only saving grace for the franchise is that the Cowboys do it to. But the Giants don't, and the Eagles for the most part, don't either. 

Rant pause: Eric, this just in, "breaking news here on SportsCenter , the Redskins sign Albert Haynesworth." (10:13 a.m.)

Rant play: We're going to hear victorious quotes from team blundermind Vinny Cerrato like the one he told our Clark Judge :

"It's not natural for a guy of this high caliber to hit the market," Cerrato said, "and when you have someone this talented he will make everyone around him better. He was the most dominant defensive lineman. We had trouble getting to the quarterback last year and getting a push up the middle. He'll make us better where we had trouble, which was sacks and turnovers."
We're going to hear about how Francis Buxton just wants his team to be the best. How he'll do anything year in and out. How he reinvests in the franchise. But like the adulterous husband who comes home with flowers and jewelry, he's buying off Redskins nation to look the other way.

It's ironic that inside the D.C. beltway founding fathers were smart enough to enact term limits on elected officials. It's too bad right outside the beltway in Landover, Md., we can't impeach and elect new owners. Because the policy guiding the Redskins is broken and ...

... oops, gotta take a break because, "breaking news here on SportsCenter , the Redskins sign Albert Haynesworth." (10:30 a.m.)



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Favre's retirement part deux starts with email?

Brett Favre retires and the initial reaction in the newsroom here is ...  Ed Werder?

ESPN's Dallas Cowboys correspondent received a retirement email from Favre.

"Hey Ed and Chrissy (Mortenson), gonna retire. Thanks for the memories, 4"

That's how the news broke. Brett Favre

Is this typical Favre, or what? Say what you will about his on-field skills and his bumpkin image. But the way this man conducts his image business is simply atrocious. After 18 seasons, one retirement, and a year in New York, how does a 39-year-old man have so little media savvy?

How does he continue to lose at this game? He's making A-Rod look like Obama. If you're going to retire, tell your team. If you're going to retire, send out a press release. Do something. Something other than shooting a quick text in-between ATV-ing in Mississippi.

Some say this is what makes Favre who he is. He just does his own thing and the rest of the world be dammed.

But c'mon, me sayeth. Forget the fawning of John Madden or the adoration of Bristol. Wrangler Jeans is why I'm mad. Camp Favre put together the below statement for his partnership with one of the most horrid ad campaigns to grace sports programming, yet he can't issue a statement about his career ending, again?

"Whether I'm on the lake with my friends or at home with family, when I’m not on the field I want to be comfortable," said Favre . "Wrangler jeans are a perfect fit for my lifestyle. I’ve always loved the brand and what it stands for, and now I’m honored to be a part of the Wrangler legacy."

He had time for THAT, but not enough to let the world know he's hanging up his spikes?

I don't care if the man un-retires for a second time (OK, I do), but have a little bit of sense to dissipate the news in a bit of style. Sure, coming on the heels of Signing Day, where high schoolers are rewarded for their labor of love with fawning media draped over them, this just may be refreshing to some people: A legend going out on his terms.

But this isn't where it ends. We're going to have a presser sometime during the next week. We're going to have more tears, more "I want to play, but my body, family, and Paul at Wrangler Jeans are telling me 'no'." Fine, it's expected. But to start this process off with an email to ESPN, then to have it chased with AP calling the agent to get the info?

Favre being Favre, I guess, which makes me all the more mad for wasting 11 minutes writing this blog -- heck, we'll be doing it again February 11, 2010.

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Where was flag on Santonio Holmes' celebration?

I have the pleasure of sitting near a TV running endless SportsCenter loops.

If you think that's an ideal work environment, trust me, it ain't after the fourth highlight clip narrated by Chris Berman enters your right ear. 

However, it has brought something to my attention regarding Super Bowl XLIII. Santonio Holmes' catch, in all its best-ever glory , was capped with a clear violation of NFL rules.

He used the ball as a prop in his LeBron-homage celebration.

In a game littered with yellow flags, that's a no-brainer. That's ref 101.

Ask Joe Horn, Chad Johnson or pretty much any receiver not named Hines Ward.

No flag. No 15 yards enforced on the kickoff. No big deal?

Fifteen yards shaved off a kickoff often isn't often a big deal. But when there's 35 seconds on the clock, your team has two timeouts and when your quarterback has to march the offense down the length of the field, 15 yards is a big deal.

Fifteen yards changes the kickoff coverage, it adds life to the kickoff return team and it, well, it's simply part of the rules.

A big gaffe in a game where the refs seemed to have their whistle senses finely tuned. Maybe the action was obstructed because it was in the back of the endzone. But it's now part of the standard Super Bowl b-roll. I'd imagine Arizona fans treat it as a clear slap in the face.

Whether it would changed the outcome of the game anybody knows, but I agree with them.

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Let's make Monday after Super Bowl a holiday

Dear President Obama,

What I'm going to ask you isn't on par with current agenda items like getting your cabinet finalized, troop withdrawal and fixing the nation's infrastructure.

But since you like to hang around the sporting world and interject your two cents on nearly every significant event, this seems right up your alley.

I'm not hungover. Sounds like a good thing, right? It's not, buddy. It's a real bad thing. I'll tell you why. I'm not hungover because I'm  at work. On work on Monday? Sounds status quo, right? It's not. Last n ight was the Super Bowl and I only had a few beers, not the dozen or so I should have consumed. Why Eric, why only a few beers? That doesn't sound like you? Well, it's not me. But because I have work today, I had to lock Fun Eric up all night. I had to be Sober Eric. I had to stay responsible and stay focused knowing I had to check in at the office February 2.

Bail me out, Obama. Bail us all out from working the day after the Super Bowl. It's not fair.

(Life's not fair, homey)

Maybe not, but I have a fair idea for you, Mr. President.

Make Monday a national holiday. I know what you're thinking.

"Eric, my lad, we can't just make holidays because of sporting events. Rather, we can't make holidays just so can you drink like a Fleury on Super Bowl Sunday. That's against everything I stand for: integrity, intellectualism, stone-cold sobriety in times of conflict."

(Awe-inspiring, me's thinks)

All you say is true, Mr. President. But I have a way around this. We shall call the Monday after the Super Bowl, Consumer Day. Cha-ching! Consider this phase one of your stimulus package. Think about what is consumed Sunday: 90 million pounds of chicken wings, 46 million pounds of avocados , 15,000 tons of chips, 4,000 tons of popcorn and heck, even 7-Eleven says they sell 20 percent more antacids on the Monday after the Super Bowl than on an average Monday. We're consuming like good little "bi-products of a lifestyle obsession."

Let's honor this. Give us Monday off to consume those half-off deli trays that never sold. Give us Monday off to consume discounted flat-screen TVs that never moved before Super Bowl Sunday. Give us Monday off to chew on antacids and get pissed off at Punxsutawney Phil.

Give us a day off to sober up from a massive day of consumption.

"But Eric, what about the water cooler conversations that will be lost?"

Sir, as you know from your dizzying campaign, the power of the Internet has rendered water cooler talk, nay, human interaction void. Message boards handle the task aptly.

Yes, February already has a national holiday and yes, it's the shortest month of the year. But we're not getting off Joe Pesci's birthday (February 9th), so I consider it sort of a trade off. 

What do you say, Joe?

"Did you get these grits from the same guy who sold Jack his bean stalk beans?"

Eh, who asked you?

Mr. President, 90-plus million watch the Super Bowl. That's a little less than a third of the country. We chow on the equivalent of the GDP of Paraguay in one night. We wear stretchy pants, unabashedly.

Give us Monday off. Let us reach sobriety, in whatever form it must be achieved. And for those who can keep on trucking, let them consume.

Yours truly,
Football fan No. 4,905,812

On to the best blogs ... around


Nothing quite like a Browns fan to rain on the Steelers' parade. The Thoughts of a Gentledawg says congrats Pittsburgh fans, your city is celebrating a title won in large part, thanks to two "thugs."

Kurt Warner has done a lot this season to help cement his legacy as one of the game's best-ever passers. It doesn't stop there for The A-ll . The blog says Warner is the best-ever Super Bowl quarterback .

With the NFL season finito, it's time to shift to baseball. Sports Commentary from Your local Nerd breaks down the AL East , giving the Yankees 2:1 odds to win it all. The O's odds are slightly worse.

From a running into the holder call to a questionable late hit, the refs seemed to be on the Steelers' side most of the night in Super Bowl XLIII, says Thoughts from the Heart of California!

Klick of the Day

Madden '09 came darn close to predicting the final score

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Super Bowl ads: Watch if you must

I debated for all of one 30-second spot whether to click on this link (courtesy of AdWeek ).

Did I want to spoil my Super Bowl ad diet? Do I want to know what ads will be broadcast during the Super Bowl? Will I become the annoying guy in the room going, "oh, THIS one is hilarious," over and over? Do I have nothing better to do than watch companies pitch their products when I don't have to?

But like most things during office hours, the ease of reaching to my mouse and clicking on the link won out. Plus, and thank jeebus for this, there are no pre-rolls (does anybody find is ridiculous that movie trailors on say, have ads at the start of them?!)

So I've seen almost every Super Bowl commercial and there are a bunch of duds (particularly one with Ray Lewis dancing). But also a few good ones. Keep an eye out for some Doritos, Pepsi and CareerBuilder ads. They use humor to sell, which marketers will tell ya, ain't always a good idea, but in terms of commercials-as-entertainment, had me laughing out loud a few times.

Here again is the link to some of the already released Super Bowl ads . Enjoy.

On to the best blogs ... around

It seems every week a new No. 1 team goes down. Thank you, parity for making college basketball incredibly fun . Signed: 3 reaZons .

Times are touch in College Park, where outcries for the firing of Gary Williams are reaching a near fever pitch. DC Sports Rants says silence, people: Williams has done, and is still doing a great job coaching student-athletes . (I say Williams has lost too many good recruiting assistants to compete in the ACC)

With two days until the Super Bowl it's time to make predictions: Arizona 28, Pittsburgh 25; MVP: Edge , says The One Stop Thought Shop . (If you have a prediction column, post it below so we can promote it)

Keepin' Score: A Sumptuous SmorgasSports does something completely un sportsy. The blogger is asking for your best live-concert experience

Klick of the Day

ATHF's Carl is back, and he's making pissed off Super Bowl predictions

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Cards on a roll? Steelers have one of their own

I have that itch. I'm guessing it's in you to. It's in almost every sports fan.

Somewhere inside you, you hear Al Michaels exclaiming late Sunday night, "can you believe it?! One of the greatest shocks in Super Bowl history. The Arizona Cardinals have defeated the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl 43!!!!!"Ike Taylor destroys a wideout

Everybody wants to say, "I told you so." After all, all signs point to the Steelers. They won a tough division battle. They finished second in a much tougher conference and they have a premier defense, an effective offense and a rich tradition of postseason success.

The Cardinals have a history that's a well-documented mess, but they're on a roll. Being on a roll means a lot, just ask Prisco .

But the Steelers are on their own little roll. And their type of roll is impressive enough to quell my itch.

Since their bye week the Steelers have had the leading receiver in every game except one (Sproles' meaningless fourth quarter 61-yard reception three weeks ago is the exception).

Think about that. The Steelers, incorrectly known as a run-heavy team, have featured the leading receiver in a game since week six.

The impressive part isn't that names like Hines, Santonio or Heath led these games in yards. It's that names like Moss, Owens, Gates (in Nov.), Wayne or Burress didn't. The Steelers faced some pretty darn good passing games in New England, Dallas, San Diego, Indianapolis and the Giants since their bye week and stifled them all.

People remember their two playoff games vs. pass-aversion clubs like the Titans and Ravens and think, "heck, the Pitt Panthers could play solid pass defense vs. those two." But the Steelers shut down everybody. And they do it with a relatively unheralded secondary. Troy Polamalu is world class, but after that it's a bunch of somewhat-familiar names like Ike Taylor, Ryan Clark and Deshea Townsend.

One of those somewhat-familiar names is going to be the reason a familiar name like Hines or Santonio ends up leading this game in receiving yards.

On to the best blogs ... around

Chris Paul LeBron may be the mid-season MVP, but his GM is also bringing home some blogger hardware according to Thoughts of Basketball's  halfway point assessment .

Speaking of NBA MVPs, where's all the talk for Chris Paul? Mind of The Big B wonders what the Hornets guard needs to do? Double-triple, I say.

Listening to the baseball talking heads, Jason Varitek is few Tom Emanski tapes short of being a serviceable catcher. NE Sports reminds us that Tek ain't all that bad , and his influence on young pitchers shan't be undervalued.

Last season it was Joe Flacco making a name for himself in Mobile. This season it's names like Chung, Brace and Robiskie to keep an eye on, says view from The Branch...

Klick of the Day

This guy can Dere-lick his own balls, thank you very much

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