Posted on: January 16, 2009 11:45 am
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Weekend Debate: Super Bowl or Inauguration?

Friday's edition of the Wall Street Journal's Weekend Journal has the headline: The Inaugural Pregame Show. The spread goes on to inform travelers of all the great things to do in Washington while waiting for Tuesday's festivities to occur.

Interesting word choice, WSJ.


Pre- as in before. 

-game as in game.

Games? Games? Games? Boardgames? No. Videogames? Wicked Game? No!

Sports games? Yes.

As in before a big sports game?


Not Bingo, sports games!

What's the biggest sports game?

The Super Bowl?


No, the Super Bowl.

OK, so the story has me thinking what I would rather attend: The Obama inauguration or the Super Bowl?

I have my opinion on the matter, and it's probably too convoluted to share thanks to a decades worth of Redskins' mismanagement, but I pose the question to you, and you, and yes, you:


What would you, the CBSSports.com community member do?

Being that this is CBSSports.com and not CBSNews.com, I have a feeling. But it's not one I'm hooked on. This swearing in is a bit different than most. It may not involve the Budweiser Clydesdales, but some say this whole presidential hubbub is a bit, well, historical.

So is the Super Bowl, thee say, unless one is a Patriots fan. This is true. Four years between inaugurations is a blip on the Arizona Cardinals' Super Bowl attendance sheet. Ditto for the Jets, Lions, Saints and Chiefs.

But passion for one's team is a different animal than political fervor. For some, sports is a distraction, for others a means of connection. For some, politics is a means to action, for others a facilitator of dissatisfaction. 

Both events cater to the grandiose. One knights a democratic demigod, the other crowns a gridiron king.

Both have glitz, whether it be Kennedys, Clintons, and trips to Watergate or Barbers, Hasselback's and slips called "Nipplegate." 

Both have pregame star-studded events. Bono, Bruce, Beyonce, Mellencamp, Crow and Brooks will all perform before Obama is sworn in. Carnies, ghosts, Original Hooters girls, and kangaroos will be present in Tampa.

Both ... you get the point. Now share your's!

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