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Posted on: October 21, 2008 1:23 pm
Edited on: October 21, 2008 1:39 pm

People who drive me nuts at gym: NoFormusFemales

You've noticed this person before. Maybe you are this person. Maybe you have your own person.

Maybe I'm this person to you. Woman

This person drive me nuts.

(Eric, we've been down this road before. More people drive you nuts than don't)

True, but this particular person falls into a nice category -- people at the gym who drive Eric nuts or PAGDEN.

Today's PAGDEN is NoFormusFemalus.

Habitat: A structured class, possibly kickboxing, boxing or some sort of cardio.

You may notice her ... at the front of the class, at the front of a jog, at the front of any exercise involving getting from point a to point b to point c.

What drives her nuts: Uncertainty. Not knowing if it's 30 crunches or 35 sends her world into chaos, and her...

...Distinguishing habits: Sacrificing form for speed. If the task is 20 curls, she'll race through those 20 by ignoring things like extending the biceps fully, or breathing.

Co-habituating with NoFormusFemales means listening to her complain about the pace of the class and why things are so easy.

(Eric, it sure is amazing how easy things are when you don't give a damn about actually doing the task at hand, ain't it?)

That's how I get through work! Ba-zing.

The deal with NoFormusFemales is she's all about fitness. But she puts more emphasis on the destination than the journey. Watching somebody do that drives me nuts.

Who drives you nuts at the gym? Next Tuesday we'll have another PAGDEN.

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A simple "I object" would do
Posted on: October 14, 2008 4:58 pm

Why is everyone hating on Jerry Jones for Pacman?

The League suspended Pacman Jones for at least four games and now Jerry Jones is the bad guy who gave Pacman the chance the cornerback never should have gotten.

I don't get it.

Forget whatever Pacman did.

How is Jones in the wrong here? He took a chance on an uber-talented kid, put in the proper safeguards and it backfired. It happens everyday all around us. People in Vegas take chances. Drivers take chances going through an intersection with a yellow light. We're bailing out a financial institution that took the wrong chances.

That's what life is about. Taking chances. And now we're railroading Jones for rolling the dice in a calculated manner?

You don't think Jones is taking this the hardest? He put his reputation on the line for Pacman. He thought he would be the one to reform. It didn't happen. And now Jones is the bad guy for trying.

When did we become so hard on people who see the slimmer of good in talented, yet troubled, people? This wasn't the Bengals bringing in troubled personnel year in and out and doing little when things got out of control. This was a stable franchise with a few hotspots. It has a big-mouthed receiver, a gun-loving defensive tackle and a cornerback bankrupt of commonsense. Everywhere else were, for the most part, stand-up people and players.

But Jones, realizing that talent wins championships, apparently sold his soul bringing Pacman in. That's how we're seeing this. He ruined his good thing. No, you set up the good thing so you can absorb a talented malcontent or two. That's the way the NFL is.

Pacman isn't working out. Big deal, moral police. I hope this doesn't stop him from trying on the next idiot, but talented player that becomes available.
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