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Posted on: December 1, 2008 12:46 pm

Week Preview: Loyola-Marymount, Texas A&M

Starting this week for the remainder of the season I am going to do a Weekly Preview for the Wildcats up-coming games for the week. It will be posted weekly at least one day prior to the 'Cats' first game.



Arizona enters the week after defeating Mississippi Valley State, Santa Clara, and Northern Arizona, with Loyla Marymount & Texas A & M on the radar for this week. Loyola-Marymount should be the final tuneup game before things start getting serious as Texas A & M is arguably better than any team Arizona has faced yet this year. The same could be said, that Arizona is the best team Texas A&M has played this year. Look for at least a split, with a good chance of an upset road win over Texas A&M.

Game One: Arizona (4-1) hosts Loyola-Marymount (0-6)

The winless Loyola-Marymount Tigers face Arizona with a tremendously depleted roster. Vernon Teel, who leads the team in points, rebounds, and assists, is out with a broken foot. The loss of Teel's 15.3 ppg is spells big trouble for the Tigers who only average 54 points while surrendering 68 a game. The Tigers will look for Corey Counts to step up in a big way, though with only a 8 active scholarship players it won't likely mean much. If Arizona doesn't walk away with a blow-out win in this game there could be serious trouble brewing.

Keys for the Game:

  • Exploit LMU's 17 turnovers/game
  • Don't screw up.
  • Get the starters out of the game as early as possible.

Game Two: Arizona at Texas A&M (5-1)

Texas A&M is a borderline Top 25 team this year, though they have done little to prove it as they haven't beaten anyone significant but have a glaring loss against Tulsa (4-2). Arizona fans should feel confident about getting the road win against the Aggies as Arizona defeated them 78-67 last season and the Aggies have lost 3 of their top 6 scorers. It will be anything but a cake walk, though, as the Aggies run out a very experieinced lineup starting 4 juniors and 1 senior, and play 9 deep. The Aggies are fueled by PG Donald Sloan, SF Josh Carter, and PF Bryan Davis.

This is going to be a hard fought game between two evenly matched teams, especially since experience is on the side of the Aggies. Jordan Hill, Chase Budinger, and Nic Wise are going to have to play smart basketball by avoiding foul trouble and careless shots and turnovers. If Arizona can steal the road win it is going to say a lot for the quality of this team, even if it is young.

Keys for the Game:

  • Contest Shots: Limit the Aggies to under 45% even if it means sending them to the charity stripe now and then as they are a poor free throw shooting team.
  • Shot Selection: Attack the basket and get to the line for 20 FT attempts, but don't force a bad shot if it's not there.
  • Avoid freshmen mistakes: The inexperience could play a factor, turnovers need to be limited to 12 or fewer.
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Despite the fact that College basketball has one of the best ranking systems there are frequently mistakes made. Teams that look to be solid hit their plateau and suddenly drop off the charts. Other teams just over-perform, get lucky breaks, and for some reason win games they probably shouldn't. These teams are impressive for a few weeks or months, but most of it has just been coincidence, lucky breaks, or an easy schedule. Because of this you've got teams that are over-rated in the top 10, unproven, or are just flat out Top-25 Posers. Here's my Top-10 Posers in the Top 25!

Some criteria for you...

  • Unproven: Means just that, the team is just as good as their ranking, but their SOS isn't a good indicator.
  • Overrated: Teams that are ranked above their actual quality, but still deserve a Top 25 spot.
  • Poser: Teams that don't belong in the Top 25, have not proven they deserve the spot and are overrated because of it.

10.#8 Washington State: UNPROVEN! - They've gotten as far as they did in large part to a SOS ranking of #127. They'll prove their mettle against Oregon, Arizona, and round two with UCLA. They belong in the Top 10.

9.#5 Georgetown: OVERRATED! - They've only got two losses, both to Top 25 teams. They'll drop out of the Top 5 with losses to Syracuse and Marquette. They belong in the Top 10

8. #10 Texas A &M - OVERRATED! - They looked bad against Arizona giving up a huge first half lead to lose big in the second half. That Texas Tech game makes 'em look really bad. Games that will put 'em in their place: OK State, Texas, Kansas. They belong between 15-20.

7.#14 Dayton - POSER!! - If these guys are so good, how do they lose to George Mason and UMass? They'll be exposed when they lose to Xavier... twice. These guys don't belong in the Top 20.

6. #23 Rhode Island, #24 Clemson, #25 Villanova - POSERS!! - They don't belong in the Top 25, just had good weeks when the bottom of the Top 25 had bad ones. The only team that might stick around is Clemson. The other two will be gone in a less than two weeks. These guys don't belong in the Top 25.

5. #16 Vanderbilt - POSER!! - They don't have any significant wins, and they lost to a bad Kentucky team. They'll be exposed the further they get into SEC play. They deserve to be between #20-25 if they deserve to be ranked at all.

4. #12 Butler - POSER!! - Wright State? Who can be a legitimate Top 15 if they lose to Wright State and don't have any impressive wins? Cleveland State pulls off the upset this week. Can we get someone in here whose actually beat someone good?! Get 'em outta here.

3. #21 Miami (Fla.) - POSER!! - They've lost to Winthrop and Boston College, but don't have a significant win, which isn't surprising since their SOS is a whopping 156!!! They'll be exposed in a big way as they completely fall off the table in the ACC. Don't deserve to be ranked.

2. #9 Indiana - POSER!! - The only half-way decent team they've played this year is Xavier, and they lost by 15. They barely held off a bad Illinois team at home. They'll be swept by Wisconsin this year, lost @ Illinois by double digits, and promptly be kicked out of the Top 25. The highest ranked poser there is right now!

1.#2 Memphis - GOTCHA!!!

The REAL 1. #22 Arizona State - POSER!! - They're not the highest ranked, but they're the biggest posers because their schedule is largely comprimised of coincidence. The toughest games they've played this year they have won, but if they were each played 1 week later they would've lost. They beat Oregon at home but since then Oregon has been tearing everyone up and have been absolutely lights out. The next week they played Arizona, without their leading scorer. ASU doesn't belong, period.

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