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Posted on: May 15, 2010 10:27 pm
Edited on: June 30, 2010 11:57 am

Strikeforce live results: Randleman vs. Gracie

Up next is Roger Gracie vs. Kevin Randleman at light heavyweight.

Round 1: Gracie has a very substantial height advantage. Gracie works the jab, wisely, to hold Randleman at bay. Left hand by Gracie. Randleman with an inside leg kick the sends Gracie's leg flying into the air. Gracie with some light jabs. Randleman ducks in and eats a right hook.

Randleman gets inside for the tie-up and Gracie throws a knee to the body. Randleman forces Gracie to the cage wall and starts some dirty boxing. Gracie applies a guillotine choke well enough that Randleman decides he'd better scramble out of it, and they're back to standup. More jabs by Gracie. Randleman with a trio of punches, mostly blocked. The round ends, and I have it 10-9 Gracie, but it's close.

Round 2: Gracie with a series of jabs to maintain distance. Randleman gets inside and lands a pair of very hard body punches. Gracie answers with a flurry that makes Randleman retreat. Gracie ties him up with a plomb and lands a hard knee that puts Randleman on the canvas.

Gracie goes to the mat and moves to full mount as Randleman fights to clear the cobwebs. Gracie ends up taking Randleman's back. Gracie applies the figure four body lock and begins working for a rear naked choke. Randleman's in a really bad spot right now, because even if Gracie can't finish the choke, because that body lock is very tight.

Gracie finally completes the choke, and Randleman is forced to tap out.

Winner: Roger Gracie defeats Kevin Randleman via submission to a rear naked choke at 4:10 of Round 2.

Posted on: June 6, 2009 10:10 pm
Edited on: June 6, 2009 10:31 pm

Strikeforce live results: Randleman vs. Whitehead

Kevin Randleman vs. Mike Whitehead starts the show.

Round 1:
Big John McCarthy is the man in charge in the cage. Whitehead chops away with inside leg kicks. Randleman absorbs a few of them before taking Whitehead down. Whitehead fights back to his feet and they separate. Whitehead puts Randleman against the cage and uses a high-angle takedown. Randleman scrambles back to his feet. Whitehead with an outside kick to the lead leg and tries another takedown, but Randleman avoids it. Whitehead succeeds with another takedown attempt and Randleman is on his back, but escapes again. Randleman with straight lefts. Whitehead tags him on the chin with an uppercut. Whitehead pushes Randleman to the cage again, and Randleman has the underhooks in but looks too tired to do much with it. Whitehead puts in on his back and does minimal striking from half guard as the round ends. I'd score it 10-9 Whitehead, and Randleman looks uncharacteristically fatigued early in this one.

Round 2: Whitehead takes Randleman down again and is back in half guard. Whitehead passes to side control. Randleman can't escape but Whitehead is doing almost nothing for two minutes before taking full mount. Every time Whitehead tries to posture up for strikes from the mount, Randleman tries to bridge out, and that's exactly what happens here, as Randleman is finally back to his feet. Neither guy is throwing much of anything in terms of striking. The round ends. 10-9 Whitehead again, but it's not a real exciting fight.

Round 3: Randleman throws a big overhand right that connects, and Whitehead stumbles a bit but doesn't look hurt. Whitehead answers with a right. Randleman with a big left hand that drops Whitehead. Randleman tries to pound him out with some strikes but Whitehead tries to get up, so he switches to a guillotine choke, but Whitehead gets out and is back on his feet. Whitehead with a double leg takedown and he's back in half guard. Whitehead's working for a kimura but Randleman's too strong. Whitehead throws a few light left hands to Randleman's head. Randleman escapes to his feet. Whitehead puts a right hook square on Randleman's chin but it didn't have much behind it. The round ends, and I'd probably score the round for Randleman 10-9 based on the striking success, but otherwise, the fight goes to Whitehead, 29-28. We'll see if the judges agree.

Winner: Mike Whitehead defeats Kevin Randleman via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after three rounds.

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