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Strikeforce live notes

At this point, the arena is roughly 75 percent full. Pretty nice turnout actually.

Fighters have straggled into their VIP seating as the undercard progresses. In attendance (among others): Brett Rogers , Dan Henderson , Gegard Mousasi , "King" Mo Lawal , Paul "Semtex" Daley , Mike Thomas Brown , Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Thiago Alves .

There are only two undercard bouts remaining, including Jay Hieron vs. Joe Riggs. They're taking an unusually long break right now while the ring announcer plugs Strikeforce merchandise and sponsors.

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SF live results: Clarke vs. Ray

Up next is John Clarke (debut) vs. Joe Ray (debut) at welterweight.

Round 1: Clarke forces Ray back against the fence. Ray clinches his head and starts throwing knees. Clarke persists with pressing Ray against the cage, but the referee ends up separating them due to inactivity. Ray unloads on Clarke, who hits the canvas. A flurry of fists on the ground is all it takes for the referee to wave off the fight.

Winner: Joe Ray def. John Clarke via TKO due to strikes at 3:14 of Round 1.

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SF live results: Oxley vs. Gomez

Up next is Craig Oxley (0-2) vs. David Gomez (0-2) at featherweight. Somebody's "0" must go!

Round 1: Oxley takes down Gomez. Gomez traps the leg to prevent him from passing to full mount. Gomez reverses to top position, then to side control. Elbows to the ribs by Gomez. Oxley tries to pop his hips and escape, but fails. Oxley manages to get full guard. Gomez trying to punch from the top, but Oxley is defending. Gomez lands a pair of left hands. Oxley opens up his guard as if to try for an armbar, but nothing comes of it and he closes guard again. Gomez with fists to Oxley's side. They both land strikes as the round ends, including a few after the bell. 10-9 Gomez.

Round 2: A scramble ends up on the mat with Gomez attempting a leglock. Now both guys are going for leglocks. Both guys are holding each other's ankles and throwing punches with the free arm. They give up on the leglocks and Gomez is back in Oxley's guard. Little happens for a minute or so, before a kneebar attempt winds up with Gomez in Oxley's guard yet again. They finally stand with 10 seconds left. Oxley answers a Superman punch with a hard jab, then follows up with a spinning back kick at the bell. He collapses, holding his knee, but he's OK. 10-9 Gomez.

Round 3: Gomez with a takedown. Here we go again. Weak punches to the head and ribs by Gomez. Gomez eventually works to side control. He holds Oxley there but otherwise, does nothing. The referee should be standing these guys up. And that's the gist of the round. 10-9 Gomez.

Winner: David Gomez
def. Craig Oxley via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after three rounds.

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SF live results: DaMatta vs. Alfonso

Marcos "Parrumpinha" DaMatta (7-0) vs. Pablo "The Hurricane" Alfonso (5-1) in a 140-pound bout.

Round 1: DaMatta shoots in and eats a right hand to the jaw in the process. DaMatta completes the takedown, only to have Alfonso armbar him from the bottom for the submission.

Winner: Pablo Alfonso def. Marcos DaMatta via submission to an armbar at 1:47 of Round 1.

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SF live results: Hasan vs. Keenan

Hayder Hasan (2-1) vs. Ryan Keenan (3-0) is up next. Welterweight bout.

Round 1: Very tentative start, both guys giving the other lots of room and not moving forward. The crowd starts to boo. They finally connect with both landing a few punches, but nothing too damaging. Leg kick by Keenan. More moving around with little happening, until one flurry from both guys ends with Hasan getting the better of Keenan's chin and following him to the mat. Keenan's not too dazed though. Hasan stands and lets him up, They tag each other a few more times on the jaw. Leg kick by Keenan. The round is over, and I have it 10-9 Hasan.

Round 2: Another slow start. Both guys are looking to engage, but very cautious about getting caught themselves. Keenan is moving in for one punch, one leg kick at a time, and then quickly retreating to avoid getting hit by Hasan. Hasan lands a pair of jabs. Keenan moves in again and Hasan levels him with a right hand to the jaw. Keenan is out.

Winner: Hayder Hasan def. Ryan Keenan via knockout at 2:42 of Round 2.

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SF live results: Homasi vs. Kelly

Sabah Homasi (2-0) takes on John Kelly (3-0) at welterweight to open the show.

Round 1: Both guys very tentative to start. Homasi clinches Kelly against the fence and eventually takes him down. Kelly escapes to his feet. Homasi takes a Muay Thai plomb but Kelly defends. Kelly gets Homasi down this time and takes full mount. Kelly hammers away with fists. Homasi turns away but then goes to his back again to avoid giving it up. More fists from the top by Kelly. Hamasi not doing much to defend other than roll over, at which point Kelly tries a rear naked choke. Homasi gets to his feet at the very end of the round. 10-9 Kelly.

Round 2: Kelly takes Homasi down again, as Homasi tries for a guillotine. Kelly slips out and moves to side control, then back control. Rear naked choke by Kelly as Homasi struggles to break his grip. Kelly also has a body triangle, so Homasi is stuck. Eventually, Kelly sinks the choke in again for the tapout.

Winner: John Kelly def. Sabah Homasi via submission to a rear naked choke at 2:48 of Round 2.
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Strikeforce live blog

We're live at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Fla. for Strikeforce: Miami. The undercard was slated to begin at roughly 7 p.m. ET (which was four minutes ago).

There are no fans in the building yet, but either way, if the fights begin, so will my round-by-round blog.

Stay tuned.

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Notes from Strikeforce: Miami weigh-ins

Nothing of major note coming out of the Strikeforce weigh-ins on Friday night. Everybody made weight, so all fights are on as scheduled.

Some notes:

-- Cris Cyborg and Marloes Coenen had a long staredown, which was prolonged because neither would flinch but nobody on the stage was stepping in to separate them. Coenen stood with her arms behind her back, not even raising a fist. (Cyborg now has black hair, too, if that matters to anyone.)

-- Wes Sims was in rare form, doing Hulk Hogan poses from the scale and clowning before and after the faceoff with Bobby Lashley . When Sims walked onto the stage, he handed Showtime announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr . a red, glowing object and claimed to have found it. He asked Lennon to announce that he had it, and that Sims was giving it back because "honesty is the best policy" (which he yelled multiple times before leaving the stage).

-- Lashley looked like he had swallowed Brock Lesnar . Seriously, the man is of superhero-like musculature. He tipped the scaled at a little over 250 pounds of what looked to be solid muscle.

-- Herschel Walker looked to be really enjoying the whole pre-fight experience, greeting everyone with a warm smile and handshake. Even though they'll be fighting at heavyweight, both Walker and opponent Greg Nagy weighed in a few pounds north of the light heavyweight limit.

-- Other fighters in attendance included, among others, Matt Hughes , former WEC featherweight champion Mike Brown , Yves Edwards and Nate Diaz (accompanying brother Nick , naturally). Brown seemed to be a particularly big hit with the fans in attendance, posing for numerous photos.

-- No significant NFL presence yet, which was probably for the best considering the crowded nature of the room where the weigh-ins were held. As noted earlier, this show is happening at a time when a ton of big shots (of both the NFL variety and other celebrity types) are in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area for the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl. It's rumored that some of them may show up to support Herschel Walker, or to just kick back and enjoy some fights before the game on Sunday.

Back tomorrow with a complete round-by-round live blog of the entire show (even the undercard). See you then.

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