Posted on: March 10, 2008 3:05 pm

Offense wakes up...

Well, just barely.  They still leave runners stranded with less than two outs.  That is sad to see and I wonder if this is going to be a common theme throughout the year.

Nick Markakis rip a nice shot for a triple and it scored both Brian Roberts and Melvin Mora.  Brian Roberts is showing all scouts why he maybe one of the most under rated leadoff men in the game.  He drew a tough walk and stole two bases off Dodgers backup catcher Lucus May.  It was more related to the great jump off IMO a slow movement to the plate by Eric Stults.  I would not give too much credit to the Orioles run as this is still a pup pitcher that most likely will be in AAA this season.

Alot of the games are late run producing games with slow starts.  The Orioles could be simply slow starters or they are roughing up the relief pitching.  Lets see the last two weeks of this season when the rosters are reduced.  It will give a better idea of things to come in 2008.

Posted on: March 10, 2008 2:47 pm

Luis Hernandez

He has the makings of the clown prince of baseball.  Anyone that annoits him as the next shortstop has to be smoking something fairly strong.  He made an error in the first inning in which he bobbled the ball as if it were a hot coal.  Next thing you know, the dugout is moving around trying not to get hit by his errant throw to first base.  By the way, the error lead to an un-earned run with a two base error.  At the plate, he dropped below the mendoza line today as he was apart of a double play.  This is not a good two weeks for him and if not for Freddie Bynum going down with an injury...he may have already been packing for minor league camp.

I want to see Scott Moore, when healthy, be given a shot a SS. 

We made Chan Ho Park seem to be the re-incarnation of Don Drysdale today.  Either Park relearned the "Shuto" pitch or the Orioles failed to put good wood on the ball as they got under alot of his pitches with fly-ball outs.  My hope is that it is early to recongnize the pitches and given a month or two those balls become line drives.  This team is going to go through a number of tough times this year and I would not be surprised one bit to see a 10-15 losing streak this season.

It is going to be long from the first impression. 

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Posted on: March 9, 2008 11:02 pm

Day One in my Florida life.....

I have finally set sail in sunny Florida and no more cold winter winds blowing through Baltimore.  I will be going to the Dodgers game in the afternoon.  I plan on posting some random thoughts throughout the game and I will try to check out a few players while I am down here.  Anyway, It seems that Adam Loewen has caught "Cabreraitis" and Troy Patton is going under the knife.  The entire clubhouse is coming down with the flu....
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Posted on: February 19, 2008 1:52 pm

The "True Impact" of Adam Jones to Baltimore

After the smoke has cleared and the rumors have finally come to fruition, Adam Jones is now the starting Centerfielder for the Baltimore Orioles.  He wants to be here, he seems happy to get the opportunity, but what about the fanbase.  I see alot of people around town and throughtout the message boards with open arms for Mr. Jones.  But does that include everybody?

My point falls in line with the theme of February for the United States.  My hope is Adam Jones could provide the foundation to change the perception of baseball in the Charm City.  The new target audience plays basketball and football and calls Carmelo Anthony or Ray Lewis the sports figures in the area.  A small amout play within the city, even less watch a game from Camden Yards.  Could Jones be a stepping stone for a time of change.

Throughout the '50's, '60's, '70's players such as Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron were on the tip of every tounge for baseball fans in the United States, black or white.  Today can you name over ten that make an impact in MLB.  Dontrell Willis, Ryan Howard, a few up and comers such as the Upton Brothers.  The Orioles last major player was Albert Belle and what a great role model to follow.  Here is where Adam Jones steps in towards the entire city.  He has star appeal from all accounts, so if he perfroms the fanbase will embrace him as if he had come up through the system.  What else does he bring?

He comes from a rough, and I mean West Baltimore type rough, neighborhood.  He, whether he wants to acknowledge or not, has alot on his shoulders.  He, being a black male from the "ghetto", is someone that young black children can look up to in the city of Baltimore.  He can make kids intrested in the game.  Jones has the ability to change lives.  How many kids have been thwarted from a life of crime to play football in the city since 1997.  I imagine quite a few.  Now the man is not going to cure cancer, but what he can do is get kids off the street.  Maybe want to play baseball, join a team.  Maybe he along with the Orioles could do a much better job of making it a point to extend thier hands towards the city in whole.  The team is not going to win any attendence prize, so it will not hurt the bottom line.  It might instill future avenues.  Johnny Basketball might see Jones play and say "I could do that too..."  Adam Jones certainly can do alot more for Baltimore than he might realize.

Posted on: February 8, 2008 1:00 pm

A future Sign?

After the 2008 season ends, the following players will run out of thier contracts with the Ravens.  It is a large, heavy hitter list of players that will decide the future of this organization and the next five season realistic expectations.

These are the lists of players that are on the current roster of 2007 team whose contracts run out.

Offensive side of the Ball:

Kyle Boller, Mike Flynn, Jason Brown, Justin Green, Demetrius Williams (RFA), Daniel Wilcox, Quinn Sypniewski


Defensive side of the Ball:

Ray Lewis, Bart Scott, Kelly Gregg, Terrell Suggs, Dwan Edwards, Dan Cody (most likely will get cut this off-season when he clears his medical exempt), Corey Ivy, David Pittman (RFA), Dwan Landry (RFA), Derrick Martin (RFA)

Special Teams:

Matt Stover, Sam Koch (RFA), B.J Sams


This does not take into account the cap hits that most likely will happen when Jonathan Ogden retires.  People continue to think that when he goes, we will knock 10 million off the books.  It is not true.  He re-structed his deal to go into base pay and it is not that high.  The minimum cap hit by the pro-rated bonus means the Ravens will still save, but more like 4-5 million off the books.  Not alot in the grand scheme of things when the Ravens were only projected to have 5 million under the cap to begin with this season.

Suggs will eat up a nice chunk of that money if he re-signs, say the cap charge would be 30/40 % of that money.  It leaves the team 6 million to sign draft picks, Jason Brown (who is a RFA).  It could be completely done without cutting anyone signifcant.  It might mean that you can see the Ravens giving one of the 2008 free agents an extension to lessen the cap figures.  Signing Scott long term would cut his current number of almost 5 million down some, say 3.5 million for the first year.  Cut Mike Flynn could save the team 1.4 million in cap charge.  if they were to extend Ray Lewis to a modest contract say 3 years 20 million range with 10 million up front. They could shuffle his base pay and produce a cap charge at my guess 6.3 million.  This would be a savings of almost 4 million dollars towards the cap.  My only problem is that Lewis might want to have more dollars thrown at him.  You could back load the money into a 5 year deal, where he reduces his cap charges more, but the short contract marks the high extent.  If he goes for the bank, the Ravens are not going to keep him.

Players that place the Ravens in cap constraints. 

These are players that values do not add up to the cap numbers.

1. Steve McNair - He is not going anywhere until at least the end of 2008.  Too much cap hit at this point to cut him, even after June first.  He is signed through 2010 and you could not cut him at least until June 1 2008 and spread the hit over two season.  It would mean a "dead money" cap hit in 2009 for like 2 million or so....

2. Mike Flynn - needs to re-structure to vet minimum to have a shot to stick around.  Not even worth the 2.5 million cap hit he has now.

3. Todd Heap - Man is making alot of money to sit on the sidelines from time to time.  He was on a two year run of seeing all games, but this season went back to the nagging injury bug again.  He will not be cut because he is a fan favorite and still brings alot to the table for the position.  He does however cost the Ravens over 5 million in cap space and it only gets worse in 2008, 2009 seasons as the base pay jumps up to over into the 3-4 million range.

Basically, there are alot of choices to make with this bunch and it could signal a new age in Ravens history.  They could be sentimental and ride the past glories into the sunset or go the Steelers route and let them walk to greener pastures.  I tend to want to continue winning and building back up to the Superbowl Team.  Sign vets on the cheap to be apart of a winning club.  Alot of things can happen over these next two years that show the future path of Ravens football for the next decade.

Posted on: February 1, 2008 3:58 pm

NFLPA and NFL players need to wake up

This whole situation with the NFLPA and the Gridiron Greats is starting to really irk me.  These former players laid down the foundation for todays game, it players, the market.  The ones that played in the '50, 60, and '70 did not make the money to last a lifetime.  Unless you were a star that could live off appreances, etc.... you are SOL.  Kyle Turley has given up some money as well as a number of players, but chew on this for a moment.

If every player gave up one tenth of a percent of thier living wages, the Gridiron Greats would be able to donate over 4 million dollars a year into helping retired athletes.  Increase it to 1% and you have the National GPD of a ton of third world countries PER YEAR.

The players need to voice it up.  They too will be "getting thiers" in return after they retire.  It means giving up buying a new car, a nentire new wardrobe, or a 50k diamond encrusted whatever......  Basically, be a human being to the guys that paved your way to make the millions of dollars.  You can give 10k for every million you make.  This would be like me giving 1k for it.  In the grand scheme of life, it is not asking much at all to help out a fellow football player, now is it.

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Posted on: February 1, 2008 11:15 am

Why are we in a funk right now?

You know from my days in early adolescent I remember the sadness at 4 years old when the Pirates came back from a 3-1 lead in a best of seven.  Four years later, the Orioles swept the Phillies after they took game 1.  I thought as a child this team would be on top for a long time.  As grew older we had a bit of "what is going on"...."and who are these guys".  While at PSU, I thought the Orioles turned the corner and a nice little streak in the mid to late '90's brought alot to this town.  Went to games 2030 and 2031 and it had to be one of the greatest baseball moment I have ever been too before, even counting the 1983 world series as a youngster.  By this decade, things started to go South.  The Orioles were seeing players go left and right.  Players like Jerry Hariston Jr., Brian Roberts, Jay Gibbons, Rocky Coppinger were suppose to bring in a "new era".  The Orioles were going to be good again soon we all heard day in and day out.  3rd place, 4th place, 3rd place, 4th place, 4th place, 3rd place, etc....  Revolving door of GM Frank Wren, Syd Thrift, the two headed monster, now one left without a real role.  We had an owner that had his heart in the right place and wants a team to win badly for this town, but he sticks his nose too deep and tries to run it like a buisness.  Still, you continue to preach "the Oriole way" to everyone.  Those days in my opionion are long gone, just like my adolescence.  We cannot get neither back, long gone is time not forgotten.  The ship of the proud franchaise has sailed and this current state needs to make its own claim, its own right of passage.  They need to find that "team" again.  Not the trolling bunch of me players that talk openly about being traded, not hitting in a certain spot, or having to come out of a ballgame early because your tired.  This offseason started to look as if the "new way" was coming.  This organization started something and needs to finish it.  Let get not to the "oriole way", but to the "winning way" that I was accustomed to as a child.


Posted on: January 18, 2008 12:03 pm

The impact of Richard Knerr

This guy made absolutley ever kid laugh, have fun for his or here times as a toddler, adolesent, and ever going into adulthood.  He help provide fun for all kids crossing alot of countries.  He introduced "exersise" to children in a fun way.  What did he do?

He invented or helped to establish the Hula-Hoop, Frisbee, Silly String, Slip n' slide, and the Superball.

Tell me what kid or adult has not done one of these things in their lifetime and not lookback on it as a fun time.  I cannot fathom the times I spent in the summer going down the slip and slide, or silly string fights with friends.  I even did it in College with the help of certain types of beverages. Heck, the slip part used the beverages as well.  People of all ages can be seen throwning around Frisbee.  They even made frisbee golf anf ultimate frisbee to boot.

The man brought fun into our lives as kids and I wish him and his family the best.

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