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NBA Member Mayhem Schedule

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now ready to start the NBA Member Mayhem for NBA playoffs. I know you have all been waiting to see this after the great turnout with the March Madness Member Mayhem (or MMMM ). It is very similar to that, but we tweaked it a little. For anyone that doesn't know the rules here they are:


A) Only posters from playoff teams can make it in.

B) We will have 2 representatives for each team.

C) A poll will be put up along with the question asked, and each member must give an essay form answer to the question. Other members can vote in the poll to decide the winner.

D) We will have we 3 way voting:

1. Starters (1st representative) get to answer question No. 1

2. Reserves (2nd representative) get to answer question No. 2

3. Since we are having polls, we would have each 10% count for 1 vote. That we would add it up between both members of each team and who ever has the most votes wins. That way we there would be less of a chance of a tie. In case of a tie, I would ask a tiebreaker question.


First Round: 2 days per matchup (48 hours)*
2nd Round: 3 days per matchup (72 hours)
Conference Finals: 4 days per matchup (96 hours)
Finals: 5 days (120 hours)

* for the First Round only we are posting the starters question on the first day, and then the bench on the next day. There will be 16 total matchups to vote on in the first round (including starters and bench), and I don't think we should have more than 8 matchups going at a time. For all the other rounds, all matchups will be posted at the same time.
Here are the matchups:

East Matchups:

(1)LogicMan/thefarnz vs. (8)axesstar/BucFan40

(4)BuckeyesROK/LBJ-MVP-08 vs. (5)Viktor Crapper/gazzso

(3)North Harbour/Frady vs. (6)takman777/

(2)DJTANKELITE/Sheeds-Law vs. (7)Miamigregory/Huyho924

West Matchups:

(1)lakers2408/bosh4prez vs. (8)CowboysForever9/Bronco4life24

(4)Cowboynut_73_/slcmoney vs. (5)whoosh/toby20708

(3)Hornsstampede/Spurs Fan 4Life vs. (6)ChrisperJ10/wildcatsfan1

(2)RFMoldaner/GoHornets21 vs. (7)mavsyear/slim33chance

Make sure you come to the NBA boards and vote on all the matchups.

Here are the links to all the first round matchups:


LogicMan vs. axesstar:

BuckeyesROK vs. Viktor Crapper:

North Harbour vs. takman777:

DJTANKELITE vs. Miamigregory:

lakers2408 vs. CowboysForever9:

Cowboynut_73_ vs. whoosh:

Hornsstampede vs. ChrisperJ10:

RFMoldaner vs. mavsyear:


thefarnz vs. BucFan40:

LBJ-MVP-08 vs. gazzso:

Frady vs. doc1394:

Sheeds-Law vs. Huyho924:

bosh4prez vs. Bronco4life24:

slcmoney vs. toby20708:

Spurs Fan 4Life vs. wildcatsfan1:

GoHornets21 vs. slim33chance:
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Pistons future: Better than ever?

As many know the Pistons are no young team. All of their starters, other than Tayshaun Prince, are over 30 years old. The team's average age is 28. They have been in title contention since the last 5-6 years (yet have only won 1 title! ), but this very well may be their last year to win another one for awhile. Then we will go into the infamous "rebuilding stage" for a few years. But after those rebuilding years, will the team be back in title contention again? Can they win another (maybe more than one) championship? Their young talent points towards another title in Detroit's future (other than this year of course ).

This year's rookies, Aaron Afflalo and Rodney Stuckey, have been huge off the bench for us. They have also filled in as starters when one of the original starters where out for a game or two. Both have looked great, and can only get better as they gain experience. Jason Maxiell is starting to be the new "Beast of the East" in Detroit. He could very well have been a starter this year, and may be in the near future. Amir Johnson has raw potential, but oh what great potential it is. He is only 20 years old, and will get stronger and smarter with age. He could be something special. Another raw player is Cheikh Samb, the amazing shot blocker from Dakar, Senegal. If he can add some size, he could be a good center in the future. Then we will have our team leader, Tayshaun Prince. He will be an experience veteran and have what it takes to step up and be the captain and heart of the team. This may be the Pistons lineups in 3-5 years:

PG- Rodney Stuckey
SG- Aaron Afflalo
SF- Tashaun Prince
PF- Jason Maxiell
C- Cheikh Samb

6th man- Amir Johnson

Now it may just be the homer in me, but that could be a very dangerous starting 5 and 6th man. Great scoring back court, and great defending front court. Some dangerous weapons all around. If these guys live up to their potential and turn out to the players all of us Detroit fans hope and pray they will be, the Pistons could be back on top and winning championships again.
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NBA Member Mayhem

Okay, I liked how the Final 4 Tourney Member Mayhem thing turnout, so after following that, I got an idea: what if we started one of these for the NBA playoffs? I think that would be very fun as well. I have taken it upon myself to start this up because I wasn't too sure about how much CBS cares about the NBA, so I didn't think they would start one. We are taken all 16 playoffs teams and finding posters who want in this. However, we changed up the rules a little bit:


A) Only posters from playoff teams can make it in.

B) We will have 2 representatives for each team.

C) A poll will be put up along with the question asked, and each member must give an essay form answer to the question. Other members can vote in the poll to decide the winner.

D) We will have we 3 way voting:

1. Starters (1st representative) get to answer question No. 1

2. Reserves (2nd representative) get to answer question No. 2

3. Since we are having polls, we would have each 10% count for 1 vote. That we would add it up between both members of each team and who ever has the most votes wins. That way we there would be less of a chance of a tie. In case of a tie, I would ask a tiebreaker question. 

Go ahead and come to the NBA boards to either nominate yourself, or nominate another poster you would like representing your team.

Come here to nominate:
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Posted on: April 6, 2008 11:44 am

Sorry Lakers fans, but I have changed my mind

I'm sorry Lakers fans, but I have some bad news. No, I didn't change my mind about you making it the Finals against my Pistons; I still have faith for you guys there. Most of this year I have been agreeing with you that Kobe Bryant deserved the MVP. I was on your bandwagon and no matter what anyone else said, it didn't sway my opinion. I still believe he is going to be one of the top players in contention and probably is in 2nd place, but from what has happened now that the season is coming to a close, I have to start agree with Hornets fans (and others) than Chris Paul is this year's MVP.

First off, we can look at if from a statistical view. He is leading the league in assists with 11.5 apg. He is also leading the league in steals with 2.66 spg. He is also averaging 21.6 ppg 3.9 rpg and has 49.2% FG. Not to mention is he 2nd in assist to turnover ratio with 4.62. Just from a statistical standpoint, he is a MVP candidate. But now for the more important stats.

He has lead the New Orleans to the #1 spot in the West (for the moment), and has them in the playoffs for the first time since 03-04. Not to mention they went 39-43 last season and now have gotten 50+ wins this season. The Hornets as a team this year have allowed the 5th fewest points per game in the league with 95.6. They are also 5th in the league in points differential with +5.29. The Hornets have made huge strides this year, and is mainly due to how well Chris Paul has played.

He has stepped up game so much this year, and his team's record is showing it. It is still a young player, but has already showed great signs of good leadership. He doesn't fold under pressure, and is ready to pass the ball for the game winning shot rather than take it himself. He doesn't have any other big stars on his team, but all the players have had good years this year mainly due to him. David West has become an all star player, and I think Paul has a lot to do with that. Tyson Chandler has always been a good player, but he has been looking great this year and most of his offensive numbers have been higher than usual this year.

I still wouldn't be surprised if Kobe won the MVP because it's been awhile since the voters have gotten the true MVP right, but I believe Chris Paul deserve it the most. We will see what happens, and I'm excited to see what he can do in the playoffs. But Hornets fans, you can count me in on the Chris Paul bandwagon.
Posted on: April 3, 2008 8:22 pm

Shawn Marion: Where will he go?

We all know now that the Matrix was banished to exile, or in other words the Miami Heat, after the Suns traded him for Shaq. Everyone (mainly Heat fans) are excited about how good their Heat will be next year with him, a healthy Dwyane Wade, and Michael Beasley (or some other top draft pick). The problem is, his contract runs up at the end of the year and who would blame him for not wanted to stay on the Heat. So it's not a "lock" he will be in Miami next year. So the question is, if he doesn't stay in Miami where will he go? If he decides to go into free agency what team would most likely pick him up?

I'm sure there are a few teams that could use him, but with his high salary who could afford him? Here are the teams I see that are most likely to go after him: Heat, Cavaliers, Nets, Raptors, and the Trail Blazers. The heat obivously would want him back. The Cavs would want him for the obvious reason; to help LeBron James win a title. The Nets would want him for his defense and rebounding skills down low. The Raptors would want him for similar reason as the Nets. The Trail Blazers would want him for the same as the Raptors and the Nets, and also he would fit into their offense very well. The question is, which one will get him?

I think the most likely destination for Marion is Nets or the Heat. Both will have the cap room to pay him the money he wants and both would feature him as one of their best assets. With the Heat, he would be primarily used for defense and rebounding and make some big dunks in the fast break. In New Jersey, he will have a similar role he did on the Suns, but he would have to be more involved on offense due to them only having Devin Harris and Richard Jefferson as offense threats (sorry Vince Carter). It all depends on who he thinks he would most likely be able to win a title with. When it comes down to it, I think he will resign with the Heat and play with D-Wade and whatever top draft pick they get next year.
Posted on: March 24, 2008 10:58 am

2008 NBA Awards Predictions

Well we only have a couple more weeks to go, so I say it's time to start up awards talks again. Here are the awards and the players/coaches up for contention:


Kobe Bryant
LeBron James
Chris Paul
Dwight Howard


Marcus Camby
Josh Smith
Dwight Howard
Shawn Marion


Kevin Durant
Al Horford
Jamario Moon
Luis Scola

6th Man:

Manu Ginobili
Ben Gordon
Jason Maxiell
John Salmons


Hedo Turkoglu
Jose Calderon
Chris Kaman
Beno Udrih


Byron Scott
Stan Van Gundy
Doc Rivers
Phil Jackson

My Picks:

MVP- Kobe Bryant  player photo

DPOY- Marcus Camby player photo

ROY- Kevin Durant player photo

6th Man- Manu Ginobili player photo

MIP- Hedo Turkoglu player photo

COY- Byron Scott

Also, I'll throw in the All NBA Teams (first teams only):

All NBA First Team

PG Chris Paul
SG Kobe Bryant
SF LeBron James
PF Kevin Garnett
C  Dwight Howard

All Defensive First Team

PG Chris Paul
SG Kobe Bryant
SF Josh Smith
PF Shawn Marion
C  Marcus Camby

All Rookie First Team

PG Mike Conley
SG Kevin Durant
SF Jamario Moon
PF Luis Scola
C  Al Horford

There's my predictions, so who do you got?

Posted on: March 5, 2008 9:32 am

Who wins more Trophies?

There are 5 young superstars that will be the possibly the 5 best players in the league sometime in future. They are Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwight Howard. Once Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, etc. leave and retire it will be these 5 who will be the face of the NBA. They will battle each other for MVPs and championship trophies, but who will win the most?

Dwyane Wade has already won one with the Heat in 2005, but that was when Shaq was still a dominant force and the Heat were actually a good team. Now, all he has is Shawn Marion (who might not even stay there after his contract runs up) and Udonis Haslem. The Heat will probably have a top 5 pick in the draft next year, so they could do some major improving and be back in contention in the East again soon.

LeBron James has been to the Finals once already (after beating my Pistons!), but got swept by the Spurs for last year's championship. He is already seen as one of best players in the league at only 23 years old. He will continue to get better and possibly be one of the greatest we have ever seen. The Cavaliers don't have much without him, but after adding Ben Wallace, Delonte West, Wally Szczerbiak, and Joe Smith they could have a chance somewhere in the future.

Chris Paul is already becoming one of the best PGs in the NBA. He had his Hornets to first place in the West at one time this year. They are still in the top 3, and could make the playoffs for the first time since the '03-'04 season. He has shown is capable of leading his team, and has some good players around him (David West and Tyson Chandler) that can help him. They are just missing one more good player, and they could be a championship contender very soon.

Dwight Howard is possibly already the best center in the league. He has been in the league leaders in rebounds for the last couple years now. He is becoming a dominant force in the paint on offense and defense. The Magic looked to get him some help this year by signing Rashard Lewis. Lewis hasn't been all he was cracked up to be, but regardless, Howard has gotten his team to one of the top spots in the East. With a young improving PG in Jameer Nelson, and good player in Hedo Turkoglu, the Magic may not be too far from title contention themselves sometime down the road.

Chris Bosh is definatley one of the best players in the league. He doesn't get recognized like Wade, LeBron, Paul, and Howard because he plays for the Toronto Raptors who are in Canada. We don't get to see him often on national TV, so he kinds of goes un-noticed by some people. He is still a beast in the paint, and can put up 20 and 10 very consistently. He has a great young supporting cast with Jose Calderon, T.J. Ford, Jamario Moon, Andrea Bargnani, and Jason Kapono. They are all young guys like Bosh will continue to improve. They could, sometime in the future, be in contention in the East as well.

These 5 players could all take their team to the Finals and someday possibly win a championship, and they could all win an MVP eventually. The question is; who will win the most MVPs? Who will win the most championships?

Posted on: February 24, 2008 9:18 pm

Jason Kidd looking good....still doubting him?

Jason Kidd has been playing great in his last couple games. After his bad debut with the Mavericks, he has had two great games. He is averaging 7.3 points 12.3 assists 6.0 rebounds 3.7 steals and 100% FT shooting in his 3 games in Dallas, and more importantly they are 2-1 with him (losing to Chris Paul and the Hornets in his bad debut).

After looking lost and confused in his debut (trying to get use to their system; it's not easy for PG to adjust), he now seems like he's learning the Mavs system very well and is starting to fit in nicely. He has had 2 back to back 15+ assist 4 steal games. His points are not getting any higher, but he has never been a scorer. He is a great floor general that is excellent at distributing the ball and playing defense.

He is also working well with Dirk Nowitzki. Dirk's numbers with Kidd: 29 points 7.3 rebounds. Dirk doesn't have to worry about being the team's only leader anymore, and now has some else who can take over a game when he needs help. Relieving this pressure off of Dirk's shoulders will help him play much better (maybe he won't choke in the playoffs now).

For all the people who doubted him (cough...Viktor....cough) what do you have to say now? Do you still doubt he can take the Mavs to the WCF's? Do you think he's just getting lucky? Do you think he's only doing good because the last two teams where the Grizzlies and Timberwolves? Do you still think they will do worse with him now? Will you ever admit you were wrong if they make it to the WCFs?

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