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2008 Playoff Outlook

Well, now that the trade deadline is over, and there can be no more suprises (or can there be?), I will give my layout for this year's playoffs:


(1) Boston Celtics
(8) Chicago Bulls       

(4) Cleveland Cavaliers
(5) Toronto Raptors

(3) Orlando Magic
(6) Washington Wizards

(2) Detroit Pistons
(7) Atlanta Hawks

Boston advances (in 5 games)
Cleveland advances (in 6 games)
Washington advances (in 7 games)
Detroit advances (in 4 games)

Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (Conference semifinals)
Detroit Pistons vs. Washington Wizards (Conference semifinals)

Boston advances (in 6 games)
Detroit advances (in 5 games)

Boston Celtics vs. Detroit Pistons (ECFs)

Detroit advances (in 7 games)


(1) Dallas Mavericks
(8) Denver Nuggets

(4) Phoenix Suns
(5) San Antonio Spurs

(3) Utah Jazz
(6) New Orleans Hornets

(2) Los Angeles Lakers
(7) Golden State Warriors

Dallas advances (in 5 games)
San Antonio advances (in 6 games)
Utah advances (in 6 games)
Los Angeles advances (in 5 games)

Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs (Conference semifinals)
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Utah Jazz  (Conference semifinals)

Dallas advances (in 7 games)
Los Angeles advances (in 6 games)

Dallas Mavericks vs. Los Angeles Lakers (ECFs)

Los Angeles advances (in 6 games)

2008 NBA Finals:

Detroit Pistons vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Detroit wins in 6

So there you have it. A rematch of the '04 Finals, and the Pistons triumph again. Should be another year of exciting playoffs because I'm sure I won't get half of these right.


Posted on: February 17, 2008 9:58 pm

Funniest Will Ferrell Movies

In light of the new Will Ferrell movie "Semi-Pro" I have decided to look back at some of the best movies he's been in. There's been so many, so this is hard to come up with a Top 10 list. I will try my best, but in the end, they are all great.

1. Old School

Not only is it one of Will Ferrell's funniest movies, but I think it's one thee funniest movies I have ever watched. It seems like any movie he does with a Wilson brother (or both) is always hilarious. This is my personal favorite out of the"Will Ferrell collection. "We're going streaking!"

2. Night at the Rocksbury

One of his first big films, back in the day after Saturday Night Live, and definately one of his best. With Chris Kattan as his brother how could anything have gotten better. I don't think there is a scene in this movie I didn't laugh at; yeah it's that funny.

3. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

The story of a "legendary" anchorman who falls in love with his new female co-host. This is just classic Will Ferrell stuff. It's just hilarious all the way through. "I'm Ron Burgundy. Go **** yourself San Diego."

4. Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Just in case you guys didn't know this movie won an important award. What award you ask? "The award for best movie ever made." Definately one of the funniest sports movies I have ever seen, and it's about NASCAR racing. With John C. Reily as his best friend (shake n. bake!), this was destined to be a great movie. At some points in this movie, I thought I was going to die from how much I laughed. "First or Last!"

5. Wedding Crashers

Even though he's not one of the main characters in this movie (in fact he doesn't show up until the end of the movie), this movie is still hilarious. It's great to see these guys crash weddings and think about how they compare to what we have done similar.

6. Starsky and Hutch

Another movie that he isn't the main character in, but is still a funny movie. Plus, my favorite part of the movie is with him making Starsky and Hutch (Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson) "act like dragons" so he would give them some info. This is a perfect example of how he makes an good movie even better. "Alright guys, I'm not gonna lie to you. This is gonna get kinda weird... Two dragons."

7. Kicking and Screaming

Another one of his sports movies. Just some great stuff. I'm not gonna lie I actually liked Mike Ditka in this movie, and thought him and Will Ferrell were great together. The funniest part of the whole movie is where Will tells Ditka to get him so juice because he's the "juice boy." I could not stop laugh for about 10 minutes after that.

Phil Weston: You're my assistant. You're supposed to back me up and go get me juiceboxes whenever I want. Now go get me a juicebox!
Phil Weston: I'm talkin' to the juicebox guy!
Mike Ditka: You're crazy!
Phil Weston: I'm not crazy, I'm just thirsty!
Mike Ditka: OH, YOU GO TO HELL!
Phil Weston: No, you go to hell, and while you're there, why don't you grab me a juicebox!

8. Ladies Man

Even though Will isn't the main character he is still one the more important one in this movie. He's the angry husband of a wife that cheated on with "The Ladies Man" (Tim Meadows). Again he makes a good movie much better here. My favorite part is at the end where he fights the "Ladies Man" and loses.

9. Elf

Here's the plot: He plays an elf who is huge...well at least to elves. He is the size of a normal person, so he seems huge to them. He was an orphan baby who stowed away in Santa's bag and was then raised by Elfs. After he is an adult, he is allowed to go find his birth father. Now, that doesn't sound like a funny movie to me at all, but when I seen it with Will as the main actor, I was wrong. He made a move, that did sound like a funny type of movie, hilarious.

10. Zoolander

Not the main character in this one, but is still one the more important one. Teams will Stiller and Wilson again for another funny movie. Plays an evil fashion guru and just cracked me up all the way throught the movie. I think his hair style in this movie just made him even more hilarious.

Honorable Mention: Superstar, Blades of Glory, Bewitched

Anytime movie he is in has me lauging. He's one of my favorite actors, and is definately one of funniest. I also think he has an obsession with the song "Afternoon Delight" because it is in every single movie he has been in. I'm hoping this new movie will be just as good or better than all of these. It takes place in Flint, MI (my hometown) and is about the merger of the ABA and NBA. It just looks like another great Will Ferrell movie that will have me laughing throughout the entire movie.

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Posted on: February 15, 2008 10:21 pm

The Goodell, the Bud, and the Ugly

I thought it would interesting to talk about our favorite commissioners. Our beloved new NFL commish Roger Goodell, the popular Bud Selig, and my personel favorite David Stern. These guys have had some tough times in the last year, but have they handled these "tough situations" properly? I think most would say no to almost every commish's decision.

Goodell has had the great privelage of handle the "Spygate" situation. Something we all love, but Patriots fans cringe every time they hear it. Should he has fined the team that much? Should have fined Coach BB that much (or more)? Should have let those tapes be destroyed? Should he even put up with this Spector guy?

Bud Selig's situation can be described in two words: Oh crap!

He has had alot of different things with this steroid stuff to deal with. Should he have had the Mitchell Report done? Should he have actually done something a few years ago before this got out of hand? Should he quit? Should he continue to push things "under the rug"? Does even know what he's doing anymore?

David Stern the NBA commish has had some tough situations as well. We all remember the refs points shaving/Donaghy incident. Should he have paid more attention to the refs he was hiring? Should have done more thorough background checks? Should he investigated in it further (risking the NBA's credibility)? Should he have allowed Steve Nash to win 2 bogus MVPs?

These commish's have definatley hand their hands full recently, and shown us why none of us would want that job. We may disagree with how they've handled things and wish they would have done things differently, but unfortunately they didn't. Now, we have to sit back and watch what happens. Praying that nothing goes wrong even further that could ruin our beloved sports. We are forced to sit back and watch these things play out, and hope it will all turn out right in the end.

Posted on: February 12, 2008 1:37 pm

Another Undefeated Team this Year?

After we saw the Patriots go undefeated in the regular season this year (only to lose the Superbowl! Sorry New Englanders), could we be in store for another sports team to go undefeated this year?

That team could be the Memphis Tigers. Yes, the are a college team, but it still would be amazing. The last men's college basketball team to go undefeated was the 1975-1976 Indiana Hoosiers (when they still had good 'ol Bobby Knight). That means there hasn't been an undefeated team for 32 years (36 between the Patriots and '72 Dolphins). Now, I haven't been following college b-ball a lot this year (I'm more into the NBA until March Madness starts, then I'm watching college ball non-stop!), so I don't know a lot about Memphis this year other than they are currently undefeated.

Memphis only has 8 games left this regualr season, and the only real difficult game looks to be against  No.4 Tennessee on the 23rd at home. Now, of course any team they have left to play can somehow miraculously win, but it's not likely. That is just the regular season though. Then, they would have to go through the USA championship tourney (which should be easy enough). After that, they will start the Final 4 Tourney (March Madness Baby!).

This team has a lot of great players, at least from what I've seen. They have star freshman Derrick Rose, Chris Douglas-Roberts, and, my favorite, the senior leader Joey Dorsey. They have the talent that's for sure. Also, the only real close game they had was against USC that went into OT. So from what I've seen this team is capable of going the distance.

But as I said before, I have not been following college b-ball alot this year, so I will need the expertise of our college b-ball experts here on CBS. So what do you all think; can they go undefeated?

Posted on: February 7, 2008 9:15 pm

Sorry Lakers and Suns; the East will still Win!

I am sorry to rain on your parade Lakers and Suns fans, but even though you guys just got done pulling off some major blockbuster deals; you still won't win the Title this year! Okay, before you get all bent out of shape on me let me explain myself.

Yes, we all know the West is much better than the East. Yes, the Lakers just got a heck of a lot better after trading Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton, two 1st Round picks, and rights to Marc Gasol to the Grizzlies for Pau Gasol, and this definately makes you much better of a team. Most likely contenders for the championship as well. The Suns....well some people thinks it makes them better trading Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks for Shaquille O'Neal. I think they are kidding themselves. Of course the Suns will no longer be able to run their "run n gun" style of offense with Shaq. Any other style won't work for them. They don't have a whole lot of defense, and they don't have the rebounding to run any type of slower offense. It just won't work. Plus, no matter how much Shaq wants to win another title, it won't make up for the fact that he is not even close to being able to dominate again. He can be a good guy to plug up the middle with his size, and give you a little offense but nothing that's going to put you "over the edge" to win a championship. The Suns will become worse with this trade, but believe what you want you will see soon enough.

Now, the East may be weak and only have a few teams that can contend for the title, but this year they are the best in my opinion. The Celtics have been one of the favorites since they aquired Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in the offseason. They still have the best record in the league, and still are allowing the fewest points per game in the league as well. This team can be dangerous. Yes, they are not the deepest team, and yes without KG or Paul Pierce they would be in a lot of trouble (see the recent games since KG has been out). As long as they have those guys though, then they could be in this years NBA Finals.

Now, onto my favorite team, the Detroit Pistons. Of course I expect them to go to the Finals and win it all this year (what other Pistons fan doesn't?). I have good reason though to believe it; not just my homer opinion. They are still one of the best, if no the best, defenses this year. They are currently 2nd in fewest points allowed per game (to the Celtics). They are have the 2nd best record in the East, and one of the top records in the entire NBA. Chauncey, Rip, Rasheed, Tay, McDyess, etc. are all playing great and just as good as usual. Their bench continues to shine with Jason Maxiell playing big this year. Also, rookies Aaron Afflalo and Rodney Stuckey are given some good production off the bench.

The reason why the Pistons and Celtics have a better chance to win than the Lakers, Suns, Spurs, etc. is because of what everyone already knows: the East is weaker than the West. The Pistons and Celtics don't have much other competition besides each other. The Cavaliers and Magic look like the only two other "real" threats in the East. I don't believe any other team will give either one much trouble. One of these two teams will be in the Finals. Once they get there, whatever Western team makes it will be so tired from fighting their way through the other teams that they won't be able to handle either the Pistons or Celtics.

Not to mention that I believe these two teams are still the best two teams in the league, but that's just my opinion; I'm bringing you the facts on this. People continue to say how weak the East is, but that will be the reason why either Celtics or Pistons (Pistons of course) will win the 2007-2008 NBA Finals. Sorry to break the bad news to you guys, but it's gonna happen. Maybe next year Western fans, but this year is the year of the EAST!

Posted on: January 31, 2008 12:52 pm

Only One More!

Being a fan of Michigan sports, I have been proud to say I'm a fan of Detroit sports teams ...... other than the Lions. The Pistons, Red Wings, and Tigers have all had all of success in the last few years and in their entire histories as well. Our football team, the Lions, are the only sports team that has never had any success to be proud of. Other than Barry Sanders, we have had to nothing to be proud of from our Lions since the '50s!

The Red Wings are possibly the best hockey franchise ever, the Pistons just won their 3rd franchise championship in 2004 and went to the Finals again in 2005 (but lost to the Spurs), and the Tigers just made it to their first World Series since 1984 in 2006 (but lost to the Cardinals). Now they have added Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera in the offseason making them one next baseball season's early favorites.

Why can't the Lions get their act together and make our major sports teams complete! Can't Ford fire Matt Millen! Or can't he sell them to someone who would actually give a crap! Even one of our college teams,  the Michigan Woverines, came back from an embarrassing loss to a Division II team to beat the "mighty" SEC Florida Gators! If the Lions franchise could get it together, I would be completely happy with our all our sports franchises.

Heck, even the WNBA Detroit Shock have won some championships, but yet we are still waiting on the Lions! Does anyone believe the Lions will every come around, thus making our sporst franchises complete? Then we would be able to compete with the Boston sports for the most complete all sports franchises. Don't get upset with me Boston fans; I didn't say we were better or even close. We would be close if the LIONS COULD ACTUALLY WIN!

Posted on: January 26, 2008 7:12 pm

Wilt Chamberlain or Shaquille O'Neal?

Who was a better player? Everyone sees these two guys as the 2 most dominate big men in history. While most of you might be quick to say Wilt, I think you should take a closer look and see why a case can be made for The Big Diesel as well.

If you look at the numbers, it's overwhelmingly in Wilt's favor:

Wilt Chamberlain: 30.1 ppg  22.9 rpg  54% FG 1,045 GP

Shaquille O'Neal: 25.6 ppg  11.5 rpg  58% FG 1,013 GP

But as most NBA fans should know (or at least any that know their history) in Wilt's time there was no where near the competition that Shaq has had to face. Wilt's toughest competition was Bill Russell, one of the greatest if not the greatest defender of all time, but other than Russell the rest of the competition was either a foot shorter or not even half as good.

Shaq has gone up against some of the best big men and defenders the NBA has ever seen: Hakeem Olajuwon, Dikembe Mutombo, Patrick Ewing, Ben Wallace () etc. He has a lot more tougher competition than Wilt ever did. Plus, the game has changed a lot as well. Shaq dominated in a lot tougher time then Wilt. Therefore, I think Shaq was a better player. He was still able to destroy his competition even though they were a lot tougher than Wilt.

No, Shaq wasn't able to get 100 points or 50 rebounds in a game, but he was still able to get 40+ points in 47 regular season games in his career. Of course no where near Wilt's 271, but I want to keep emphasizing how little competition he had in his time.

If Shaq and Wilt had been in the same time period as each other, Shaq would have put up better numbers. Shaq has had to face a lot more tough defenders and great defenders than Wilt, so he would be able to have a lot more success IMO.

Posted on: January 23, 2008 11:00 am

Best Two-Sport Athlete?

I was just thinking what if some of our best athletes in the NBA, NFL, etc. played two or more sports? Who would be the best athlete that could play two or more sports? There have been players in the past like Deion Sanders or Bo Jackson that could and did play 2 or more sports, but now days there isn't many athletes that could do both. I started looking at some players today that could do it and came up with a top 5 list:

1. LeBron James: 6'8'' 250 lbs

 player photoLeBron is an incredible athlete. He was an All-State WR in high school as well as a great basketball player. I think he could easily play football, and maybe baseball too (if Michael Jordan tried, then so could LeBron). He is big, fast, strong, etc. He is an all around great athlete, and has the athletic abilities to be able to play almost any sport.


2. Antonio Gates: 6'4'' 260 lbs

player photo Gates was originally a basketball player in college. He played both football and basketball in high school, but basketball was always his favorite. So, he wanted to play both in college, but the coaches didn't like that too much. So just played basketball in college, and even led Kent State to an Elite Eigth spot in the NCAA tourney. Gates ended up going to the NFL and is one of the best TEs. He could still play basketball though and be a great forward after he lost a few pounds.


3. Terrell Owens: 6'3'' 218 lbs

player photo TO played football, basketball, and ran track when he was in college. He is a great athlete even though his mouth can get in the way of this talent sometimes. He could easily play basketball as well, and be a guard. I could see him playing basketball and running his mouth and trash talking even more than he does in football.


4. Randy Moss: 6'4'' 210 lbs

player photo Moss never played any other sport in college like TO and Gates, but he has the same skills as TO and is close to the same size. He has the same (but possibley better) skills as TO. TO only has the advantage on him because TO actually played in college. Who knows though, maybe Moss could have as well.


5. Alex Rodriguez: 6'3'' 225 lbs

player photo You may be thinking. "What? A-Rod? What other sport could he play?" Well, after he graduated from high school, University of Miami wanted to give A-Rod a scholarship to play baseball and play quarterback for the football team as well. A-Rod is a great and talented athlete with a lot a strong arm, good strength, and good speed. I could see him being a QB, and possibly playing some basketball as a guard with his speed. The only question is, can he shoot a jumper? I don't know, but he definately has the athletic ability to play football or basketball as well.



I tried to think of at least one player from each sport besides hockey. I'm not sure if too many hockey players could play any other sport. These guys are just the first 5 I could think of off the top of my head. I'm sure there are other athletes that could play both too, but these are just the top 5 I could think of. If you guys know of any other, feel free to add in your two cents!

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