Posted on: January 18, 2008 6:47 pm

Which is your favorite?

What sport is your favorite sport? Out of the 4 major sports, basketball, football, baseball, and hockey, which one is your favorite? Which is your favorite to watch and to actually play (for those of us that are actually athletic enough to play ).

My favorite is basketball. It is my favorite to watch, and to play. I have enjoyed playing and watching basketball since I was 5 years old. I like the fast pace action of going up and down the court. I like the feeling when you hit a game winning shot, or when you block someone. When I watch basketball, I like to watch it more than any other sport because of the non-stop action and scoring. That's my favorite sport, but I can see why people would like all the sports as well. I have played all of them, and been interested in all kinds of sports my whole life.

What I like most about football is the hard hitting tackling. It's great to be able to just lay someone out! It really gets the adreniline pumping! It's really fun to watch it as well. Seeing guys like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning throw perfect passes, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens make spectacular catches, Jason Taylor sacking the QB, Ray Lewis nailing the RB, Champ Bailey making a great interception, and Devin Hester taking back a punt of kick off for a TD.

What I like most about baseball is the feeling you get after you hit a homerun. It makes you feel stronger everytime you hit one out of the park! I love watching David Ortiz or Ryan Howard slam one out of the park, Justin Verlander or Josh Beckett getting a huge strikeout, Jose Reyes stealing a base, the defense pulling off a double or even a triple play, and when Andruw Jones or Tori Hunter make a spectacular catch in the outfield.

Hockey is my least favorite sport, but I still can have some fun watch or playing it. The funnest thing about hockey to me is the checking. It's like tackling a guy in football, except you on ice! That can get the blood pumpin' real good! I like watching Sidney Crosby making an awesome goal, watching Nicklas Lidstrom making a bone crushing hit, and when Chris Osgood make an unbelieveable stop at the net.

All sports are fun and interesting in their own way, but they all have something that makes us choose one over the other. I can see why anyone would choose any of them, and they are all great to me. My favorite just happens to be basketball, but what is everyone elses favorite sport?

Posted on: January 17, 2008 10:55 am

Big B's Top 5 Defensive Players of the Year

Everyone likes to talk about the MVP, but what about the DPOY? As a Pistons fan, I have come to appreciate defense. So, I have came up with the top 5 candidates for the DPOY. Here are my Top 5:

1. Josh Smith - Atlanta Hawks

player photo Josh has been a huge part of the Hawks success this year. He is very versitile defender; being able to steal block, and rebound very well. He is everywhere on defense. He is not the tallest guy, but his one of best jumpers in the NBA. He is a defensive specialist that is heart of the Hawks defense. His is still very young, but already is looking like one of the best defenders in the NBA. He will be one of the key players for the Hawks for years to come.

Stat line: 3.3 blocks 1.8 steals 7.9 rebounds

2. Marcus Camby - Denver Nuggets 

 player photo Marcus is the defending DPOY from last year. He is the league leader again in blocks this year. His a huge defensive presence for the Nuggets, and is key part to their success along with Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony. He his not only a great shot blocker, but one of the top rebounders as well. He is currently 2nd behind Dwight Howard in rebounds so far this year. He is force in the paint that makes it difficult for other teams to score down low. He does not get all the credit AI and Melo get, but if it wasn't for him, their defense would be very weak.

Stat line:   3.8 blocks 1.0 steals 14.1 rebounds

 3. Andrei Kirilenko - Utah Jazz

 player photo AK-47 has always been known for his defense. He is possibly the most underrated defender. His a consistent defender, and always puts up solid numbers every year. He is never at the top of any stat category, but all around, he has great numbers. He is another one of those versitile defenders that can block, steal, and rebound. He is all over the place on defense, and has been the anchor of the Jazz's defense for awhile now. With the additions of Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams, the Jazz have become a good team in the West. With Deron and Boozer on the offense, and AK-47 locking down the defense, the Jazz are another contender in the West now.

Stat line: 1.9 blocks 1.3 steals 5.9 rebounds

4. Dwight Howard - Orlando Magic

 player photo Howard is not only an MVP candidate, but also a DPOY candidate as well. He is the league leader in rebounds so far this year, and is in top 10 in blocks. He is starting to become one of the top centers in the league, and could be the next dominat center. He has led the Magic to first place in their division so far this year, and is the main reason for their success. He is a great leaper which adds on to his already good height (6'11''). We should see Dwight put up great numbers like these for years to come.

Stat line: 2.5 blocks 1.1 steals 15.2 rebounds


5. Shawn Marion - Phoenix Suns

 player photo Marion is one of the few good defenders the offensive Suns have. He one of the most versistile defenders in the league as well. He can block, steal, and rebound very well. He is not amoung the leaders in any category, but like AK-47, he has been solid and consistent in every category year after year. He is perrenial defensive player of the year candidate, and is always one fo the top defenders. He is the key to the Suns, and if he leaves their team they will have wished they didn't.

Stat line: 1.8 blocks 1.9 steals 10.3 rebounds

Others contenders:

Gerald Wallace, Ron Artest, and Caron Butler

I think Josh Smith will end up being this year's DPOY, and could possibley lead the Hawks to the playoffs as well. All of these guys are great defenders, and are very important players to each of their teams. The MVP's may get all the attention, but the cliche is true; defense wins championships.

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