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Posted on: January 1, 2012 12:28 am

Cam Newton's Future

Everyone knows Cam Newton is a special player, has plenty of talent, and will win the ROY this year. Everyone knows he's got plenty of talent with his feet piling up over 600 rushing yards and a record setting 14 TDs rushing TDS (most for a QB ever). Now that we've got all the obvious out of the way, let's get to what everyone doesn't know (or at least doesn't believe in): Cam Newton has the ability and will most likely become an elite passer. 

I know everyone is always saying he still isn't a great passer and has just racked up lots of yards by being down so far on a crappy team getting beat by other teams. They call him "Stats Newton" as they think he's only a guy that pads his stats on a bad team and his numbers are empty as he can't win; although he might be changing some people's perception by winning 4 out of his last 5 games. I don't think others realize either that he's lost 5 other games by a TD or less and couple of those were against the top teams in the playoffs for the NFC (Saints and Packers). The biggest thing I find strange is why this doesn't to be a problem when talking about other great QBs when they were young and/or rookie QBs in the NFL. They all started on bad teams and none of them led their team to a championship right of the gate or even the playoffs. The biggest example to me seems to be Peyton Manning

Just for a little clarification, Peyton Manning was picked 1st overall in the 1998 NFL draft by the 3-13 Colts. He then went on to have one of the best seasons for a rookie QB (probably the best until Cam this season). Here are his stats:

Peyton Manning: 3739 yards 26 TDs 29 INTs 56.7% completion (326-575) 71.2 passer rating

However, despite having the great Manning (as well as Marshall Faulk) and him having a great season, the Colts still finish 3-13 and didn't improve a single game his rookie year. Now I was too young then to hear how he was talked about, but highly doubt anyone called him "Stats Manning" or ripped him for only racking up stats on a crappy team. 

Yet Cam Newton was picked 1st overall in the 2011 draft by the 2-14 Panthers. Despite starting off slow, the Panthers are currently at a 6-9 record, which is at least a 4 game improvement for the Panthers despite losing their best defender (Jon Beason), being banged up overall on defense and having one of the league's worst defenses this year. And for further clarification, here are Newton's passing stats so far this year: 

Cam Newton: 3893 yards 20 TDs 16 INTs 60.0% completion (295-492) 85% passer rating

So he's already eclipsed Mannings yardage (despite Manning having quite a bit more attempts) and will likely go over 4000 passing yards as a rookie. Also, despite having less TDs, he also has far less INTs and at least doesn't have more INTs than TDs and has a better completion % and passer rating. Now that's JUST his passing numbers; when you throw the 600+ (likely to be 700+ after his last game as he's at 674 rushing yards) and 14 (or more) TDs on top of it, then he really looks impressive. 

Don't put words in my mouth or try to take things out of context; I'm not saying Newton will be better than Peyton Manning or even as good as him. You're missing the point if you think that. The point is simply that he has shown the ability and has a great chance to be an elite passer and great overall QB in this league. He's not just putting up stats on a bad team; he's improved his team despite having an even worse defense than last year. He has had the best season of any rookie QB ever and is on track to being a great QB in this league.
Posted on: January 18, 2008 6:47 pm

Which is your favorite?

What sport is your favorite sport? Out of the 4 major sports, basketball, football, baseball, and hockey, which one is your favorite? Which is your favorite to watch and to actually play (for those of us that are actually athletic enough to play ).

My favorite is basketball. It is my favorite to watch, and to play. I have enjoyed playing and watching basketball since I was 5 years old. I like the fast pace action of going up and down the court. I like the feeling when you hit a game winning shot, or when you block someone. When I watch basketball, I like to watch it more than any other sport because of the non-stop action and scoring. That's my favorite sport, but I can see why people would like all the sports as well. I have played all of them, and been interested in all kinds of sports my whole life.

What I like most about football is the hard hitting tackling. It's great to be able to just lay someone out! It really gets the adreniline pumping! It's really fun to watch it as well. Seeing guys like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning throw perfect passes, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens make spectacular catches, Jason Taylor sacking the QB, Ray Lewis nailing the RB, Champ Bailey making a great interception, and Devin Hester taking back a punt of kick off for a TD.

What I like most about baseball is the feeling you get after you hit a homerun. It makes you feel stronger everytime you hit one out of the park! I love watching David Ortiz or Ryan Howard slam one out of the park, Justin Verlander or Josh Beckett getting a huge strikeout, Jose Reyes stealing a base, the defense pulling off a double or even a triple play, and when Andruw Jones or Tori Hunter make a spectacular catch in the outfield.

Hockey is my least favorite sport, but I still can have some fun watch or playing it. The funnest thing about hockey to me is the checking. It's like tackling a guy in football, except you on ice! That can get the blood pumpin' real good! I like watching Sidney Crosby making an awesome goal, watching Nicklas Lidstrom making a bone crushing hit, and when Chris Osgood make an unbelieveable stop at the net.

All sports are fun and interesting in their own way, but they all have something that makes us choose one over the other. I can see why anyone would choose any of them, and they are all great to me. My favorite just happens to be basketball, but what is everyone elses favorite sport?

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