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Joe Dumars, What is Wrong With You?!?!?!?!?

After watching all these go on over the last couple days before the deadline today, I can't believe not one deal was done by the Pistons. What was Joe Dumars doing, just sitting back and twiddling his thumbs? Was he expecting someone to come drop some great deal in his lap? It's very frustrating as a fan to watch all this activity go on and the Pistons just to sit back and do nothing when it's obvious they need to do some work to this team if they expect it to start improving and getting back to contending in the playoffs again. Why is Richard Hamilton just going to sit there and rot on the bench? Why is Tayshaun Prince's expiring contract to being used to entice some team into a deal? Why are they just going to sit back and hope it all magically works out and the team just transforms back to the 2000s Pistons?

I can't say I'm completely shocked to see they didn't do any deals as Joe D has really be slacking the last couple years. It's so obvious this team is just sitting in limbo and has no organization, no identity, no leadership, and no idea what the hell they are doing right now. They couldn't honestly think Ben Gordon and Charlie Villaneuva were the answer. Those guys are excellent role players but come on, neither one is a guy I'm counting on to lead this team. They can't keep waiting around expecting Rodney Stuckey to suddenly transform into Chauncey Billups; sorry that's not happening any time soon and likely never. Rip and Prince are both guys that have been lost without Billups, as has the whole team, and neither can step up and lead this team. They've tried and failed miserably (making themselves worse in the process; Rip can't be a Kobe/Wade type of SG and Prince is no LeBron James but guys try to put themselves in those roles and can't get it done).

This team has very good young role players in Gordon, Charlie V, Greg Monroe, Jonas Jerebko, Austin Daye, Will Bynum, Chris Wilcox, and Jason Maxiell that can all contribute to a good team but none are guys you can count on to lead your team and/or run/be the center of your offense. Tracy McGrady has been doing his best to try and be some sort of a leader for this team, and he's actually help keep them at least competitive in some games, but he's not that kind of guy anymore. He's still a very good player, but he's not the answer. He could have been used as well as trade value.

They can't expect a rookie in Greg Monroe and an gray haired Ben Wallace to do it all in the post. Jason Maxiell and Chris Wilcox have shown some solid play in bursts but have overall not been doing much for the Pistons in the paint. Big Ben can't play much more than 20-25 minutes in a game anymore. He gives everything he has for those 20-25 min. and has still been able to rack up 8-10 boards in those short amount of times (as well as playing smart defense drawing lots of offensive fouls) but what happens for the other 23-28 minutes of the game? Greg Monroe has steadily been improving and been strong on the boards, solid on defense, very good at handling the rock and playing transition, but his scoring is not enough yet to anchor them in the post. He's showing flashes of what he could do (with a 27 point game the other night) but he is not a guy that can give them a respectable option to go to in the post. And when Big Ben, Wilcox, and Maxiell are nothing more than garbage guys on offense, that makes it even worse.

Rodney Stuckey can't lead a team, and it's frustrating and hard to say that after all the high hopes we've had for him. He's shown flashes of being amazing but he has yet to show consistently he's willing to play the role of facilitator as well scorer. He's also yet to show he can knock down jumpers on consistent basis. He can drive to the rim like a Derrick Rose when he wants, but he because he has no jumper to respect and because he isn't willing to feed his teammates enough, that diminishes his scoring and his overall value at times. He was unfairly expected to be the next Chauncey Billups for the Pistons right away as a rookie, but he could at least try to be a PG at times. Will Bynum has actually shown he's willing to be a facilitator and find his teammates, and also has a strong ability to get the rim. He also knows that his ability to get to the rim can be used to find his teammates (by drawing the defense to himself). He's also shown he's an intense, fiesty defender that really likes to put pressure on the ball handler for the opponent. He plays Lindsey Hunter like defense and uses his speed and quick hands to disrupt the opposing PG. But like Stuckey, he lacks a consistent jumper and he does at times fall in love with jumpers, even when he's not knocking them down and has gone cold.

I just can't believe Dumars did NOTHING before the trade deadline and Rip will continue to just sit on the bench pouting and not being used at all, and the Pistons will continue to be stuck between old and new in this transition phase that is just utterly disgusting to watch after we Pistons fans had watched them be contenders in the East for so long. I can understand all good things have to come to an end sometimes, but when your GM isn't in any hurry to try and fix and improve the team it's just frustrating as a fan especially when you watch all these teams be so active during these last couple of days. It's even worse when you've got a guy like Rip, who know is still a good player but just doesn't fit in with the team anymore, just sit there and waste away on the bench; and when you watch a guy like Rodney Stuckey, who you've been waiting to just turn into your team's star for awhile now, continue to lack the ability to step up and not improve on his game like you've been expecting.

I've been very patient with Joe D as he was one of the best players we've ever seen for this franchise and won us two titles and Finals MVP as a player, and then went on to orchestrate and manage a team that won another title in 2004 and contended in the East for most of the last decade. However, after breaking my heart and not resigning Big Ben, trading Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson, using cap space to sign Ben Gordon and Charlie Villaneuva, and now standing pat during a very active trading deadline and letting Rip rot on the bench, I'm starting to lose my patience with him. I'm tired of watching the Pistons lose games when I can see if this team had any direction whatsoever they could be at respectable and in the playoffs. If Joe D doesn't make any moves this off season that can give this team more structure, an identity, and organization for their future then I'm sorry to say it but I think it's time for Joe D to go.
Posted on: January 18, 2011 10:14 pm

Blake Griffin - The Art of Passing

Blake Griffin missed his entire first year out with injury and many were already calling him a bust. He then began his rookie year a season late in this current 2010/2011 NBA season. He began to turn some heads with his play. Now of course ESPN was all over him the minute he started throwing down highlight dunks, but alot of knowledeable NBA fans still weren't impressed. Then Griffin started owning the boards and has got himself on a 27 game streak of straight double-doubles. It began to peak the interest, but still wasn't enough. After Blake Griffin's monster game where he dropped 47 points against the Pacers , there has been quite a bit of buzz about how good this guy actual is. With a couple impressive wins and big games against the like of the Heat and Lakers , that helps draw more attention to this guy.

Now you see people mentioning him as possibly already one of the best NBA players already, or at least for the future. Everyone is mesmerized by his high flying style, his big time numbers for a rookie (only 7th rookie to average 21 ppg and 12 rpg if he keeps up his numbers), being able to show up in big games against some of the NBA's top teams, and putting up the highest scoring game of any NBA player so far this season. However, while even this doesn't impress some die-hard NBA fans, I think I have something that would even impress them. The thing that is the most impressive about Griffin and the thing that will be the most important ability throughout his NBA career and could definie his future as an NBA superstar is his passing ability.

I know, he's a big man and you wouldn't expect alot of passing out of a big man, especially in today's game. What's even more unlikely that it's coming from such a young player when most of them seem more interested in the flash of the game and not the true fundamentals. Nonetheless, Griffin is already amoung the best passing big men in the NBA right now and could be on his way to being one of the best passing big men in NBA history. That can only mean very good things for his future in the NBA. Right now Griffin is averaging 3.4 assists per game and is currently 3rd in the league in assists for big men (1st is Pau Gasol at 3.9 apg and 2nd is Al Horford at 3.5 apg) .

To put things in perspective, let's take a look at some of the best passing big men of all time. First let's look at Pau Gasol himself:

Pau Gasol - In his rookie year he averaged 2.7 apg, his career high is 4.6 apg, and his career average is 3.2 apg. Gasol has now been a big part of the Lakers recent back to back NBA titles.

Tim Duncan - In his rookie year he averaged 2.7 apg, had a career high of 3.9 apg, and has a career average of 3.2 apg. Duncan has won 2 NBA MVPs, 4 NBA Titles, and 3 NBA Finals MVPs

Karl Malone - In his rookie year he averaged 2.9 apg, had a career high of 4.7 apg, and has a career average of 3.6 apg. Karl Malone won 2 NBA MVPs and went on to be one of the greatest scoring big men in NBA history.

Wilt Chamberlain - In his rookie season he averaged 2.3 apg, had a career high of 8.6 apg, and a career average of 4.4 apg. Of course we all know how Wilt became one of the most dominant NBA players of all time, won 2 NBA titles, 4 NBA MVPs, and a Finals MVP.

Wes unseld - In his rookie season he averaged 2.6 apg, had a career high of 5.2 apg, and a career average of 3.9 apg. Unseld was one of the strongest NBA players of all time and definitely one of it's best rebounders. He has won an NBA title, NBA MVP, and an NBA Finals MVP.

Bill Russell - In his rookie season he averaged 1.8 apg, had a career high of 5.8 apg, and had a career average of 4.3 apg. Russell is seen as one of the greatest players ever and most definitely the greatest leader of a team ever by leading the Celtics to 11 NBA championships in his 13 seasons in the NBA. He also added 5 NBA MVPs just for fun.

Kevin Garnett - In his 1st starting season he averaged 3.1 apg, had a career high of 6.0 apg, and a career average of 4.1 apg. KG proved to be one of the game's most passionate players in it's history and was an all time great defender (finally winning a DPOY a couple years ago), was an NBA MVP, and recently won an NBA title.

Chris Webber - In his rookie season he averaged 3.6 apg, had a career high of 5.4 apg, and a career average of 4.2 apg. Webber is easily seen as one of the best passing big men of all time and was one of the NBA's best players in his days. He was a David Stern Game 7 in 2002 away from getting a chance to win an NBA title.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - In his rookie season he averaged 4.1 apg, had a career high of 5.4 apg, and a career average of 3.6 apg. Kareem went on to win 6 NBA titles, 6 NBA MVPs, and 2 NBA Finals MVPs. He is seen as one of the greatest big men and NBA players in it's history and its the only one to ever star in a Bruce Lee movie (suck it DJ Mbenga!)

Bill Walton - In his rookie season he averaged 4.8 apg, had a career high of 5.0 apg, and a career average of 3.4 apg. His NBA career was shortened due to his awesome red beard weighing down his legs enough to give him injury problems for the rest of his career, but in his limited time as a star he did manage to win an NBA title, MVP, and Finals MVP.

So in short, only 3 players have ever had a rookie season with higher assists per game averages (Webber, Kareem, and Walton) . Those 3 along with everyone else on the list of the NBA's best big men all went on to have a lot of success in the NBA, most of them being amoung some of the best NBA big men of all time. The passing game from a big man has proven to be a big part of their success and key to leading their teams to victory and success. If Blake Griffin can continue his strong passing game and improve upon as many of these great big men have done in NBA history, Griffin could be on track to becoming a great NBa player one day.

Posted on: December 12, 2010 11:41 am

The Miami Heat Go as Dwyane Wade Goes

Like everyone, I've been paying close attention to the Heat to see how their much anticipated season goes. Of course it's not been living up the hype obvious, but most knowledgeable NBA fans would have seen this coming and would not have expected a team of 3 stars to just mesh right off the bat and dominate, at least against good teams. But they have been looking very good as of late and I think it's also fairly obvious how they've been so successful...........Dwyane Wade is in charge.

Before the season started, one of the many debates about the Heat was who was going to be in charge and who's team this was going to be. Would it remain Dwyane Wade's team as he's been here his entire career and won an NBA title with them? Or would LeBron James come in, take over, and lead this team into a dynasty of many titles? Well to start, it was definitely LeBron's team. He was leading the charge, the team, and the offense. He was the primary playmaker as well as being the primary scorer, just like he was with the Cavaliers. But as we all know, the Heat had a very slow start going 9-7 through the first 16 games.

Now since their last loss against the Mavericks, the Heat have gone on a 8-game winning steak including wins against the Hawks, Warriors, and Jazz. What I've seen be different in this stretch is Wade being more assertive in the offense and being the focal point, while LeBron still is very involved, but Wade isn't being left out as much or playing as bad as he was earlier in the season. Wade has turned it up, and the Heat have thus started to see alot more success.

Now I know, you're saying "Well duh, of course if Wade does better the Heat win. If LeBron did the same thing, the Heat would win." Ah, but that's just the thing. I did some research on Wade and LeBron's numbers in their wins and losses to prove my point. Here are Wade and LeBron's statline's in the Heat's wins:

Wade (17 games): 24.9 ppg 6.9 rpg 4.6 apg 2.9 TOs 55.8% FG (16.2 attempts pg) 33.2 mpg
LeBron (17 games): 23.4 ppg 5.6 rpg 7.1 apg 3.4 TO 50.5% FG (16.6 attempts pg) 34.1 mpg

Now Wade's numbers were lowered by a couple games where he played limited time and didn't put up high numbers, and LeBron's numbers were inflated by a couple games (mainly the game against the Cavaliers) where he went off. But if you look through each of their wins, you'd see it was generally Wade having the better game.

Now let's take a look at Wade and LeBron's numbers in the Heat's losses as well, because this is where you can really see the big difference:

Wade (7 games): 18.7 ppg 5.9 rpg 3.9 apg 4.9 TO 34.2% FG (16.7 attempts pg) 39.1 mpg
LeBron (8 games): 26 ppg 6.8 rpg 7.6 apg 4.4 TO 40.7% FG (18.9 attempts pg) 41.5 mpg

As you can see, LeBron actually improves all his stats other than FG% and TO/game in the Heat's losses compared to the Heat's wins. However, Wade's numbers are significantly lower (especially the horrible FG%) in the Heat's losses compared to their wins.

So after looking through all this, watching Heat games, I think it's obvious what the Heat need to do to start being more successful. Let LeBron play the facilitator role and play off Wade, and put the ball in Wade's hands more and let him be the primary scorer and focal point of the offense. Now this will at least allow them to be more successful on offense, but their defense is another story. Unless Wade or LBJ somehow get 7'0" tall and weight 300 lbs or Chris Bosh actually learns how to play defense, their interior defense is going to suffer and the good teams will still be able to beat them.

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Posted on: November 10, 2010 8:37 pm

Big B's Early 2010 Defensive Highlights

I figured with everyone raving over the amazing offensive skills being displayed early on in the season with guys like Kevin Durant, Monta Ellis, Dwyane Wade, Rudy Gay, and Derrick Rose lighting up scoreboards; or Celtics fans going insane about Rajon Rondo dropping almost 15 assists a game so far; or guys like LeBron James and Pau Gasol putting up triple doubles; I thought how about we talk about the other side of the ball and give some love to defense being displayed so far this year. Now I know it's early so this is not a "top defensive player of the year candidates" list. This is just a place to shine the light on some great defense being played so far this season. I'm going to touch a few players a teams, but feel free to give a shout out to a guy on your favorite team for his defense.

Dwight Howard

He is the two time reigning Defensive Player of the Year and he's definitely proving why he's just a huge impact on defense this year with Magic. Now Howard isn't putting up huge statistical numbers this year like he has in the past; he's ONLY putting up 11.3 rebounds per game, 2.7 blocks per game, and 1.2 steals per game (I say only just because he's put better statistical numbers than that before, but these numbers are still impressive nonetheless). However, it's how much of an impact on his team that truly makes his defensive worth so valuable. The Magic so far this year are allowing only 88.7 points per game (1st in the NBA), 41.4% FG (1st in the league), have an 11.2 ppg differential, have 46.5 rebounds per game (2nd in the league), allowing only 38.8 rebounds in the league (2nd in the league), and have a +7.7 rpg differential (1st in the NBA). The Magic are no lower than 2nd in all the major defensive categories and that speaks volumes of Howard's defensive impact. It's not like he's getting lots of help from Jameer Nelson, Vince Carter, Rashard Lewis, or anyone else on the team. Without Howard, this team is bad defensive team, but with him, they become one of the best defenses in the NBA.

Dwyane Wade

While I think Heat fans have been playing better defense for their team than post defense of the actual Heat players, the team has been solid overall on defense. The Heat allow only 90.1 points per game (2nd in the NBA) and allow only 41.6% FG (3rd in the NBA). Since we know it's not their post defense that is making this team respectable, we have to look to their perimeter players. LeBron James has been good, but their truly most valuable defender has been Wade. He's been all over the court for the Heat and ever single game I've watched for the Heat I've seen this guy hustle his butt off to not only stay in front of his man, but go play help defense (especially in the paint where they struggle). He's averaging 6.6 rpg  1.6 spg and 1.0 bpg and has had two games where he's got double-digit rebounds. Wade has definitely been working hard to just keep the Heat defense from being absolutely abyssmal and has actually made it at the very least respectable.

Josh Smith

Boy this guy has come a long way since a few years ago. Remember when he use to be in love with his deep jumper (which he couldn't hit consistently) and didn't know how to use his athleticism to actual impact his defense instead of just getting block and steal numbers? He has become a much smarter player and it shows not only on offense but on defense. He realizes that while he has the athleticism and ability to play on the perimter, he's far more dangerous in the post. He's such an excellent leaper and uses that do very well on the glass above much bigger players. So far this season he's averaging 9.6 rpg 3.4 bpg and 1.4 spg and has been all over paint on defense as well out of it as well. It's tough to find easy passing lanes and cutting lanes to the basket when J-Smoove is roaming the court. He's been swatting the ball left and right this season and proving to be a dangerous threat on defense in the paint for the Hawks.

Joakim Noah

He has become a very good defensive presence for the Bulls in the paint. He's leading the league averaging 15.0 rpg and also chipping in 2.2 bpg and 1.0 spg so far this season. While Rose has gotten the highlights with his flashing offense and big time dunks, it's been Noah who has been leading their defense and has put the Bulls 6th in the league in rebounds with 45.0 rpg, allowing only 39.3 rpg (5th in the league) and has them 2nd in the league in rpg differential with +5.7 rpg. He look freakish and has a gap tooth grin that would make Michael Strahan proud, but he's a very tough defender in the paint and he's establishing that early on this year.

The New Orleans Hornets

I can't choose just one player from this team because it's been such a great team effort on defense that has allowed the Hornets be very impressive so far on defense and has been a big reason why they are undefeated so far through the early goings this season. They are 3rd in the NBA in ppg allowed with 90.1 ppg and 4th in the NBA in FG% allowed with 42.3% FG allowed. Chris Paul has been impressive not only with his thievery of 2.4 steals per game but also being impressive on the boards with 5.4 rpg on the season. Trevor Ariza has looked good defending defending the perimeter while adding 5.0 rpg and 1.9 spg. Emeka Okafor has proved he is still a very good defensive presence in the paint averaging 2.3 bpg and 8.1 rpg on this season. But while no single player has stood out and looked like a top defensive player, they have been a very good defensive unit together and the whole team is looking sharp on both ends of the court this year which has led to their great start.

Andrew Bogut

The Aussie big man has picked up where he left off last season and has been getting it done on defense for the Bucks. So far he's averaging 10.3 rpg and 1.9 bpg on the season while making the Bucks a good defensive team. The Bucks are allowing 91.4 ppg (good for 4th in the NBA) and 42.3% FG (5th in the NBA). He missed one game so far with an injury and I'm sure got some Buck fans and others (including myself) worried his injury problems would return again and keep him from being a top big man in the NBA. If he can stay healthy like he did last year and consistantly prove to be a defensive presence and overall good post presence for the Bucks, he will finally be living up to that #1 status.

Ben Wallace

You know I had to give my Pistons boy some love when I'm talking about defense. Now this isn't the Ben Wallace of old for the Pistons, he isn't getting 13-15 rpg and 3-4 bpg and making people "Fear the Fro" anymore, but he's shown when he's motivated now again back with the Pistons, he can still get it done for the Bad Boys on defense, even if you can see the gray in his hair now (which is the reason why he's not growing that fro out anymore). He's an old man now so he's only playing 24.3 minutes a game so far this season, but he's been impressive on the defensive end during the time he's in. He's averaging 8.3 rpg 1.3 spg and 1.0 bpg in the limited time and giving the Pistons their only post defensive presence (which is sad, I know).

Well that's all the guys I'm showing loving right now, but I'm sure there are plenty more guys that could use some spotlight for the defense so far this season. Feel free to throw out some guys you've been impressed with on defense so far this season.

Posted on: October 31, 2010 10:10 pm

Paul Millsap > Carlos Boozer

Yeah, I said and I mean it. Paul Millsap has had to sit on the bench behind for 3 years but this year he is finally the starter with Carlos Boozer going to the Bulls . I've said before that if Millsap was a starter he could be a Top 10 Power Forward and I will stick with that statement going into his first year a starter. Watch and see this guy become better better the Boozer was for the Jazz . You may not think much of him because he's only 6'8", but the guy has athleticism, strength, and hops to make up for not having the size that Boozer did. He has proved to be just as good or better of a rebounder than Boozer, so I guess his stature isn't a problem.

Millsap has already started off this averaging 21.3 ppg  12.3 rpg  3 apg  1.3 spg  63.4% FG  after having a monster night for the Jazz tonight putting up 30 points (12-19 FG  6-8 FT) 16 points 6 assists  and 2 steals in a win for Utah over the Thunder . It's not like this guy hasn't shown he had this potential before; he's given us plenty of flashes in the last two seasons of how good he could be. Do you remember back in the 08/09 season when he became the starter for a stretch when Boozer went down with an injury and went on to post 19 consecutive double-doubles and finished with 29 double-doubles on the season? How about last year when he had a few huge games when Boozer didn't play or had limited minutes? The guy has shown when he gets starter minutes, he produces like a damn good big man.

The biggest advantage Millsap gives you is his hustle, defense, and health. Those are three things you don't think of when you think of Boozer. Boozer has regularly been injured and is already missing the first month and a half (or more) of this season with an injury. In Boozer's six years with the Jazz, he's only had 3 years of playing more than 70 games a year, and only 1 year where he played 80+ games in a year. In Millsaps 3 years with the Jazz he's played 75+ games each time where two of the season he played the ful 82 games in both.

The Jazz proved they would rather have Millsap over Boozer by matching the offer sheet the Trail Blazers had made to Millsap in the off season and did a sign-and-trade with the Bulls to move Boozer. Don't be surprised that even when Boozer is healthy and playing for the Bulls, you see Millsap still out performing him this year. Don't forget this is only Millsap's 4th year in the league and he's just starting his career. He's going to have a break-out year and prove to be better for the Jazz than Boozer was.

Posted on: August 24, 2010 12:02 pm

Pistons Ownership: Past, Present, and Future

In 1974, William Davidson bought the Detroit Pistons from his neighbor Fred Zollner, the founder of the team. In 1978, Bill Davidson moved the Pistons to the newly built Palace of Auburn Hills, which became the NBA's first arena that was entirely financed by private funds. Davidson was able to keep the blue-collar feel to the team, but improved their facilities and gave a breath of fresh air into the franchise.

In 1989, The Detroit Pistons won their first NBA championship in their NBA franchise history. They would go on to win in 1990 as well giving them back to back titles under Bill Davidson's ownership. The Pistons would go on with many other successful season, but never achieved another title again in the 90s decade due to the dominance of Michael Jordan.

In 1998, Bill Davidson started a WNBA expansion franchise known as the Detroit Shock. The Shock would go on to win 3 WNBA titles themselves, all under Davidson, in 2003, 2006, and 2008. After Davidson passed, they were sold and left Detroit for Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In 2004, The Pistons won their third NBA championship and brought back the Bad Boy style that had got them previous success. Also in 04, The Tampa Bay Lightning won their first and only NHL Stanley Cup in franchise history, and became the southern-most NHL team to ever win the Stanley Cup.

On March 13th, 2009 William "Bill" Davidson died at the age of 86. He was honored by the Pistons and entire Detroit as bringing so much success to the basketball franchises. He built the Palace of Auburn Hills, and to let everyone know who was responsible for building it and building their teams' success, the basketball floor was given its new name: William Davidson's Court." The Pistons will have "Mr. D" stitched into the collar of their jerseys.

Before Mr. D had died, he also stated that he'd never sell the Pistons and even after his death, the team would remain in his family. His wife, Karen Davidson, had taken control of the team after his death. But now it seems as if she doesn't seem to uphold Bill's request and belief that the team should stay in the Davidson family. Instead, she is planning on selling the team, and says she is confident the team will be under new ownership before the start of the next NBA season starting in October. I can't believe this woman has no respect for the legacy her husband built for this team and can't respect his wishes. But it is inevitable now that she will sell the team and it will be under new ownership very soon.

There are a few people interested in buying it, but of course with our lovely Michigan economy, no one wants to pay top dollar for a franchise that has been heading the wrong direction and is suffering under a horrible economy. Naturally, the majority of people interested would be Michigan/Detroit natives or people who have a stake already in part of Michigan's economy or own other businesses in Michigan/Detroit. So let's look at likely candidates that could become the new owners of the Detroit Pistons, and while none will ever be able to fill the shoes the great Bill Davidson did, hopefully whoever it is capable of at least bringing them back to relevance. This team seemed to die with Davidson, and it needs some new life brought into it like Davidson did back in the 70s.

The first possible buyer is the only major candidate who is not a Michigan native and/or has investments in Michigan businesses. George Postolos is the former president of the Houston Rockets and former special assistant to David Stern (uh oh!). Postolos tried buying the Charlotte Bobcats , but of course lost out to Jordan. Georgie is a guy that seems to be very fickle with how he spends his money and doesn't want to shell out too much money if he doesn't feel what he's buying is something he's getting at a good value. As I stated before, the Pistons are located in Michigan, and as everyone knows, Michigan's economy is lower than Ben Wallace 's free throw percentages. The Detroit Pistons net worth is estimated by Forbes at $479 million, and including The Palace of Auburn Hills and all its entertainment projects are estimated to be worth over $500 million. Now who is going to pay full price for a business in a failing economy? Well definitely not a guy who is very picky about how he spends his mo

Another candidate (feel like Jacob on Lost writing names on a wall, and crossing them out one by one) is Tom Gores. Gores is a Flint, MI native like myself, and a Michigan State Spartan alumni. This guy basically seems like a Michael Douglas's character, Gordon Gekko, from Wall Street. He founded Platinum Equity in 1995, a company based in California that has become one of the fastest growing private owned companies in America. Another interesting fact about him is that while he grew up in Flint, MI, he was born in Nazareth, Israel and moved to Flint when he was 4 years old with his family. Gore is a very wealthy man, having an estimated fortune of $2.2 billion. He apparently is the front runner right now as he will most likely give Karen Davidson the most money for the Pistons. He doesn't sound like a bad guy, but he also doesn't seem like he'd put his heart into the team like Davidson did.

The last major candidateis Mike Ilitch, the current owner of the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings. Ilitch is a Detroit native and has been a guy that is very involved in Michigan's economy. He also is the founder and owner of Little Caesars Pizza. Before becoming a wealthy business man though, Ilitch had served in the United States Marine Corps. For 4 years, right after completing high school, and played a little minor league baseball for the Tigers farm system after returning home. Ilitch, like Davidson, is a very family oriented man has his entire business ventures privately held by his family and their company, Ilitch Holdings, Inc.

Ilitch bough the Red Wings in 1982 and has since won four Stanley Cups as well having a 19 year playoff streak, which is the 3rd longest in NHL history. Ilitch bough the Tigers in 1992 and while they were very poor at the beginning, they have finally turned things around starting in 2006 by making it to the World Series.

Another factor that has been thrown in is Magic Johnson looking to get in the Pistons ownership. He currently holds a small ownership with the Lakers , but has been looking to get a bigger stake in a team. He was part of a group that was trying to buy the Warriors , but ultimately lost out there. While he has said he definitely be the major owner of the team, he'd be interested in being part of the group that does own the team. Magic seemed to be interesting in joining the Ilitch led group or even being involved in the front office with this quote from Magic:

"Somebody back there has to be the majority owner, be the owner," Johnson said. "That wouldn't be me. But if Ilitch or somebody -- you've got a good guy back there already in Joe Dumars. If somebody said, 'Hey, can you come and think about helping Joe Dumars?' then I would think about it."

When it comes down to it, I would ultimately wish Karen Davidson had a change of heart and decided to keep in the Davidson family and respect and honor her late husband, Bill Davidson. But if the Pistons are going to be sold, then I want to see the right personnel take hold of them. Out of the possible candidates, I think Mike Ilitch would be the best fit as the new owner of the Pistons. He already owns two other Detroit franchises in the Tigers and Red Wings, and has done well with both. He is a Michigan native and has been very involved with trying to improve the downtown economy of Detroit (which may be an impossible task, but at least he's willing to try). He is also a family oriented guy that likes to keep his businesses privately held by his family and the people he trusts.

I could see Ilitch doing the best for this team, and at least it is a guarantee that the Pistons never lever Michigan. With the other possible owners, who knows if they will move the Pistons do a different state and part of the country. I mean, with the failing economy of Michigan, it would make a lot of sense from a business standpoint to move the team where they can move more money. But despite my state's financial failures, I don't want to see my favorite NBA team leave. The team I've grown up watching and loving for so long, and the team I've seen win an NBA title and have a lot of success. To see them leave and leave us fans with no NBA team to root for would leave me in a deep state of depression and sadness. I'd most likely lose my mind in a nervous breakdown and becoming a mindless LeBron James drone and Miami Heat fan.

In the end, I just want to see the Detroit Pistons becoming successful again. I respect what the great Bill Davidson did for this team and I hate that his witch (with a "b") of a wife can't honor and respect him enough to uphold his legacy with the Pistons and keep it in the family. I want to see the new owner come in and do what Davidson did, take a franchise that was headed in the wrong direction and bring them back to prominence again. Give them new life and motivation to becoming a great NBA franchise again, and get them back to contending and winning NBA championships.

R.I.P William "Bill" Davidson



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ATMD IV Official Rosters

Phil Jackson's Dream (The Big B)

PG - Chauncey Billups
SG - Michael Jordan
SF - Jamaal Wilkes
PF - Tim Duncan
C  - Alonzo Mourning

BE - Gail Goodrich
BE - Mookie Blaylock
BE - Don Buse
BE - Rasheed Wallace
BE - Buck Williams

Cauncasion Sensations (LBJwitness)

PG - Penny Hardaway
SG - George Gervin
SF - Ron Artest
PF - Nate Thurmond
C  - Bob Lanier

BE - Steve Nash
BE - Chris Mullin
BE - Bernard King
BE - Chris Webber
BE - Tree Rollins

Greatest One Man Band (threegamer)

PG - Lenny Wilkens
SG - Joe Dumars
SF - Alex English
PF - Bill Russell
C  - Hakeem Olajuwon

BE - Sam Cassell
BE - Dave Bing
BE - Glen Rice
BE - Horace Grant
BE - Artis Gilmroe

The Gamebreakers (Michigan Sports)

PG - Isiah Thomas
SG - Earl Monroe
SF - Larry Bird
PF - Dennis Rodman
C  - David Robinson

BE - Marques Johnson
BE - Raja Bell
BE - Jerry Lucas
BE - Ralph Sampson
BE - Yao Ming

All Eyes on Us (BucFan)

PG - Gary Payton
SG - Dwyane Wade
SF - Scottie Pippen
PF - Connie Hawkins
C  - Dwight Howard

BE - Derek Harper
BE - Rashard Lewis
BE - Carmelo Anthony
BE - Amar'e Stoudemire
BE - Mark Eaton

Black & Blue Wackadoos (windy city joe)

PG - Dennis Johnson
SG - John Havlicek
SF - Bobby Jones
PF - Kevin Garnett
C  - Moses Malone

BE - Fat Lever
BE - Sam Jones
BE - Dan Majerle
BE - Dan Issel
BE - Jack Sikma

Sulphurous Nonenitities (b100d_baller)

PG - Tiny Archibald
SG - Bruce Bowen
SF - James Worthy
PF - Wes Unseld
C  - Patrick Ewing

BE - Michael Ray Richardson
BE - Mitch Richmond
BE - Dale Ellis
BE - Larry Nance
BE - Tom Chambers

The Flying McDutchmen (Skins)

PG - Mo Cheeks
SG - Jerry West
PF - Julius Erving
PF - Shawn Kemp
C  - Shaquille O'Neal

BE - Norm Van Lier
BE - Paul Pierce
Be - Shawn Marion
BE - Ben Wallace
BE - Spencer Haywood

Coast 2 Coast (WCF/lakers2408)

PG - Kevin Johnson
SG - Kobe Bryant
SF - Grant Hill
PF - Kevin McHale
C  - Robert Parish

BE - Tim Hardaway
BE - David Thompson
BE - Jerry Sloan
BE - Maurice Lucas
BE - Arvydas Sabonis

Cain and Able (Cain=CYYoung)

PG - Chris Paul
SG - Alvin Robertson
SF - Elgin Baylor
PF - Elvin Hayes
C  - Wilt Chamberlain

BE - World B. Free
BE - Drazen Petrovic
BE - Eddie Jones
BE - Clifford Robinson
BE - Joe Barry Carroll

The Whole ****ing Show (kmvenne)

PG - Walt Frazier
SG - Allen Iverson
SF - Sidney Moncrief
PF - Bill Walton
C  - Willis Reed

BE - Ron Harper
BE - Detlef Schrempf
BE - Dave DeBusschere
BE - Dirk Nowitzki
BE - Bill Cartwright

Good Ass Job (BNW)

PG - Jason Kidd
SG - Clyde Drexler
SF - Michael Cooper
PF - Dave Cowens
C  - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

BE - Jo Jo White
BE - Paul Arizin
BE - Tracy McGrady
BE - Dan Roundfield
BE - Vlade Divac

Who Want's Em (mcgradykid)

PG - John Stockton
SG - Reggie Miller
SF - Dominique Wilkins
PF - Kark Malone
C  - Bill Laimbeer

BE - Manu Ginobili
BE - Tayshaun Prince
BE - Kurt Rambis
BE - Danny Ainge
BE - Rik Smits

MMMMMMMM (Mighty Mouse)

PG - Magic Johnson
SG - Pete Maravich
SF - Rick Barry
PF - Bob Pettit
C  - Dikembe Mutombo

BE - Don Chaney
BE - Dolph Schayes
BE - Gus Johnson
BE - Charles Oakley
BE - Brad Miller

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Detroit Pistons Draft/Off-Season Outlook

The Pistons didn't get any luck like the 76ers and Wizards to move up in the draft and are stuck at their 7th overall spot for the 2010 NBA Draft. Things would have been much easier if they could have moved into the Top 5 and had a chance at DeMarcus Cousins or Derrick Favors, but considering how the Pistons season went this year, I guess it was foolish to expect any kind of luck for the MoTown boys this year. If only they could have actually lost more games instead of deciding to win 4 of their last 6 games to move them out of the bottom five and get stuck with this damn 7th overall pick!

So the consensus is to grab a big man, and even though they won't likely have a shot at Cousins or Favors, they are predicted by most analysts to go after Cole Aldrich or maybe Greg Monroe (if Aldrich is gone). This seems all fine and dandy on paper and makes perfect sense considering the biggest weakness of the Pistons is their lack of post scoring or overall post depth. However, when you look at their draft history with big men, it makes me a little afraid to take a big man with this pick. Here is the Pistons 1st round draft picks for the last decade:

2009 - Austin Daye (15th)
2008 - D.J. White (29th)
2007 - Rodney Stuckey (15th) Arron Afflalo (27th)
2006 - None
2005 - Jason Maxiell (26th overall)
2004 - None
2003 - Darko Milicic (2nd overall)
2002 - Tayshaun Prince (23th overall)
2001 - Rodney White (9th overall)
2000 - Mateen Cleaves (14th overall)

Now lets look over the big men the Pistons have taken with 1st round picks. Back in 01 they took Rodney White with the 9th overall pick. I don't think that worked out to well considering he was traded very soon to the Nuggets, who then shipped him to the Warriors, and now he's playing overseas. I will not go into detail of the Darko pick without having a mental breakdown and turning into a serial killer. Maxiell looked very good early on his career, and maybe the Pistons bad luck with big men was about to be broken. He played with a lot of energy and heart and was seen as maybe the next Ben Wallace for the Pistons. However, when they tried using him in big minute situations (instead of the bench/energy role he had been filling) he completely regressed and was not the savior. For some odd reason, they now have tried to make him a jump shooter and that is only making him worse. Another one bites the dust I guess. Then in 08, they took D.J. White, but we really can't count that since they didn't hold onto him long and traded him before the draft was even over. He hasn't panned out very well so far for the Thunder either I'm guessing though.

Now look at the perimeter players they've taken in their history. It's not a lot better, but there have been some gems in there. Tayshaun Prince in 02 proved to be a great selection as he helped them get a championship in 04 and helped take them to 7 straight ECFs. Rodney Stuckey, while not turning into Chauncey Billups as soon as everyone expected (due to the Allen Iverson trade bringing overwhelming and unrealistic expectations to Stuckey) has been showing great strides improvements and could be a very good starting PG for them going forward into the future.

Let's even look back deeper into the Pistons draft history. The best big man they ever drafted was Theo Ratliff in 1995 18th overall. While he didn't stay with them long, he turned into a very good defensive center; no superstar but still very good nonetheless. But their draft history with perimeter players is not even comparable. In 1994 they took Grant Hill with the 3rd overall pick. For the first 7 years of his career with the Pistons he accumulated more total points, rebounds, and assists than any other player in history besides Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson; good company huh? Then the year before that (1993) they took Allan Houston with the 11th overall pick. Houston, while only staying with the Pistons for a few seasons, went on to be a great shooter for the Knicks. Then, if we kick it old school, the Pistons took Joe Dumars in the 1985 draft at 18th overall. I think we all know how he went on to become one of the best Pistons ever.

Now the point I'm trying to make (if you haven't figured it out already) is that the Pistons don't have the best luck when drafting big men in the first round. While Aldrich and Monroe look good on paper, make sense for the Pistons to target, and if everything turned out perfectly, would be great picks for them. However, excuse me if I'm a little nervous about any big man the Pistons take; especially tall, slow, white guys like Aldrich (DARKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yell ). Now if they took a perimeter player, it wouldn't make much sense (especially considering they took Austin Daye, Durrell Summers, and Jonas Jerebko last year, signed Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva last year, and have enough perimeter players) but I'd be a lot less worried we'd turn out with a bust in this year's draft.

Now if the Pistons are unable to ship out Tayshaun Prince and Richard Hamilton (to create some cap room), then I wouldn't suggest drafting a perimeter player because we'd have an overload. However, maybe they could try trading down in the draft to take a lower projected big man like Patrick Patterson or Daniel Orton (or maybe still get lucky and have Greg Monroe still there). I know Joe D has been having trouble dumping off Prince and Rip's contracts, but maybe adding in their 7th overall pick to move down in the draft would help provide incentive for a team to take on the contracts of Prince and Rip. This would then provide a much bigger advantage for the Pistons than anything in the draft could as they would have room to sign a big name player in this star studded off-season.

All I know as this draft and off-season is huge for Joe D and the Pistons. If they are unable to make the right moves, we could be in trouble for a few more seasons (and after watching the Pistons be so successful for most of the last decade, it's going to hard to swallow more seasons like the last two). However, if they are able to dump off Prince and Rip's contracts, they will create room for a big name to join the Pistons for the 2010-2011 season and bring them back into contender mode.

As long as the Pistons don't draft another slow, foreign, big man (DARKO!!!!!!! Yell ) I guess I can't complain.

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